Air Force

Revolt of the Admirals

Revolt of the Admirals - Formation of Twentieth Air Force

Formation of Twentieth Air Force, 30,000 pounds than the lighter aircraft, Traditional, naval role of sea control, Major problem during World War, Defensive armament of the carrier, General increase in purchases, Complex, Expensive arrangement, Secretary of Defense Forrestal, Smaller United States, Important light of the worldwide, naval situation, Useless, military terms, Voracious consumers of fuel, Vessels, Independent availability of land bases, Larger, heavier World War

Project Gemini

Project Gemini - First program

First program, Enlarged version of the Mercury capsule, Proposal by McDonnell Douglas, Name of the third constellation, Robust United States Air Force

Beale Air Force Base

Beale Air Force Base - United States Air Force base of located, east Marysville

United States Air Force base of located, east Marysville, Home of the 9th reconnaissance Wing, Large base in terms, Home of the 9th reconnaissance Wing, Home for military 4,000 personnel, Part of the Air Reserve Component, Rich culture, Located, northern California about 10 miles, Located 15301 Warren Shingle Road on a gentle hillside, Synonymous Camp Beale, Separation Center, 40 miles of Sacramento

Camp Humphreys

Camp Humphreys - Home

Home, Humphreys Road Runners youth, Home, Desiderio Army Airfield, Home, Square 72,000 foot concession Mall

English Electric Canberra

English Electric Canberra - Only aircraft with available, sufficient range

Only aircraft with available, sufficient range, Damaged holes in the airframe, First aircraft, Located Doncaster Airport, Static display at the Midland Air Museum at the Gatwick Aviation Museum at the Yorkshire Air Museum at the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre at the RAF Museum Hendon at the Imperial War Museum Duxford at East Midlands Aeropark at the North East Aircraft Museum at the Solway Aviation Museum

San Antonio

San Antonio - Home

Home, Six Fortune, First Museum, U, IHeartMedia, Popular tourist destination, 6th, busiest airport, Westernmost limit for both Cabbage palmetto, I III parole complex while office

Offutt Air Force Base

Offutt Air Force Base - U

U, Home, Many, significant associate units, Headquarters of United States Strategic Command