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Prague Metro

Prague Metro - New idea of underground transport

New idea of underground transport, Backbone of the entire, public transit system, Large, several entrances, Safe


Yanji - Busy hub of transport

Busy hub of transport, Part of the Yanbian, Korean, Autonomous prefecture, Young, desolate city, Home, Yanbian University, 50 miles

Sturt Highway

Sturt Highway - Australian, national highway in New South Wales

Australian, national highway in New South Wales, Important road link for the transport, Shortest, highest, standard route between Sydney

List of ships of the United States Army

List of ships of the United States Army - Long term allocations

Long term allocations, Army, Only ones having connections, Integral part of the defenses, Small transport on the East Coast, Signal Corps ship, Mine Planter Service, Michigan ownership, Military, Beautiful, fine wood paneling curving in line, Grover, Striking, List of incomplete ships, Unified, logistic organization, Service by the end

Ford Model N

Ford Model N - Higher, trim level of the Model N

Higher, trim level of the Model N, 1907 Model year offering, Failure, Roadster version, Real, basic transport without much luxuries

Papakura District

Papakura District - Final stop for most, southbound, public transport

Final stop for most, southbound, public transport

AASI Jetcruzer

AASI Jetcruzer - American, single turboprop light

American, single turboprop light, Civil transport

Cargo airline

Cargo airline - Airlines dedicated to the transport

Airline s dedicated to the transport, Divisions, Subsidiaries

Biological dispersal

Biological dispersal - Movement

Movement, Transport

Transport in Macau

Transport in Macau - Primary mode of transport

Primary mode of transport

London Buses route 11

London Buses route 11 - 11 transport for London

11 transport for London, Service on route

Manfred Stolpe

Manfred Stolpe - Federal Minister of Transport

Federal Minister of Transport

SS General von Steuben

SS General von Steuben - German passenger liner

German passenger liner, Armed transport, Fleet of ships

De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou

De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou - Military, tactical transport

Military, tactical transport, Similar concept

Red River cart

Red River cart - Main artery of transport

Main artery of transport


Bexleyheath - Town in south, east London

Town in south, east London, Important hub for transport


Tripura - Agrarian state in Northeast India

Agrarian state in Northeast India, Government agency overlooking public transport, First one television channels in Agartala


Kristiansand - Gateway from the continent

Gateway from the continent, Summer attracting many visitors, Home, Many, other festivals, Third, Vietnamese, populated city in Norway, Important transport, Communications node, Zoo, Free newspaper, Largest church in Kristiansand, Located Skagerrak until the opening, Centre for intellectuals

Trams in Melbourne

Trams in Melbourne - Major, second, used form of public transport

Major, second, used form of public transport, 33 metres in the 2, Only, Australian city with a major tram network by 1970s

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari - President of Nigeria

President of Nigeria, Acting Director of Transport from 1974 1975, Stern, serious, resolute Babangida


Vendsyssel - Northernmost, traditional district of Denmark

Northernmost, traditional district of Denmark, Part of the North Denmark Region, Important gatehead for transport

London Buses

London Buses - Subsidiary of transport

Subsidiary of transport, Trading name

Eric Pickles

Eric Pickles - British Conservative Party politician

British Conservative Party politician, Figure, Shadow Minister for Transport, Responsible Localism Act, Group, Crossroads

USS Susquehanna (ID-3016)

USS Susquehanna (ID-3016) - Transport for the United States Navy

Transport for the United States Navy


Bicycle - Inexpensive, healthy, friendly mode of transport

Inexpensive, healthy, friendly mode of transport, Efficient, biological, mechanical terms, Useful scenarios

Martha Washington

Martha Washington - Wife of George Washington

Wife of George Washington, Only Virginian, Transport for the United States Navy, Honorable man, Daughter of John Dandridge, Name of a fox, Only woman

Share taxi

Share taxi - Mode of transport

Mode of transport, Common form of transportation

History of the Mediterranean region

History of the Mediterranean region - Central superhighway of transport

Central superhighway of transport, Transition from the Late Bronze Age, Unsuccessful goal, Source of extreme wealth

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport - 12th, busiest, worldwide, total number of passengers

12th, busiest, worldwide, total number of passengers, Located Frankfurt City Forest, Central distribution point for the transport in 1938

Soil erosion

Soil erosion - Displacement of the upper layer

Displacement of the upper layer, Result of melting, Transport, Severe, arid areas during times


Erosion - Result of melting

Result of melting, Transport, Loss of matter, Detachment of material, Severe, arid areas during times

Cycling in Melbourne

Cycling in Melbourne - Exciting, new option for transport

Exciting, new option for transport, Sport, Oldest one cycling clubs in Australia

Subsurface scattering

Subsurface scattering - Mechanism of light transport

Mechanism of light transport, Important 3d computer graphics, Uniform


Rennes - City

City, 2nd concentration of digital ITC firms, Important railway station for regional transport, First, French one cities, Length

Taksim Square

Taksim Square - Point

Point, Favourite location for public events, Small, green park in the midst, Important hub for public transport

Burgas Airport

Burgas Airport - Important business

Important business, Commercial transport

Penang Hill

Penang Hill - Hill resort comprising a group

Hill resort comprising a group, Hilly, granitic mass, 735 m above sea level, Important type site of many, Malaysian plant species, Oldest one colonial hill station, Higher, northern part, Second mode of transport


MPLS VPN - Family of methods

Family of methods, Flexible method, Transport


Vermaport - Luggage return system

Luggage return system, Transport, Safer alternatives to moving inclined walkway s


SOAP - Protocol specification

Protocol specification, Transport, Simple Object Access protocol, Industry standard, Big, bloated brother of technologies, Attempt to turn these Web servers, Official standard, Simple, lightweight, lightweight protocol with Wide industry support for exchange, Communications protocol, Intermediary application, Node, Implementation of the SOAP submission, Brainchild of many organizations, Set of rules, Top element of the XML document, XML document, Extension of the SOAP, Microsoft initiative, IBM, Simple, Abstract sense, Ideal, good place for such data to put optional information, XML expanded names


Cabotage - Transport of goods

Transport of goods, Right of a company

Neutron transport

Neutron transport - Study of the motions

Study of the motions, Type of radiative transport

Passenger airline

Passenger airline - Airline dedicated to the transport

Airline dedicated to the transport