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Chiropractic - Form of alternative medicine

Form of alternative medicine, Modern variation of the classical Hippocratic Oath, Method, Largest alternative healing profession in the U by 1930s, Mature profession, Available mainstream science

Paper clip

Paper clip - Instrument

Instrument, Useful accessory in many kinds, Essence of form, Standard image for an attachment, Variations of the Gem type, Optimal purposes

Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce - One five sauces in the French haute cuisine mother sauce repertoire

One five sauces in the French haute cuisine mother sauce repertoire, Sauce Foyot with the addition, Hollandaise, Hollandaise, Hollandaise variation, Variation of the basic, white sauce

Schwarzlose machine gun

Schwarzlose machine gun - Simpler design

Simpler design, Slight variation of This MG, Simple mechanism compared to other, famous designs, Water

Street hockey

Street hockey - Variation of the sport

Variation of the sport

Carling brewery

Carling brewery - Official beer of the Scotland

Official beer of the Scotland, Lighter variation of Carling Lager, Bottled lager, Name of a brand, 2

White Russian (cocktail)

White Russian (cocktail) - Cocktail

Cocktail, Variation of another vodka drink

Cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwich - Variation of a ham

Variation of a ham, Grilled sandwich press until the ham

Marching band

Marching band - Variation on show bands

Variation on show bands, Wrong foot for instance, Extracurricular activity while vocal music, High priority, Desperate need of a new market

Suspension (body modification)

Suspension (body modification) - Act

Act, Accurate replication of the Okipa ceremony, Suspension, Variation on a suicide suspension, More, mental state


Pachypodium - Branchless

Branchless, Spinescent, individual variation in spinescence


Nim - Mathematical game of strategy for 2 people

Mathematical game of strategy for 2 people, Special case of a poset game, Variation, Variant of Nim

Cassino (card game)

Cassino (card game) - Variation for two three four six players

Variation for two three four six players, Variant of Cassino


Runza - Yeast

Yeast, Dough bread pocket, Only one existance for decades, Likely variations on a theme

Demolition derby

Demolition derby - Motorsport

Motorsport, Variation

The Toll of the Sea

The Toll of the Sea - Second Technicolor feature

Second Technicolor feature, First color feature, Variation of the Madama Butterfly story, Allen Carver in the American, Approximation of the original colors, Conventional, black, white film

Geography of the Republic of the Congo

Geography of the Republic of the Congo - Party

Party, International agreements, Variation of coastal, plain s, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks

Ford Torino

Ford Torino - Automobile

Automobile, Upscale variation, Twin, Mercury Montego line, Top level wagon, Shadow, Majority of Torinos

Homebuilt computer

Homebuilt computer - Common gamers

Common gamers, Variation on the kit concept

Washtub bass

Washtub bass - Variation of the washtub bass

Variation of the washtub bass, Instrument in common folk music

Inuktitut syllabics

Inuktitut syllabics - One variation on Canadian, Aboriginal syllabics

One variation on Canadian, Aboriginal syllabics


Deadlift - Weight training exercise

Weight training exercise, Variation of the deadlift, Eddie Hall

Cookie dough

Cookie dough - Separated portions

Separated portions, Baked, individual cookies, Popular variation

Bump mapping

Bump mapping - Common variation of bump mapping

Common variation of bump mapping, Such one extension, Texture map


Mahjong - Suitable variation for the introduction

Suitable variation for the introduction, Beginning, Variety in prevalent Taiwan, Variant of Cantonese Mahjong, Standardized form of Mahjong, Descendant of the version, Payment system, Unique, many ways, Ingrained, Chinese community


Noise - Unwanted sound in the acoustic domain

Unwanted sound in the acoustic domain, Prominent feature of the environment, Health risk, People, Energy, Accumulation of all noise, Result of variations, Literal definition by audible, discernible, tactile interaction

Lever tumbler lock

Lever tumbler lock - Type of lock

Type of lock, Variation of the lever lock


Sazerac - Local New Orleans variation of a cognac

Local New Orleans variation of a cognac, Simple variation on a plain whiskey, Brand of rye whiskey

Rex mutation

Rex mutation - Genetic variation in mammals

Genetic variation in mammals, Natural mutation breed of cat, New, natural mutation breed of cat, Female cat of unknown origin

Pin (professional wrestling)

