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Slovenia - Secularized country with the highest percentage

Secularized country with the highest percentage, Home, Diverse number, Wels catfish, Natural sports venue with many Slovenians, Northeast wind, Southeast wind, Center for punk rock, Hosts of the European 2004 Championship, Located, temperate latitudes, European countries with the pronounced ageing, Beginning of the first, new 2007 member


Sugar - Generic name for sweet, soluble carbohydrates

Generic name for sweet, soluble carbohydrate s, Sucrose, Luxury in Europe, White, brown, granulated sugars, Polyploid wind pollinated outbreeders

Pandanus tectorius

Pandanus tectorius - Species of Pandanus

Species of Pandanus, Angiosperm, Small tree of significant, social, cultural value, Ovoid, Ellipsoid, Salt, Wind, 14 m, Fire than some tolerant, other, coastal trees, Dioecious, Tolerant, strong salt winds, Male, female, Colonizers of disturbed coastline, Uncommon feature in botanic collections, Important food source for the stick insect Megacrania batesii


Brickfielder - Hot, dry wind in the desert

Hot, dry wind in the desert


Prague - Capital

Capital, Largest, windy city with common, sustained, western winds, Home, Many breweries, Site of many sports events, City in the territory, Location of U, True, European capital


Aeolus - Son of Hellen Poseidon Hippotes

Son of Hellen Poseidon Hippotes, Name, Trojan, Companion, Father of Clytius, Ruler of the winds


Pazuzu - Demon of the southwest wind

Demon of the southwest wind


Harmattan - Season in the West Africa n subcontinent

Season in the West Africa n subcontinent, Warm, dry, northeasterly, easterly wind, Common north

The Burren

The Burren - Today

Today, Area of County Clare, Wind, Mountain plant, Sort of limestone, Main one breeding areas in Ireland, Notable, close vicinity of both plants, One six National Park, Located, southeastern corner of the Burren, One founder members of the Burren EcoTourism Network, Underwater winter, Geological extension of the limestone hills, Start of the List

Clock tower

Clock tower - Specific type of building

Specific type of building, Common sight in many parts, Today, Tower of the Winds


Leste - Hot, dry, easterly wind of the Madeira

Hot, dry, easterly wind of the Madeira

Casuarina equisetifolia

Casuarina equisetifolia - Wind

Wind, Fire, Resistant protection, Evergreen tree, Malay word kasuari

Roaring Forties

Roaring Forties - Strong, westerly winds

Strong, westerly winds


Enlil - Ancient, Mesopotamian god of Wind

Ancient, Mesopotamian god of Wind, One supreme deities of the Mesopotamian pantheon

Richards Bay

Richards Bay - Largest coal export facility in the world

Largest coal export facility in the world, Popular kitesurfing destination thanks, Consistent winds

Squamish (wind)

Squamish (wind) - Strong, violent wind

Strong, violent wind

Headwind and tailwind

Headwind and tailwind - Wind


Charles-Joseph Sax

Charles-Joseph Sax - Maker of wind

Maker of wind, Great instrument maker, Son of Charles Joseph Sax