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Little Theatre (Rochester, New York)

Little Theatre (Rochester, New York) - Home of the Little Theatre Film Society

Home of the Little Theatre Film Society, Older form of the word, Premier, Cultural center


Allah - Arabic word for God

Arabic word for God


Ween - American, alternative rock band

American, alternative rock band, Word


Day - Unit of time

Unit of time, 86 400 seconds, Possible leap second, 205th, common word in US English

Spiegel Grove

Spiegel Grove - German, Dutch word for mirror

German, Dutch word for mirror


Szabla - Polish word for sabre

Polish word for sabre, Average blade

High Street

High Street - Metonym for the concept

Metonym for the concept, Common street name in the UK, Word before 17c

Color term

Color term - Word

Word, Phrase, Only, visual modality, Words

Clothes iron

Clothes iron - Old word

Old word


Sabah - Only state in Malaysia

Only state in Malaysia, Arabic word, Home, Large number, Sole manufacturer of oil palm, Main folklore event in Malaysia, Helicopter chartered flight company, Only state in Malaysia, Main, public library in the state, One producer of seaweed, Dependent lumber


Caringbah - Central suburb in southern Sydney of the Sutherland Shire

Central suburb in southern Sydney of the Sutherland Shire, Aboriginal word for a pademelon wallaby, Home, Public district Sutherland Hospital, Sydney


Vaquero - Spanish word for a herder

Spanish word for a herder, Only way


Persecution - Systematic mistreatment of an individual group

Systematic mistreatment of an individual group, Strong word

Article (grammar)

Article (grammar) - Word


Georgian lari

Georgian lari - Currency of Georgia

Currency of Georgia, Old, Georgian word denoting a hoard


Chuquicamata - Word from the Aymara language

Word from the Aymara language, Significant producer of molybdenum


Atargatis - Semitic word

Semitic word, Guardian of the city


Kalmah - Melodic death metal band from Oulu

Melodic death metal band from Oulu, Word from Karelian dialect

North Turramurra

North Turramurra - Suburb on the Upper North Shore

Suburb on the Upper North Shore, Home, Sphinx war memorial, Aboriginal word, Strongest, active one Crews

Satiric misspelling

Satiric misspelling - Intentional misspelling of a word

Intentional misspelling of a word


Baggage - Older word came to English

Older word came to English

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya - TV serial

TV serial, Tenth album by Nina Hagen, Potent, popular mantra, Bad word


Ajam - Word

Word, Pejorative term


Puce - French word for flea

French word for flea, Popular fashion color in 19th century Paris

Romance copula

Romance copula - Word


Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today - Weyses

Weyse s, Portion of the popular, German Grosser Gott, Acrostic, Favorite hymn for confirmation, Cento, Prayer that the Word, Alexander Ewing, Tune of the British, national anthem God, Brilliant one gems, Famous, medieval hymn Iesu dulcis memoria, Synesius, Full spirit, Miss Jane Borthwick of Edinburgh, L, Miss C Winkworth 1863, A, Miss Frances Cox, Luther, Nicolaus Herman, German origin, 15th century, Cennick, Unknown, Allen W, Unknown, Christoph E, Johann Cr ger, Conclusion of the third sermon, Favorite hymn, Soll ich s nder machen, Death, Middle Ages, Use during the 13th century


Wadi - Word

Word, Diagnostic, other desert environments

Sport Club do Recife

Sport Club do Recife - Word in Portuguese

Word in Portuguese

Citroën Ami

Citroën Ami - French word for friend

French word for friend, Rebodied 2CV with certain, mechanical upgrades


Priyayi - Word

Word, Patrons, Practitioners


Sauce - French word

French word, Classic, Italian meat sauce for pasta

In a Station of the Metro

In a Station of the Metro - Set of images

Set of images, Score of symphonies, Word, Not, Idea, Imagisme, Rest, Crucial

Grand Mesa

Grand Mesa - Large mesa in western Colorado

Large mesa in western Colorado, Spanish word, Flat areas in rugged others, Grand Mesa National Forest


Naginata - Word

Word, Several one varieties


Majolica - Word


Technological singularity

Technological singularity - Hypothesis that the invention

Hypothesis that the invention, Technological change, Familiar word meaning a unique event, Grave danger


Jannali - Suburb in southern Sydney

Suburb in southern Sydney, Located 28 kilometres of the Sydney, Aboriginal word meaning the Place, Large, recreational area on the western border


Fauna - Word for a book

Word for a book, Animal life of any particular region


Rubric - Word

Word, Section


Orient - East comprising anything

East comprising anything, Word for the lustre


Ayahuasca - Hispanicized style spelling of a word

Hispanicized style spelling of a word


Makhtesh - Hebrew word for a mortar grinder

Hebrew word for a mortar grinder, Awesome 38 6 km, Smallest, major makhtesh


Adobo - Typical dish of Peruvian cuisine

Typical dish of Peruvian cuisine, True, Spanish word, Separate method


Mastaba - Modern, Arabic word

Modern, Arabic word

Bonfire of the vanities

Bonfire of the vanities - Word


1938 New England hurricane

1938 New England hurricane - Deadliest, destructive, tropical one cyclones

Deadliest, destructive, tropical one cyclone s, Foreign word in New England

List of windmills in the United Kingdom

List of windmills in the United Kingdom - Windmill Fort after the mill

Windmill Fort after the mill, Fact, Latin word for a small, Roman town, Popular, striking landscape, Townscape feature, Only ruffians in the area

