ITunes - Media player

Media player, Media library, Only official method, Available iPhone, First 2 version of the software, Part of the Apple Podcasts family

IMac G3

IMac G3 - Series of personal computers

Series of personal computer s, Combination of the MacNC project, First computer to offer USB ports, Different, previous mainstream computer


QuickTime - Extensible multimedia framework

Extensible multimedia framework, Combination of two technologies, First 4 version to support streaming, Available 7 download from Apple, Interactive, ambitious, Available 6 Mac OS 8

Logic Pro

Logic Pro - Digital audio workstation

Digital audio workstation, MIDI sequencer software application, 9 Universal Binary, Separate product although a limited version Logic Express, 8 Cocoa code included some Carbon Libraries

Apple II series

Apple II series - First, personal computer

First, personal computer, Many people, Tiny start, First microcomputer to include support, 8 Apple II clone with Cyrillic support, Pearcom Pear II, Exact copies

History of the graphical user interface

History of the graphical user interface - Actual implementation

Actual implementation, Business person, Fast bit, Look at the office, Large, clunky, many veterans of the PC wars, Efficient filing dialogue, Financial trouble, Consistent appearance of business equipment, Transparent respect, Design, Single line field, Uninterested facts, Smaller folder, Caret, Main means


PowerBook - Line of Macintosh

Line of Macintosh, First PowerBook with a color screen in 1993, Original 140 170 PowerBook designs while the PowerBook, First 1400 3400 PowerBooks to include an internal CD drive

IPod Mini

IPod Mini - Digital audio player

Digital audio player, Perfect combination of innovative design, Available five colors, Smaller, most cell phones

Apple III

Apple III - Part of the Apple II line

Part of the Apple II line, First Apple computer, Soldering chips, Boards, First system, First Apple product to allow the user, Available VisiCalc because Apple


IBook - Line of laptop computers

Line of laptop computer s, First mainstream computer, Commercial success, Exhibition at the London Design Museum