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Mira - Asymptotic, giant branch star in the pulsing AGB phase

Asymptotic, giant branch star in the pulsing AGB phase, Dominant Component of a double star, Second variable


Polaris - Closest, Cepheid variable

Closest, Cepheid variable, Earth, Single star, Multiple star system, Classic Population, 0, Pole, Interesting pulsations, 5

Concatenative programming language

Concatenative programming language - Untyped lambda calculus with variables

Untyped lambda calculus with variables, Functional language, Combinatory logic, Alternative, Functional programming language, Course as the suitable target language

Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process

Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process - Collections of random variables

Collections of random variables


Mean - Random variable

Random variable

Field (computer science)

Field (computer science) - One variable

One variable


OpenMP - Implementation

Implementation, Shared memory programming model, Most variables

Atomic sentence

Atomic sentence - Wff

Wff, Atomic formula containing no variables

Requirements engineering

Requirements engineering - Complex, multifaceted variable

Complex, multifaceted variable, Interdisciplinary, collaborative approach, Rife state of the art practices