Panini (sandwich)

Panini (sandwich) - Word of Italian origin

Word of Italian origin, Popular type of grilled sandwich, Special type of contact grill


Oppidum - Latin word meaning the main settlement

Latin word meaning the main settlement


Quidditch - Second word from the Harry Potter series in 2017

Second word from the Harry Potter series in 2017

Fart (word)

Fart (word) - Word in the English language

Word in the English language, Oldest one words in the English lexicon


Sinim - Hebrew word for China

Hebrew word for China


Gelsemium - Asian, North, American genus of flowering plant

Asian, North, American genus of flowering plant, Latinized form of the Italian word, Toxic


Canberra - Home

Home, Barassi International Australian Football Youth Tournament, Good, Aboriginal word, Public holiday, Humid, nearby, coastal areas, Three hours by road


Jihad - Arabic word

Arabic word, Only, legal warfare in Islam, Struggle to purify the soul, Necessary part of the process, Sole motivation, Sole ideology


Rinderpest - Immense problem

Immense problem, Inoculation, Acute, fatal, viral disease of cattle, German word for a disease, Concern as a biological weapon


Taiga - Terrestrial biome with the lowest, annual, average temperatures of the needleleaf forest

Terrestrial biome with the lowest, annual, average temperatures of the needleleaf forest, Trees, Evergreen trees, Russian word for forest, Vast extent, Located top of the world


Diadochi - Rival generals

Rival generals, Families, Ancient, Greek word

List of kigo

List of kigo - Japanese word

Japanese word


Synonym - Word

Word, Phrase


Plagiocephaly - Word

Word, Aesthetic problem


Totenkopf - German word for the skull

German word for the skull, Old, international symbol for death


Dentifrice - French word for toothpaste

French word for toothpaste


Phronesis - Greek word for a type

Greek word for a type, Disposition, Habit, Common topic of discussion

Kittanning (village)

Kittanning (village) - Word of Indian origin

Word of Indian origin

Wootz steel

Wootz steel - Crucible steel

Crucible steel, Corruption of the word, Earliest one materials

Taboo (game)

Taboo (game) - Word guessing party game

Word guessing party game


Knish - Eastern, European snack food

Eastern, European snack food, Yiddish word, Sort of potato

Chota Nagpur Plateau

Chota Nagpur Plateau - Plateau in eastern India

Plateau in eastern India, Corruption of the word, Home, Palamau Tiger Reserve, Swampy places in other parts


Cornus - Stolon, iferous shrubs

Stolon, iferous shrubs, Ancient, Latin word for the cornelian cherry

Sei whale

Sei whale - Fastest cetacea ns

Fastest cetacea ns, Fastest one Cetaceans, Popular Japan, Norwegian word for pollock, Coarse grained, Tastes something, Animal, Present Denmark Strait


Corroboree - Event

Event, Generic word to explain different genres

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie - Aggressive dog

Aggressive dog, Breed, Celtic word for a mythical, watery ghost, Valuable paddocks

Countdown (game show)

Countdown (game show) - British game show involving word

British game show involving word, First programme


Kabouter - Dutch word for gnome

Dutch word for gnome


Isopsephy - Greek word for the practice

Greek word for the practice


Vicarius - Latin word meaning substitute

Latin word meaning substitute


Bufo - Large genus

Large genus, Latin word for toad, Large group

Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant - Prominent Yhwh

Prominent Yhwh, Living Shrine of the word, Mary, Ark, Voyage at sea, Chair, Newgrange, Knowledge

Ville Platte, Louisiana

Ville Platte, Louisiana - Small city

Small city, Parish seat, French word for town, Located, eastern Evangeline Parish

Bouddi National Park

Bouddi National Park - Protected, national park

Protected, national park, Indigenous word for the heart

Locrian mode

Locrian mode - Musical, only, modern, diatonic mode

Musical, only, modern, diatonic mode, Diatonic scale, Word


Cantrip - Word of Scots origin

Word of Scots origin


Turramurra - Hilly suburb on the Upper North Shore

Hilly suburb on the Upper North Shore, Aboriginal word, 170 metres, Separate suburb, North, Separate suburb, South, Unofficial, urban locality of Turramurra, South Turramurra


Kirk - Scottish word meaning a church

Scottish word meaning a church, Term, Standard term in church law, Use as a surname


Statute - Word for law

Word for law


Sarajevo - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Slavicized word, Home of the East West Theatre Company, Council, Host, Many parks, Oldest, professional theater in Bosnia, Home, Birthplace, Host city of the 51st world in 2011, Ljubljana

Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa Prefecture - Japanese word identifying the islands

Japanese word identifying the islands, Poorest prefecture within Japan, Major producer of sugar cane


Catenary - Ideal shape for a freestanding arch of a ideal string

Ideal shape for a freestanding arch of a ideal string, Only plane curve than a other, horizontal line, Word, Kampyle of Eudoxus, Graph of the hyperbolic cosine function, Shape that a uniform rope


Propaganda - Information

Information, Modern, Latin word, Gerundive form, Significant group of people, Propaganda without any identifiable source, One methods


Brugg - Municipality in the Swiss Canton

Municipality in the Swiss Canton, Swiss, German word for bridge, Global company, Important crossroads, Located junction of separate, Swiss three Federal Railways lines


Majesty - English word

English word, Style