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Pedicure - Cosmetic treatment of the feet

Cosmetic treatment of the feet


Cryotherapy - Local, general use of low temperatures

Local, general use of low temperatures, Dangerous people, Treatment involving short exposures, Popular sports medicine


Chalazion - Cyst in the eyelid

Cyst in the eyelid, Ambulant treatment, Safe procedure, Complications

Artificial kidney

Artificial kidney - Available research teams

Available research teams, Large one filter, End result of a gradual loss, Treatment, Cure


Diamond - Known, natural material on the Vickers

Known, natural material on the Vickers, Strong atoms of nitrogen, Stable graphite, Specific treatments, Wide array of former commodity

Human nutrition

Human nutrition - Sole cause

Sole cause, Treatment, Chronic problem linked to poverty, Responsible, small prevalence of low, birthweight infants, Essential growth of children

Jack Vance

Jack Vance - Author of dozens

Author of dozens, Writer, Treatment of alien psychology, Third five children, Tahiti at the time, Great writer, Voracious reader, Complete passage naming


Metformin - Preferred, initial, oral, antidiabetic agent for patients

Preferred, initial, oral, antidiabetic agent for patients, Effective treatment for anovulation, Biguanide class, Safe pregnancy

Aortic valve replacement

Aortic valve replacement - Treatment of choice

Treatment of choice, Located, left ventricle

Environmental justice

Environmental justice - Fair treatment

Fair treatment, Meaningful involvement


Epinephrine - Preferred treatment for such conditions

Preferred treatment for such conditions

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer - 16th, common cancer in men

16th, common cancer in men, Common cancer diagnosis in men, Rare treatment

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction - Common complication of treatments

Common complication of treatments


Homeopathy - Plausible system of alternative medicine treatment

Plausible system of alternative medicine treatment, Correct, much physics


Dialysis - Imperfect treatment for kidney failure to replace kidney function

Imperfect treatment for kidney failure to replace kidney function, Procedure, Lifeline for 400,000 Americans, Place, Efficient hemodialysis


Priapism - Condition

Condition, Rare, unpredictable literature, Persistent, penile erection, Emergency, Acute problem, Compartment syndrome requires intracavernous treatment, Uncommon form of priapism, Painful, nonischemic priapism

Diamond clarity

Diamond clarity - Quality of diamonds

Quality of diamonds, Grade after the treatment, One four Cs of diamond grading, Examination, Wide array of former commodity


Acetylcysteine - Effective indication

Effective indication, Identical bioavailability, Available health supplement in the United States, Intravenous antidote for the treatment


Hormone - Member of a class

Member of a class, Treatment


Bonjela - Brand of oral treatments

Brand of oral treatments


Doxycycline - Preferred tetracycline for empiric treatment

Preferred tetracycline for empiric treatment, Available, generic Medicine, Stable tetracycline for this purpose

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation - Mainstay of intensive treatment

Mainstay of intensive treatment


Cyclobenzaprine - Muscle relaxant

Muscle relaxant, Weak inhibitor of presynaptic norepinephrine, Effective treatment for depression, White, crystalline, tricyclic amine salt


Cholecystectomy - Surgical removal of the gallbladder

Surgical removal of the gallbladder, Recommended treatment, First time


Albendazole - Benzimidazole with the broadest spectrum

Benzimidazole with the broadest spectrum, Effective treatment for Flatworms Fasciolosis Cestodes, Pregnancy class D drug in Australia


Incineration - Waste treatment process

Waste treatment process, Key process in the treatment

Diamond interchange

Diamond interchange - Common type of road junction

Common type of road junction, Treatment, Effective areas

Intussusception (medical disorder)

Intussusception (medical disorder) - Medical condition

Medical condition, Common, abdominal emergency in children requiring rapid treatment, Process, Rare, postoperative complication


Ageratina - Genus

Genus, Traditional, Mexican treatment for superficial, fungal infections

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - American musician

American musician, Singer, Honorary chairman of the Advisory Board, Advocate for better treatment, Honorary trustee of the Dayton International Peace Museum, Active number of issues


Endarterectomy - Surgical procedure to remove the atheromatous plaque material

Surgical procedure to remove the atheromatous plaque material, Standard procedure for treatment During 1950s 1960s

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening - Restoration of natural tooth shade

Restoration of natural tooth shade, Effective way, Short treatment, Affordable procedure, Common one treatments


Nicotinamide - Vitamin B family of medications

Vitamin B family of medications, Present, small quantities in yeast, Available, generic medication over the counter, Preferred treatment for niacin deficiency


Sochi - Large, Christian city

Large, Christian city, Home for the football team FC Zhemchuzhina, Old town, Home to following the high, educational institutions, Famous health resort provides treatment, North of Western Asia, Moscow


Buspirone - Member of the azapirone chemical class

Member of the azapirone chemical class, Azaspirodecanedione anxiolytic, Effective drug in the treatment