Pin (professional wrestling) - Result of a powerbomb

Result of a powerbomb, Typical variation of the straddle pin

Safety pin

Safety pin - Variation of the regular pin

Variation of the regular pin, Common problem in some countries


Pixiu - Earth

Earth, Sea variation, Heavenly variation of a powerful, auspicious creature, Fierce, good fighter

Aquifer test

Aquifer test - Common tool

Common tool, Variation on the typical aquifer test

Jamaican cuisine

Jamaican cuisine - Variations on the cuisines

Variations on the cuisines

Variable valve timing

Variable valve timing - Variation



Climate - Statistics of weather

Statistics of weather, Variation in global, regional climates, Way by some scientists, Process, Average of a number, Low, annual, mean one temperatures, Persistent, high one temperatures, Mathematical models of past

Béchamel sauce

Béchamel sauce - Variation of the basic, white sauce

Variation of the basic, white sauce


Van - Type of road vehicle

Type of road vehicle, Variation of the full size van


Oscillation - Repetitive variation in time

Repetitive variation in time

Constrictor knot

Constrictor knot - Robust variation

Robust variation, Effective one binding knots

Marriage in the Catholic Church

Marriage in the Catholic Church - Human institution despite the many variations

Human institution despite the many variations, Rough void, Sacrifice of praise the Church, Sacrament, Distinctive sign, Spiritual power of this kind, Passion since a passion, Thing, Reality, Sacrament, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Extreme unction, Material, Ordination, Healing of the mind, Baptism

Pornography in the United States

Pornography in the United States - Terrific success in the USA

Terrific success in the USA, Successful thanks, Technological progress, Old Sally Rand fan dance performance with performers, Variation on the line block, Young man of one


Turbofan - Modern variation of the basic engine

Modern variation of the basic engine


Scaramouche - Great one characters in the Punch

Great one characters in the Punch, Name of a suite, Solo play by Justin Butcher, Variation of the commedia character Capitano

Piano accordion

Piano accordion - Variation of a piano accordion

Variation of a piano accordion, Official city instrument of San Francisco, Predominant Italy

House sparrow

House sparrow - Bird of the sparrow family Passeridae

Bird of the sparrow family Passeridae, Monogamous mates for life, Victim of interspecific brood parasites, Infested number of external parasites, Smaller, slender chestnut crown, Few one species, Variations, Vigorous breeders


Cartogram - Variation

Variation, Dramatic depiction of the distribution, Transformation of a map

Sabre (tank)

Sabre (tank) - Variation of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance

Variation of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance

Heart rate variability

Heart rate variability - Physiological phenomenon of variation

Physiological phenomenon of variation, Trait marker of major, depressive disorder

Wooton desk

Wooton desk - Variation of the Fall front desk

Variation of the Fall front desk, Costliest desks in series production, Bigger, larger Wooton despite the use


Netball - Ball sport

Ball sport, Variation of netball, Exciting team sport, Popular participant sport in countries, Popular Commonwealth nations in schools, New one three sports, 60 minutes

Bentinck family

Bentinck family - Prominent family belonging to both Dutch, British nobility

Prominent family belonging to both Dutch, British nobility, Patronymic variation of the Old, Germanic name Bento, East of the Netherlands, Significant history of Canada

Strip poker

Strip poker - Party game

Party game, Variation

Suspension (vehicle)

Suspension (vehicle) - System of tires

System of tires, Variation

Ecosystem diversity

Ecosystem diversity - Type of biodiversity

Type of biodiversity, Largest scale of biodiversity, Amount of variation, Number, Abundance, Ability of an ecosystem, Collection of organisms


Kabaddi - Contact team sport

Contact team sport, National Game of Bangladesh, Team sport from Tamil Nadu India, South, Asian game, Variation, Popular sport in South Asia, National one sports of Nepal

Essex girl

Essex girl - Tough, loud, vulgar, unashamed

Tough, loud, vulgar, unashamed, Variations of dumb, blonde jokes


Tent - Shelter

Shelter, Small version of a ridge tent, Newer variation of the pole marquee

Game controller

Game controller - Device

Device, Variation of a standard gamepad, Simple dial of one, Single button, Development


Phacoemulsification - Variation of extracapsular cataract extraction

Variation of extracapsular cataract extraction

Silent mutation

Silent mutation - Sole variation

Sole variation


Blackjack - Game

Game, Side bet, Variation

Reuben sandwich

Reuben sandwich - American, hot sandwich

American, hot sandwich, Version of the classic, Variation on the standard Reuben sandwich, Hit

