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Albizia julibrissin

Albizia julibrissin - Species of tree

Species of tree, Small, deciduous tree

Pandanus tectorius

Pandanus tectorius - Species of Pandanus

Species of Pandanus, Angiosperm, Small tree of significant, social, cultural value, Ovoid, Ellipsoid, Salt, Wind, 14 m, Fire than some tolerant, other, coastal trees, Dioecious, Tolerant, strong salt winds, Male, female, Colonizers of disturbed coastline, Uncommon feature in botanic collections, Important food source for the stick insect Megacrania batesii

Senegalia senegal

Senegalia senegal - Small, thorny, deciduous tree from the genus Senegalia

Small, thorny, deciduous tree from the genus Senegalia, Only variety, Multipurpose tree, Questionable

Alnus glutinosa

Alnus glutinosa - Deciduous tree growing to 25 m

Deciduous tree growing to 25 m, Tree, Monoecious, Valuable wildlife

Acacia sensu lato

Acacia sensu lato - Fever tree

Fever tree, Gum, Arabic tree, Type species for the genus, Pioneer species, Small tree than more twelve feet, Valuable timber

Brazil nut

Brazil nut - Part of the delicate web

Part of the delicate web, Large tree, Fruit of a tree, Source of food, Common ingredient in mixed nuts, Angiosperms, More nut


Tilia - Genus

Genus, Deciduous tree growing to 30 m, Deciduous tree growing to 25 m

Great Black Swamp

Great Black Swamp - Glacial ly fed wetland in Ohio

Glacial ly fed wetland in Ohio, Network of forests, Such tree Swamp the rich trees

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Calaveras Big Trees State Park - State park of California

State park of California, Northeast of Stockton, Largest trees in the world, First Grove of giant sequoias in 1852

Quercus marilandica

Quercus marilandica - Small oak of the red one oak group Quercus sect

Small oak of the red one oak group Quercus sect, Small, deciduous tree


Amborella - Monotypic genus of understory shrubs

Monotypic genus of understory shrub s, Sprawling shrub, Small tree, Only genus in the family Amborellaceae, Great interest, Basal flowering plant s

Bowling Green, Virginia

Bowling Green, Virginia - Incorporated town in Caroline County of beautiful trees

Incorporated town in Caroline County of beautiful trees, Horse racing center of Britain, Site


Viburnum - Evergreen species from China

Evergreen species from China, Deciduous tree growing to 9 m, Deciduous shrub growing to 5 m


Almond - Species of tree

Species of tree, Located Murray River corridor in New South Wales, Preferred rootstock


Mango - Suitable, productive tree

Suitable, productive tree, Mango cultivar, Popular South Asia


Elm - Disease of trees

Disease of trees

Honey locust

Honey locust - Adaptable species

Adaptable species, Aggressive, exotic tree

Pinus brutia

Pinus brutia - Popular, ornamental tree

Popular, ornamental tree

Moon tree

Moon tree - Trees



Pseudopanax - Common, small tree in New Zealand

Common, small tree in New Zealand

Rhamnus (genus)

Rhamnus (genus) - Genus

Genus, Evergreen tree, Native Mediterranean, Evergreen, Dioecious, invasive tree along coastlines

Acer negundo

Acer negundo - Dioecious male

Dioecious male, Female tree, Main variety, Type, Species of maple

Binary tree

Binary tree - Single vertex

Single vertex, Binary, full tree until the lowest level, Binary tree structure


Apricot - Fruit

Fruit, Tree, Species p

Torah in Islam

Torah in Islam - One religion as a tree

One religion as a tree

Fibonacci heap

Fibonacci heap - Collection of trees

Collection of trees

Acer platanoides

Acer platanoides - Species of maple

Species of maple, Deciduous tree


Allocasuarina - Genus of trees

Genus of trees


Pecan - Species of hickory

Species of hickory, Large, deciduous tree


Kumquat - Ornemental, little tree

Ornemental, little tree, Whith, Fruit

Magnolia macrophylla

Magnolia macrophylla - Rare shrub

Rare shrub, Small tree

Platanus orientalis

Platanus orientalis - Beautiful tree

Beautiful tree

Terminalia catappa

Terminalia catappa - Large, tropical tree in the Leadwood tree family

Large, tropical tree in the Leadwood tree family


Teak - Tropical hardwood tree species

Tropical hardwood tree species, Important species of Myanmar, Large, deciduous tree, Durable one timbers in the world, Stable trees, 250,000 m