Urinary retention

Urinary retention - Inability to empty the bladder

Inability to empty the bladder, Medical emergency requires prompt treatment, Disorder, Ability, Uncomfortable, painful

Gua sha

Gua sha - Chinese, medial treatment

Chinese, medial treatment


Placebo - Substance

Substance, Treatment, Use

External fixation

External fixation - Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy - Traditional, Chinese medicine practice

Traditional, Chinese medicine practice, Method of treatment


Plasmapheresis - Removal

Removal, Treatment, Procedure

United Poultry Concerns

United Poultry Concerns - Nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate, respectful treatment

Nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate, respectful treatment


Hyponatremia - Low sodium level in the blood

Low sodium level in the blood, Result of congestive heart failure an increase, Common electrolyte disorder with a marked increase, Symptomatic, asymptomatic treatment


Dexamethasone - Type of corticosteroid medication

Type of corticosteroid medication, Treatment for the rare disorder, Expensive


Poultice - Common treatment

Common treatment

Diamond enhancement

Diamond enhancement - Specific treatments

Specific treatments, Deepdene

Hyperbaric medicine

Hyperbaric medicine - Medical treatment

Medical treatment

Artificial tears

Artificial tears - Lubricant eye drops

Lubricant eye drops, First line of treatment, Eye drops


Cisplatin - Chemotherapy medication

Chemotherapy medication, Cornerstone of treatment

Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet - Chronic, benign, useful therapy for patients

Chronic, benign, useful therapy for patients, Established, effective, nonpharmacologic, nonpharmacologic treatment for intractable childhood epilepsy of choice, Investigation for the treatment, Effective, small number of patients, Ketogenic, High, fat content in low carbohydrate


Desonide - Prescription

Prescription, Topical treatment

Guaifenesin protocol

Guaifenesin protocol - Unapproved treatment for fibromyalgia

Unapproved treatment for fibromyalgia


Virotherapy - Treatment using biotechnology

Treatment using biotechnology

Corpus callosotomy

Corpus callosotomy - Palliative, surgical procedure for the treatment

Palliative, surgical procedure for the treatment, Largest, white matter tract connecting the hemispheres

Abdominal thrusts

Abdominal thrusts - First aid procedure

First aid procedure, Only, recommended treatment from 1985 2005

Rubber band ligation

Rubber band ligation - Outpatient treatment for internal hemorrhoids

Outpatient treatment for internal hemorrhoids, Popular procedure for the treatment


Isotretinoin - Teratogen to cause likely birth defects

Teratogen to cause likely birth defects, Only, available acne drug, Derivative of vitamin a, Effective treatment for patients, Dangerous prescription medicine, Synthetic, oral retinoid

Aversion therapy

Aversion therapy - Form of psychological treatment

Form of psychological treatment


Cystectomy - Medical term for surgical removal

Medical term for surgical removal, Standard treatment for localised MIBC


Prolotherapy - Nonsurgical technique

Nonsurgical technique, Complementary treatment for muscle, Patients, Form of pain management

Gastric lavage

Gastric lavage - Initial treatment for duodenal atresia

Initial treatment for duodenal atresia

Adenosine monophosphate deaminase deficiency type 1

Adenosine monophosphate deaminase deficiency type 1 - First line

First line, Pharmacological treatment, Powerful vasodilator of the splanchnic circulation, New drug, Enzyme

Labor induction

Labor induction - Process

Process, Treatment, Process, Postdate pregnancy

Algology (medicine)

Algology (medicine) - Medical treatment of pain

Medical treatment of pain


Ethosuximide - Drug in the effective treatment

Drug in the effective treatment, Succinimide family of medications, Available, generic medication


Somnolence - State of strong desire

State of strong desire, Symptom so the treatment, Several one sickness behavior s, Common SSRI s

Film treatment

Film treatment - Piece of prose

Piece of prose, Appropriate treatment, Brief, narrative pitch of a screenplay, Beginning,

Dialectical behavior therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy - Cognitive, behavioral treatment

Cognitive, behavioral treatment

Antisense therapy

Antisense therapy - Form of treatment

Form of treatment

Conventional insulinotherapy

Conventional insulinotherapy - Therapeutic regimen for treatment

Therapeutic regimen for treatment

Stayman convention

Stayman convention - Bidding convention in the card game contract bridge

Bidding convention in the card game contract bridge, Acronym for E, Treatment, Conventional variation of the Stayman

Drug rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation - Processes of medical, psychotherapeutic treatment

Processes of medical, psychotherapeutic treatment, Part of the criminal justice system


Oppression - Prolonged, unjust treatment

Prolonged, unjust treatment, Control, Universal majority class in American society


Photomagneton - Theoretical treatment of the unitary group

Theoretical treatment of the unitary group


Sitaxentan - Medication for the Treatment

Medication for the Treatment