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Fairey Aviation Company

Fairey Aviation Company - British aircraft manufacturer of the first half

British aircraft manufacturer of the first half, Important, economic value for the region, First company, Self made man, Production in America, Business

Shark net

Shark net - Direct form of culling

Direct form of culling, High value compared to other species, Ovoviviparous practices, Uterine cannibalism, Large, coastal shark with a disjunct distribution


Privacy - Inability of an individual group

Inability of an individual group, Common, public value, Expectation, Area of law


Distance - Numerical description

Numerical description, Scalar quantity, Magnitude, Minimal value, Positive, negative, scalar zero quantity, Distances with a directional sense, Larger two values

Angular resolution

Angular resolution - Subjective value in optical microscopy

Subjective value in optical microscopy

Optical resolution

Optical resolution - Subjective value in microscopy

Subjective value in microscopy, Dependent, refractive index of the imaging medium

Edisto River

Edisto River - Resource of great value

Resource of great value

Pandanus tectorius

Pandanus tectorius - Species of Pandanus

Species of Pandanus, Angiosperm, Small tree of significant, social, cultural value, Ovoid, Ellipsoid, Salt, Wind, 14 m, Fire than some tolerant, other, coastal trees, Dioecious, Tolerant, strong salt winds, Male, female, Colonizers of disturbed coastline, Uncommon feature in botanic collections, Important food source for the stick insect Megacrania batesii


Bushel - Imperial US

Imperial US, Customary unit, Intermediate value between the pound, Variant, , Volume of a cylinder

Sugar beet

Sugar beet - Plant

Plant, Primary value of sugar beet, Lower quality with more colour, Important part of a crop rotation cycle, Function of root yield


Derwentwater - Place of considerable, scenic value

Place of considerable, scenic value, Principal one bodies of water


Reproducibility - Ability of an entire analysis

Ability of an entire analysis, Cornerstone of science, Common standard for scientific data, Huge concern, One component of the precision, Value


Principle - Concept

Concept, Value

Hana Ichi Monme

Hana Ichi Monme - Historical, Japanese coin with a value

Historical, Japanese coin with a value

Wealth tax

Wealth tax - Levy on the total value

Levy on the total value, Progressive respect

Consumption tax

Consumption tax - Tax on spending

Tax on spending, Kind of value

Gold penny

Gold penny - Medieval English coin with a value

Medieval English coin with a value, Popular

Stock and flow

Stock and flow - Total value in dollars

Total value in dollars


Sherry - Fortified wine

Fortified wine, Greatest value, Single, abused category, Major wine export, United Kingdom, Favorite one wine, Thomas Jefferson

Music of France

Music of France - 5th, largest market by value

5th, largest market by value

Unite (English coin)

Unite (English coin) - Second, English gold coin with a value

Second, English gold coin with a value


Fetishism - Emic attribution of inherent value

Emic attribution of inherent value, Stage


Humanitarianism - Active belief in the value

Active belief in the value

Face value

Face value - Value of a coin

Value of a coin

Projection screen

Projection screen - Installation

Installation, Excellent alternative, Great place, Fantastic, newer alternative, Actual projector screen, Excellent value

Interference fit

Interference fit - Value of tightness

Value of tightness

Market value

Market value - Distinct, fair value in that fair value

Distinct, fair value in that fair value, Portion of the value, Probable price, Set of arrangements, Interaction of individuals

The Astrophysical Journal

The Astrophysical Journal - Constant value has a weak dependence

Constant value has a weak dependence, Consistent flow, Located R

XML Information Set

XML Information Set - Application profile

Application profile, Restricted form, Abstract description of some part, Value of the property of one, Peripheral core information items have peripheral information, Peripheral XML processor, Three kinds

Theory of value (economics)

Theory of value (economics) - Value of a material

Value of a material

Administrative distance

Administrative distance - Value

Value, Feature, First criterion that a router, Measure of the trustworthiness

Moment magnitude scale

Moment magnitude scale - Dimensionless value

Dimensionless value, Common measure of earthquake size, 3, 8

Value investing

Value investing - Investment paradigm

Investment paradigm, Discounted value of all future distributions

Public value

Public value - Value for the public from the public

Value for the public from the public, Indispensable, operational fiction of society, Combined view

Logistics engineering

Logistics engineering - Field of engineering

Field of engineering, Cost centre service activity provides value, Professional practitioner


Debasement - Practice

Practice, Result of the value

Low emissivity

Low emissivity - Value given to materials

Value given to materials

Mary Eileen Ahern

Mary Eileen Ahern - Librarian

Librarian, Leader, Crusader for the value, Husband of the late Mrs, Leather worker by trade, Member of Fond du Lac the Cork County Council Brotherhood Railway Trainmen St attended the mass, Cambridge Park Commissioner, Resident of Liberty township, President of the Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company, Native of the parish, Single

Intrinsic value (finance)

Intrinsic value (finance) - Actual value of a company

Actual value of a company


Negation - Operation on logical one value

Operation on logical one value, Linear, logical, dual, logical operator, Self, Unary, logical, connective

Program evaluation

Program evaluation - Systematic method

Systematic method, Value

Future value

Future value - Value of an asset

Value of an asset


Axiology - Philosophical study of value

Philosophical study of value, Offshoot of philosophy

Financial risk management

Financial risk management - Practice of economic value

Practice of economic value

Noise figure

Noise figure - Ratio of actual output noise

Ratio of actual output noise, Noise factor, Value

Compressive strength

Compressive strength - Key value for design

Key value for design

Numerical model of the Solar System

Numerical model of the Solar System - New value for position

New value for position, Perturbation theory

Economic cost

Economic cost - Combination of gains

Combination of gains, Value, Broader, mere accounting costs

Real gross domestic product

Real gross domestic product - Macroeconomic measure of the value

Macroeconomic measure of the value


Depreciation - Method of allocation

Method of allocation, Amount of value, Loss, Provision for depreciation account


Utility - Scientific construct

Scientific construct, Abstract, theoretical concept than a concrete, Aggregate sum of satisfaction, Additional bit of satisfaction, Concave in the positive region, Value consumers, Value consumers, Value, Consumer

Message queue

Message queue - Unique value

Unique value


Autonomy - Concept

Concept, Ability, One value among others, Key concept, Vortex of the complex consideration, United States statute

Shadow price

Shadow price - Value of the Lagrange multiplier

Value of the Lagrange multiplier

Mean arterial pressure

Mean arterial pressure - Important measurements have tremendous, diagnostic value

Important measurements have tremendous, diagnostic value

Par value

Par value - Nominal value of a security

Nominal value of a security

Mode (statistics)

Mode (statistics) - Value


Opportunity cost

Opportunity cost - Value of the best alternative

Value of the best alternative, Fundamental concept in economics, Relevant, exclusive two events


BogoMips - Value


Existence value

Existence value - Unusual, controversial class of economic value

Unusual, controversial class of economic value

Nicholas John Baker

Nicholas John Baker - Prison

Prison, Innocent, Fishy value of the drugs


Checksum - Value

Value, Inverted ones complement sum


GraphicsMagick - Different 16K value

Different 16K value

Intellectual capital

Intellectual capital - Intangible value of a business

Intangible value of a business, Inherent people