Claddagh ring

Claddagh ring - Country Claddagh Ring

Country Claddagh Ring, Modern T, Variation on the fede ring, Two hundred years

Futura (typeface)

Futura (typeface) - Condensed version of the original Futura font family

Condensed version of the original Futura font family, Variation of the original Futura, Redesign at ParaType

Dick Barlow

Dick Barlow - Cricket er

Cricket er, 5 ft, 8 inches, Good bowler with much variation, Dour, resolute opening batsman

Capture the flag

Capture the flag - Home

Home, Simple, mathematical Turtle Graphic, First rate, Chickens have a chicken yard, Besiegers, Regular toy balloons, Bent riders, One runner of two, Other chaser, Selfish person, Chaser, Fox, Others sheep, Test of visual memory, Competition of skill, Rapid succession, Variation of Zigzag Ball, Excellent learning tool, Light, other size, Sad apology for such, complete refreshment, Fortress, Space, Length of one foot, One captain for the ones, Player representing a squirrel, Captain of one, Groups of two rows, Old, new, full intimation of environment, Modern invention though the development, Responsible success of this aspect, Player, Suitable beginning levels for children, Suitable, little, young children, Great, favorite, young, little, popular children, Great, favorite Girls though the writer, Huge, Clear, comprehensive, Clear, full, helpful hints, Desirable schoolroom use singing, Leather

Pound cake

Pound cake - Baked loaf pan

Baked loaf pan, Popular variation in the United States, Original, British version of the American Pound Cake, Subtle, balanced, robust


Brainstorming - Variation of electronic brainstorming

Variation of electronic brainstorming, Useful method in creative writing

LS based GM small-block engine

LS based GM small-block engine - LT1

LT1, Aluminum, Variation of the LS7


Milanesa - South, American variation of an Italian dish

South, American variation of an Italian dish

Sedia gestatoria

Sedia gestatoria - Elaborate variation on the sedan chair

Elaborate variation on the sedan chair

Carrick bend

Carrick bend - Knot

Knot, Secure variation

Otto cycle

Otto cycle - Idealized, thermodynamic cycle

Idealized, thermodynamic cycle, Description, Variation on the Otto cycle

Instructional design

Instructional design - Variations of the ADDIE process

Variations of the ADDIE process, Science


Biryani - Primary dish in a meal

Primary dish in a meal, Beloved staple in food menus, Kachay gosht ki biryani, Dum biryani, Pulao with pretensions, Typical biryani from Hyderabad, Special biryani, Only variation of biryani, Only kachhi biryani, Sparse, expensive meat, Much, lighter spices, Famous, Indian state of Tamil Nadu

Hypoxia (medical)

Hypoxia (medical) - Pathological condition

Pathological condition, Variations, Serious consequence of preterm birth, Severe tissue, Deficiency of oxygen

Pusher configuration

Pusher configuration - Minor variations on this theme

Minor variations on this theme, Noisy cabin noise

American handball

American handball - Sport

Sport, Dutch version, Variation of handball

Arrow Cross

Arrow Cross - Variation



Balafon - Kind of wooden xylophone

Kind of wooden xylophone, Manding name, Variations, Act, African, musical instrument

Magnetic cartridge

Magnetic cartridge - Variation


Genital piercing

Genital piercing - Form of body

Form of body, Body, Variation of the clitoral hood

The Neverhood

The Neverhood - Variation on air hockey

Variation on air hockey, Surreal landscape, Award winning adventure game, Wonderful game of puzzles, Fantastic escape from reality, Puzzle adventure game, Something in the new, different, exciting

Panel show

Panel show - Variations of classic parlor games

Variations of classic parlor games, Cause, Effect, Popular past in the U, BBC radio adaptation of Twenty questions, Such success


Pentathlon - Contest featuring five events

Contest featuring five events, Science Olympiad Division B event, Common, high school athletics, Modern variation on the original events


Arbalest - Late variation of the crossbow

Late variation of the crossbow, Medieval, French word, Larger, earlier crossbows

Bellarine Peninsula

Bellarine Peninsula - One parishes of the County

One parishes of the County, Significant variation with heavy, black self mulching clay loams

Suzhou numerals

Suzhou numerals - Variation of the Southern Song rod numerals

Variation of the Southern Song rod numerals, Popular, Chinese marketplaces

Hertha BSC

Hertha BSC - Variation on Nerthus

Variation on Nerthus

Viola caipira

Viola caipira - Smaller, standard size guitar

Smaller, standard size guitar, Variation of violao