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Game theory

Game theory - Study of the ways

Study of the ways, Study of strategic decision, Popular, Japanese manga, Television program, Games, Perfect one information

The Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Observer - Newspaper serving Charlotte

Newspaper serving Charlotte, Boom town in more ways

Jon Porter

Jon Porter - Member of the Ways

Member of the Ways

Louis Cyr

Louis Cyr - French, Canadian strongman with a career

French, Canadian strongman with a career, Big man in all ways, Popular Britain

Brody Dalle

Brody Dalle - Survivor in more ways

Survivor in more ways

Silk Road

Silk Road - Mechanism

Mechanism, Major trade item, Representation of art, Ways

Five Ways railway station

Five Ways railway station - Railway station serving the Five Ways

Railway station serving the Five Ways, Spur line leading to station


Murmansk - Last city

Last city, Center of Soviet submarine, Home, Murmansk State Technical University, Strange city in many ways, Centre of Murmasnk, Important one business centre of the Barents Euro Arctic region

William Dyce

William Dyce - Distinguished, Scottish artist

Distinguished, Scottish artist, Elegant scholar in more ways

Bukit Ho Swee Fire

Bukit Ho Swee Fire - Conflagration

Conflagration, Clash of different types, Real fire, Historical precedent in many ways, City centre of Singapore, Inept

Gospel of John

Gospel of John - Related style

Related style, Narrative of the life, Last Gospel in many ways, 14 farewell speech of a one series


Audion - Considerable Improvement on this the original devices

Considerable Improvement on this the original devices, Peculiar instrument in many ways, Different Audion Detector Bulb in construction

Seven deadly sins

Seven deadly sins - Venial nature

Venial nature, Seven ways of eternal death in seven, Neglect to take care

RAF Pembrey

RAF Pembrey - Unique station in many ways

Unique station in many ways, Redeveloped, late 1960s car rallies

David Brooks (cultural commentator)

David Brooks (cultural commentator) - Conservative, American author as political, cultural commentator

Conservative, American author as political, cultural commentator, Volume editor of the best, American Essays, Outsider in more ways

Power engineering

Power engineering - Study of the ways

Study of the ways

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili - Strange book in many ways

Strange book in many ways, Excellent example of the innumerable relationships

Annette Kellermann

Annette Kellermann - Australian, professional swimmer

Australian, professional swimmer, Vaudeville star, Strong advocate of health, Pioneer in many ways


PeerGuardian - Free, open source program

Free, open source program, 2 Open Source, Privacy oriented firewall application, Open project, Nonsense in multiple ways, Derivative of PeerGuardian, 2 Open Source meaning the program code, Fool proof, Automatic 2


Jingnan - Small, weak state in many ways

Small, weak state in many ways


FAQ - Acronym

Acronym, Pronounced three ways, Good way to help lots, Fussy, recent information

Martin Ritt

Martin Ritt - American director

American director, Actor, Extraordinary man in many ways

Keith Stanovich

Keith Stanovich - Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology

Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology, Fellow of the Committee, Ways, Next one

Divisibility rule

Divisibility rule - Shorthand way

Shorthand way, Ways

Sir Launfal

Sir Launfal - Seventh item in the manuscript

Seventh item in the manuscript, Example of the ways, Happy man, Sir Gawain

Sanity check

Sanity check - Product of odd numbers

Product of odd numbers, Synonymous smoke tests, Ways

Snowshoe Thompson

Snowshoe Thompson - Good Samaritan in the naive ways

Good Samaritan in the naive ways

Alan MacDiarmid

Alan MacDiarmid - Hero in many ways

Hero in many ways, Man for all seasons

Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo - American author

American author, Screenwriter, Great friend in many ways

Landscape archaeology

Landscape archaeology - Study of the ways

Study of the ways, Study of the material