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John Cheever

John Cheever - American novelist

American novelist, Short story writer, Frequent visitor on the set, Law professor in Colorado


Bayeux - Home of the Bayeux Tapestry

Home of the Bayeux Tapestry, Major Tourist attraction known to British, French visitors, First town in France

The Rogue Song

The Rogue Song - Romantic, musical 1930 film

Romantic, musical 1930 film, Regular visitor, Friend

Clan MacNeil

Clan MacNeil - Time in the located Knapdale district

Time in the located Knapdale district, Plants, Regular visitor, Island

Wilfrid Voynich

Wilfrid Voynich - Italy

Italy, Regular visitor, Continent

Oyala Thumotang National Park

Oyala Thumotang National Park - Remote park suited to visitors

Remote park suited to visitors, Located, central Cape York Peninsula

Mal Brough

Mal Brough - Former, Australian politician

Former, Australian politician, Regular visitor, Wadeye, Member for the Division, One number of government MPs

Karl Edward Wagner

Karl Edward Wagner - American writer

American writer, Poet, Fourth, youngest child of Aubrey J, Frequent visitor, London

Jason Williams (basketball, born 1975)

Jason Williams (basketball, born 1975) - American, retired, professional basketball player

American, retired, professional basketball player, Frequent visitor, St, Fan favorite at Arco Arena

Samadhi of Ranjit Singh

Samadhi of Ranjit Singh - Religious place of Sikh visitors

Religious place of Sikh visitors

White Peak

White Peak - Lower, southern part of the Peak District

Lower, southern part of the Peak District, Collective name given to an area, Natural dome, Plateau, Gentler landscape, Rugged hilltops, Wonderland for visitors, Rich, ancient burial grounds, Rich wildlife, First National Park


Binjai - Location for the headquarters

Location for the headquarters, Important transit point for visitors, Site of a important, military cemetery, Located Mencirim

Edward Thomas (poet)

Edward Thomas (poet) - British poet

British poet, Essayist, Man, Visitor at this time

Eugenius Warming

Eugenius Warming - Frequent visitor

Frequent visitor, Foreign universities


Blackpool - Seaside resort on the Lancashire coast

Seaside resort on the Lancashire coast, Setting for Bhaji, Home, Many, current, former, professional boxers, Original site of Swallow Sidecar Company, Preferred destination of visitors, Hamlet by the sea, Dependent tourism, First, professional, rugby league club in the town


Zernez - Center for visitors

Center for visitors

Dermot Ahern

Dermot Ahern - Former Chairman of Rock Celtic soccer Club

Former Chairman of Rock Celtic soccer Club, Serial visitor, Successive popes, First government Minister, Responsible Civil Partnership Bill

Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond

Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond - Visitor

Visitor, Girton College

Catherine Coleman

Catherine Coleman - Flute player

Flute player, Frequent visitor, Western Massachusetts

Bronwyn Bishop

Bronwyn Bishop - Former, Australian politician

Former, Australian politician, Patron of Opera Australia, Regular visitor, Kuringgai Motor Yacht Club, Judge of the defunct Compensation Court

Bohus Fortress

Bohus Fortress - Museum

Museum, Open visitors


Nicaragua - Representative, democratic republic

Representative, democratic republic, Safest country in Central America, Member of the Bolivarian Alliance, Stranger, American visitors, Unitary republic, First countries, Located middle of the Americas, Territorial disputes with Colombia, Poorest countries in the Americas

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven - German composer

German composer, Pianist, Regular visitor, Irascible


Tunnel - Proper visitors

Proper visitors, Longest stormwater drainage tunnel in South East Asia, Bored road tunnel, 3,083 yards in length, Rove tunnel in France, Network, Narrow part of a lake, , Excellent condition, Long, above sea level, Dudley Canal in Dudley, Use, , First, underwater tunnel

Killer whale

Killer whale - One 35 species in the oceanic dolphin family

One 35 species in the oceanic dolphin family, Apex predator s, Largest, extant members of the dolphin family, Seasonal visitors, Arctic waters, Sophisticated, effective predators of marine mammal s, Unique cetaceans, Popular whale watchers, Similar appearance, Antarctic type C killer whales


