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United Ireland

United Ireland - Proposition that the whole

Proposition that the whole, Minor, Unionist party in Northern Ireland

The Jewish War

The Jewish War - Turn

Turn, Seamless whole, Wild piece of fanciful combination

Battle of the Allia

Battle of the Allia - Doubt

Doubt, Celtic stock, Awestruck dignity, Distressed, Cause, Victorious whole of the city, Open walls, Political positions than the military tribunus laticlavius, Men of great repute, Veterans, Younger, inexperienced men, Accensi, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th cohorts, Infantry units called a vexillatio, Cavalry, Imperial guard to protect Rome, Barrier, Bulwark, Different thing than the later, imperial army, Small unit of 300 men, Superiority of the Roman legion, Sharp hearing of every afraid noise, Same stock

Sarajevo Canton

Sarajevo Canton - Strongest region in the whole

Strongest region in the whole

North Atlantic Deep Water

North Atlantic Deep Water - Deep water mass

Deep water mass, General name for the whole, Dependent preconditioning of water


Synergy - Creation of a whole

Creation of a whole, Only word in any language