Apple scab

Apple scab - Disease of Malus trees

Disease of Malus trees


Avocado - Tree

Tree, Official fruit of the state a different time, Primary ingredient in avocado soup, Popular, vegetarian cuisine as a substitute

Ayyavazhi and Hinduism

Ayyavazhi and Hinduism - Tree of many branches

Tree of many branches


Hypergraph - Hypergraph with some edges

Hypergraph with some edges, Regular vice, Collection of trees, Isomorphism from a vertex

Cupressus nootkatensis

Cupressus nootkatensis - Species of trees

Species of trees, Evergreen tree growing up to 40 meters


Buxaceae - Small family of six genera

Small family of six genera, Monoecious evergreen herbs, Small trees

Te Matua Ngahere

Te Matua Ngahere - Giant kauri

Giant kauri, Coniferous tree

Salvadora persica

Salvadora persica - Small tree

Small tree, Shrub, Widespread districts of Tanzania


Breadfruit - Species of Flowering tree

Species of Flowering tree, Staple food in many, tropical regions, Versatile crop, Fruit, Tropical tree, Staple diet of many people, Rich starch, Dependent humans for dispersal, Much, richer wheat flour in lysine


Amber - Macromolecule by free, radical polymerization

Macromolecule by free, radical polymerization, Translucent, yellow, orange, brown fossil resin from evergreen trees, Fluorescent, rarest, Dominican amber is blue amber, Fossilized resin of ancient trees, Poor conductor of heat, Enigmatic object of beauty, Different case, Fascinating detective story, Wonderful, evocative journey, First, commercial one products, First one stones, Few one varieties, Softest one gem types, Same, typical tree, Interdisciplinary, Property of the finder


Jacaranda - Genus of 49 species

Genus of 49 species, Handsome tree of medium height, Common Zambia


Caesalpinioideae - Botanical name at the rank

Botanical name at the rank, Trees

Quercus robur

Quercus robur - Type species of the genus

Type species of the genus, Large, deciduous tree with circumference

Couroupita guianensis

Couroupita guianensis - Tree


Fagus sylvatica

Fagus sylvatica - Large tree

Large tree

The Gourds

The Gourds - American, alternative country band

American, alternative country band, Trees, Transcript, Essence of a young DIY punk rock act, Cup of coffee, Full point

Solanum mauritianum

Solanum mauritianum - Small tree

Small tree, Shrub, Widespread, invasive weed belonging to the nightshade family, S


Bombax - Genus of tropical trees

Genus of tropical trees, Largest tree s

Linnaeus Arboretum

Linnaeus Arboretum - Home

Home, Official twelve gardens, Home than More 1,600 trees


Mangrove - Shrub

Shrub, Small tree, Ongoing experiment in Arkiko, Important part of the cycling

Juglans cinerea

Juglans cinerea - Deciduous tree

Deciduous tree, Butternut decline, Butternut canker

Fuscospora gunnii

Fuscospora gunnii - Small woody tree with a shrubby appearance

Small woody tree with a shrubby appearance, Small tree

Paw Paw, West Virginia

Paw Paw, West Virginia - Town in Morgan County

Town in Morgan County, Native tree with roots


Coconut - Member of the family Arecaceae

Member of the family Arecaceae, National tree of the Maldives, Indispensable ingredient in Indonesian cooking, Source of lauric acid, White meat, Brown part, Favourite fruit of all deities, Main ingredient in Ayurvedic oils, Popular drink in the country, One 35 food crops, Least one variable among vegetable fats, Useful one ten trees in the world, Auspicious symbols are fixtures

Tilia platyphyllos

Tilia platyphyllos - Species of flowering plant

Species of flowering plant, Domed tree with a moderate growth rate

Karaka (tree)

Karaka (tree) - Distinctive tree

Distinctive tree, Leafy canopy tree


Yggdrasil - Immense, mythical tree

Immense, mythical tree, Many one variations of the Cosmic Axis


Mahogany - Important lumber

Important lumber, National tree of the Dominican Republic, Cheap, plentiful, best quality, Wood of choice