Kristiansand - Gateway from the continent

Gateway from the continent, Summer attracting many visitors, Home, Many, other festivals, Third, Vietnamese, populated city in Norway, Important transport, Communications node, Zoo, Free newspaper, Largest church in Kristiansand, Located Skagerrak until the opening, Centre for intellectuals

Old Bar, New South Wales

Old Bar, New South Wales - Common place for light aircraft

Common place for light aircraft, First stop for visitors, Hub of the community, Mouth of the Manning River

Maria Island National Park

Maria Island National Park - Mecca for visitors

Mecca for visitors

Carlotta Grisi

Carlotta Grisi - Italian, ballet dancer

Italian, ballet dancer, Cousin of the famous soprano singers, Regular visitor from 1842 1851, London

Heinrich Barth

Heinrich Barth - First, European visitor

First, European visitor, First, true scholar, Interested history, Fluent, Arabic, several, African languages

Northern mockingbird

Northern mockingbird - Only mockingbird

Only mockingbird, Omnivore, Important visitor, Influential United States culture, Vocal, moonlit spring nights, Aggressive year

USS Albacore (AGSS-569)

USS Albacore (AGSS-569) - Frequent visitor

Frequent visitor, Florida, Located Albacore Park

Roberto Mieres

Roberto Mieres - Racing driver from Mar del Plata

Racing driver from Mar del Plata, Frequent visitor, Historic events


Pytheas - First, known, scientific visitor

First, known, scientific visitor, Reporter, Central source of information

John Hodiak

John Hodiak - American actor

American actor, Frequent visitor, Famous King Ranch

Emperor (dragonfly)

Emperor (dragonfly) - Frequent visitors

Frequent visitors, Gardens

Củ Chi tunnels

Củ Chi tunnels - Popular tourist attraction

Popular tourist attraction, Visitors

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive - Brushing

Brushing, Frequent visitor, Jobs home, Unremarkable, remarkable person

George B. McClellan

George B. McClellan - American soldier

American soldier, Civil engineer, Frequent visitor in the area, Successful, cautious, Southern General Joseph E

Bay Shore, New York

Bay Shore, New York - Stop on the Montauk Branch

Stop on the Montauk Branch, Popular stop for visitors, Islip MacArthur Airport, Older one hamlets on Long Island, Accessible, major roads on Long Island, Maroon, White

William Preston (Freemason)

William Preston (Freemason) - Scottish author

Scottish author, Editor, Man of much, intellectual culture, Frequent visitor, Other lodges, Krause, Time,

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo - Zoological garden at Upton

Zoological garden at Upton, 75 years, U, Subject of BBC in 2014, Few one zoos, Huge, dedicated visitor


Beadnell - Village

Village, Civil parish, Popular place for visitors, North Northumberland Heritage Coast

Basile Georges Casmoussa

Basile Georges Casmoussa - Apostolic Visitor of the Syrian Catholics

Apostolic Visitor of the Syrian Catholics

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie - President of PEN American Center

President of PEN American Center, Regular visitor, Critic of cultural relativism, Advocate of religious satire, Supporter of gun control, Honorary Professor in the Humanities

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain - Major destination of visitors

Major destination of visitors


Clevedon - Busy, seaside town

Busy, seaside town, Civil parish, National Trust property, Open visitors, Large, secondary, comprehensive School serving the whole town, Lovely town with an attractive coastline, Setting for the eponymous town Broadchurch, Court Hill of the east town centre

Hortus Botanicus (Amsterdam)

Hortus Botanicus (Amsterdam) - Botanical garden in the Plantage district

Botanical garden in the Plantage district, Popular attraction for both Dutch, international visitors

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker - Marius Petipa

Marius Petipa, George Maas, Time, Commercial success, 1993 film of the New York City Ballet version, Emile Ardolino, Harry Simeone, Regular visitor, Concert hall, Version

Albrecht Haushofer

Albrecht Haushofer - German geographer

German geographer, Diplomat, Frequent visitor, Landsberg Prison

Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta - Italian physicist

Italian physicist, Chemist, Frequent visitor Around 1765, Home

Giants Stadium

Giants Stadium - Stadium in located East Rutherford

Stadium in located East Rutherford, First, major league sporting venue, Visitors at Giants Stadium

Snake charming

Snake charming - Charming practice

Charming practice, Charming art, Profession, Likely, traditional, traditional healers by trade, Common sight for visitors

Joan Robinson

Joan Robinson - Frequent visitor

Frequent visitor, Centre

Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy - Frequent visitor

Frequent visitor, Vasnier household, Happy reproduction quality of the Welte system, Experimental outset


Aphelocoma - Larger, blue jay

Larger, blue jay, Frequent visitors at campsites, Monophyletic regard

Union Stock Yards

Union Stock Yards - Meatpacking district in Chicago

Meatpacking district in Chicago, Major tourist stop with visitors, Located, southern boundary of the City

Later life of Isaac Newton

Later life of Isaac Newton - 55 years

55 years, Popular visitor at the court, Powerful thinker, Charge of the board, Poor, human relationship as the such expression


Ruff - Uncommon visitor

Uncommon visitor, Alaska

Little Cranberry Lake, Washington

Little Cranberry Lake, Washington - Popular swimming location for visitors

Popular swimming location for visitors, Located Anacortes Community Forest Lands on Fidalgo Island

English Bay (Vancouver)

English Bay (Vancouver) - Located Vancouver

Located Vancouver, Major tourist attraction, Visitors, Host, Number

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall - Concert venue in Midtown Manhattan

Concert venue in Midtown Manhattan, High visitors, Top Balcony, Industrial artifact, Rich, historical beauty, Smallest three performance spaces with a total, Home, Performances

Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Public Library - Member of CLEVNET

Member of CLEVNET, Encouraging visitors with more experience

Salim Ali

Salim Ali - Frequent visitor

Frequent visitor, Doon School, Interested details of bird systematics, Interested, historical aspects of ornithology


Koblenz - Scene of ecclesiastical synods in 860 922

Scene of ecclesiastical synods in 860 922, Lahneck Castle near Lahnstein, Meeting point for visitors, Military one posts

Philip Sidney

Philip Sidney - English poet

English poet, Courtier, Brother of the Worshipful Company, Constant visitor at the house, Paris at the time

Thomas Rodney

Thomas Rodney - Active, local politics as the broader range

Active, local politics as the broader range, Delegate in 1774, State convention, Host, Many, notable visitors, Home, Large hotel

Chizarira National Park

Chizarira National Park - Home

Home, Taita falcon, Taita Falcon, Park for visitors

Mayor of the Sunset Strip

Mayor of the Sunset Strip - Sort of Andy Warhol

Sort of Andy Warhol, Visitors, Rodney, Gradual, Scene is overkill

Frank Kermode

Frank Kermode - Last visitor to have lunch

Last visitor to have lunch, Influential head of department, Private, genial Man of a fond, good pipe

Mary Ward (scientist)

Mary Ward (scientist) - Keen, amateur astronomer sharing this interest

Keen, amateur astronomer sharing this interest, Frequent visitor, Birr Castle


Neopets - Virtual pet website

Virtual pet website, Safe, Compliant standards of the U, Diverse group, Web savvy, Passive visitors in the land

Slaughter & The Dogs

Slaughter & The Dogs - Frequent visitors

Frequent visitors, London, Discreet, oblique Magazine, Fall, Kind of surreal sitcom

John Morton Blum

John Morton Blum - American historian

American historian, Frequent visitor, Branford dining hall

Andy Stewart (musician)

Andy Stewart (musician) - Constant visitor

Constant visitor, Hospital wards

Donald Cammell

Donald Cammell - Gifted painter winning a scholarship

Gifted painter winning a scholarship, Frequent visitor, Dead

Pocono Mountains

Pocono Mountains - Popular, recreational destination for local, regional visitors

Popular, recreational destination for local, regional visitors, Closest, major, professional race track, Philadelphia