Prumnopitys taxifolia

Prumnopitys taxifolia - Endemic New Zealand conifer

Endemic New Zealand conifer, Ous tree, Constituent species of lowland


Ulmaceae - Family of flowering plant

Family of flowering plant, Group of tropical, temperate trees

Pinus balfouriana

Pinus balfouriana - Tree with a tall trunk

Tree with a tall trunk


Zugspitze - Highest mountain of Bavaria

Highest mountain of Bavaria, Trees like the lime

Ptelea trifoliata

Ptelea trifoliata - Small tree

Small tree, Shrub

Ficus benghalensis

Ficus benghalensis - National tree of India

National tree of India

Morinda citrifolia

Morinda citrifolia - Tree in the coffee family

Tree in the coffee family, Evergreen tree, Shrub

Paulownia tomentosa

Paulownia tomentosa - Deciduous tree in the family Paulowniaceae

Deciduous tree in the family Paulowniaceae


Alstonia - Widespread, largest genus of evergreen trees trees

Widespread, largest genus of evergreen trees trees, Only species, Commercial timbers called pule pulai


Taiga - Terrestrial biome with the lowest, annual, average temperatures of the needleleaf forest

Terrestrial biome with the lowest, annual, average temperatures of the needleleaf forest, Trees, Evergreen trees, Russian word for forest, Vast extent, Located top of the world


Ceiba - Genus of trees

Genus of tree s, National tree of Guatemala, Central theme in the book

Robinia pseudoacacia

Robinia pseudoacacia - North, American Genus

North, American Genus, Traces, Deciduous tree, Variable quantity, Native United States


Mandurah - Coastal, closest city in Western Australia

Coastal, closest city in Western Australia, Yalgorup National Park, Stop on Transwa bus services, Home, Peel Thunder Football Club, Private tree lined course, Located Swan Coastal Plain ecoregion, Centre of a water

Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park - High, ecological value

High, ecological value, More size, Significant bryophytes, Few one places in Ireland, Shrub, Small tree


Pterocarpus - Pantropical genus of trees

Pantropical genus of trees

Maclura tricuspidata

Maclura tricuspidata - Tree

Tree, Native East Asia

Azadirachta indica

Azadirachta indica - Tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae

Tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae

Betula alleghaniensis

Betula alleghaniensis - Provincial tree of Quebec

Provincial tree of Quebec

Hevea brasiliensis

Hevea brasiliensis - Tall, deciduous tree growing to a height

Tall, deciduous tree growing to a height, Member of the family Euphorbiaceae


Dilleniaceae - Family of flowering plants

Family of flowering plants, Trees, Shrubs


Cycas - Type genus

Type genus, Only, ancient genus of trees

Lisp (programming language)

Lisp (programming language) - Family of computer programming languages

Family of computer programming language s, Successor, Maclisp, Survivor, Second, oldest programming language in present, widespread use, New, commercial implementation, Expression oriented language, Difficult system, Trees of expressions

Fraxinus americana

Fraxinus americana - White, ash, American, ash species of ash tree

White, ash, American, ash species of ash tree

Binah (Kabbalah)

Binah (Kabbalah) - Second, intellectual Sephira on the Kabbalistic Tree

Second, intellectual Sephira on the Kabbalistic Tree

Sussex County, New Jersey

Sussex County, New Jersey - Northernmost county in the state

Northernmost county in the state, Part of USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, Home, Republican area, 24th, Legislative district, Nursery farms producing ornamental trees

Agathis australis

Agathis australis - Largest tree in the Araucariaceae

Largest tree in the Araucariaceae

Ficus benjamina

Ficus benjamina - Tree



Peach - Deciduous tree

Deciduous tree, Native region, Popular tree fruit with an annual production, Kuahuqiao site, Toxic rose family

Magnolia guatemalensis

Magnolia guatemalensis - Tree

Tree, State tree of Mississippi

Battle of Delville Wood

Battle of Delville Wood - Notable, first use of tanks

Notable, first use of tanks, Thick tangle of trees, Located D20