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Monywa - Major centre for trade

Major centre for trade

Port Said Governorate

Port Said Governorate - Major transit point for trade

Major transit point for trade

Frédéric Bastiat

Frédéric Bastiat - Author of many works

Author of many works, Strong supporter of free trade, Redistribution


Chittagong - Major, coastal seaport city

Major, coastal seaport city, Financial centre, Important, military port on the Bay, Home, Several, important Hindu temples, Bangladesh Premier League franchise, Important, economic hub in South Asia, Principal base of the Bangladesh Navy, Only government, Medical college, Hub for maritime trade, Major center of trade, Melting pot of races

Atlantic slave trade

Atlantic slave trade - Only slave trade from Africa

Only slave trade from Africa, Means for some African elites, Trade of enslaved Africans, Means, Roman Italy, Athens, Interest, East coast of Africa


Gwalior - Winter capital of the state

Winter capital of the state, Terminus for the longest, narrow gauge route operating, Acknowledged place of art, Confluence of rich two cultures Bundeli, Important, historical Tourism sector of the country, Part of NCR, Third, largest city of Madhya Pradesh, Part of the North Central Railways, Five railway track intersection point, Oldest, Khyal gharana, Annual trade showcasing the fair economy, Major one sites of rebellion, Few one Places, Major, commercial one railway stations of the North Central Railway, Main train line between Delhi, Lively, beautiful, zoological one parks of Madhya Pradesh

John N. Heiskell

John N. Heiskell - Publisher by trade

Publisher by trade, Grandson of prominent two Tennessee politicians


Paithan - Famous Digambar Jain atishay kshetra

Famous Digambar Jain atishay kshetra, Digambar Jain Atishay kshetra, Important emporium of trade

Herb Williams

Herb Williams - Retired, American basketball player in the National Basketball Association

Retired, American basketball player in the National Basketball Association, School leader in career field goals, Part of separate two trades

Alana Evans

Alana Evans - American, pornographic actress

American, pornographic actress, Stunning award winning porn star, Jack of all trades

Commodity market

Commodity market - Market that trades

Market that trades, Fund, Popular, expert traders

James J. Hill

James J. Hill - Member of the Jekyll Island Club

Member of the Jekyll Island Club, Supporter of free trade, Empire Builder, Selfish man, Executive at the Great Northern Railway, National Historic Register of Historic buildings

Balanced trade

Balanced trade - Alternative, economic model

Alternative, economic model, Free trade, Only way to achieve efficient production, Less one third of GDP, Balance

Hugh Shearer

Hugh Shearer - Jamaica n politician

Jamaica n politician, Trade, Journalist at the time

Unalakleet River

Unalakleet River - Major avenue of trade

Major avenue of trade

Moon pie

Moon pie - Four inches in diameter

Four inches in diameter, Trade, Marked name

Cyrille Adoula

Cyrille Adoula - Congolese trade

Congolese trade, Unionist politician

Simon Crean

Simon Crean - Australian politician

Australian politician, Trade, First person


Kalpi - Town

Town, Municipal board, Birthplace of Ved Vyas ji, Centre of local trade, Part of Bundelkhand Agency

John Burns

John Burns - English trade

English trade, Unionist politician, Monstrosity, Enormous, personal vanity feeding, Responsible, important one piece of legislation


Dindigul - Located Southwest of the state capital

Located Southwest of the state capital, First region, Center for wholesale trading, Part of the Dindigul Lok Sabha constituency, District head quarter of Dindigul District, Common, popular dish, Dindigul, Important center of trade, Rule of Pallavas, Safe hands of VijayaNagara, Famous, seventh century, Located foothills of Sirumalai hills, Located rail head from Chennai, Historical one cities in Tamilnadu


Cagliari - Italian Municipality

Italian Municipality, Capital, 26th, largest city in Italy, Main trade, Industrial centre, Home, Amazon warehouse, Main, operational headquarters of the Banco di Sardegna, Football team Cagliari Calcio, Ideal location for water sports, Criminal, civil, administrative accounting courts, University, Seat of the Pontifical Faculty, Hub of the administration offices, Capital of the kingdom, Birthplace, Residence, Rich monuments


Zagreb - City with a rich history

City with a rich history, Seat of the Central government, Important transport hub in Croatia, International trade, Business centre, Home of the INmusic festival, Important tourist centre in terms, Main, Croatian, international airport, Drive southeast, Largest city in Croatia

Grey market

Grey market - Trade of a commodity

Trade of a commodity, Products, New, grey market goods

Trade union

Trade union - 14

14, General Union of trades, Socialist General Federation of Belgian labour

Citrus production

Citrus production - Highest value fruit crop in terms

Highest value fruit crop in terms, First fruit crop in international trade, Major concern, Evergreen trees, Difficult Malaysia


Braunschweig - City

City, Important center of trade, Political, cultural centre, One centres of the industrialization, German twenty cities


Katowice - City in southwestern Poland

City in southwestern Poland, Center of science, Seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Katowice, Large business, Trade, Cultural centre of the entire, Silesian agglomeration, Katowice Highlands, Few one cities in Poland, Main one railway nodes


Swindon - Small market town for barter trade

Small market town for barter trade, Diverse one towns in South West England, One locations for an innovative scheme, Line from London Paddington, Unitary authority of independent Wiltshire Council, Thamesdown, Stagecoach, Speedway team

William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield

William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield - Supporter of free trade

Supporter of free trade


Dalian - Major center for oil refineries

Major center for oil refineries, Popular destination among domestic tourists, Only city in China, Second, largest city, Important port for international trade, Branch of Shandong cuisine, Many one cities in China, Second, oldest China, Downtown Dalian, Beijing Street

John Whitmer

John Whitmer - Early Leader in the Latter Day Saint movement

Early Leader in the Latter Day Saint movement, First official Church Historian, Member, Part in 1847, Shoemaker by trade, Earliest one members

Arthur MacManus

Arthur MacManus - Scottish trade

Scottish trade, Unionist, Communist politician, One Twelve CPGB officials


Carpentry - Skilled trade

Skilled trade, Carpentry


Amherstburg - Town near the mouth

Town near the mouth, City of trade, Home to following the competitive sports teams, Home, Several tourist attractions

Shaki, Azerbaijan

Shaki, Azerbaijan - Open country for trade

Open country for trade


Leather - Durable, flexible material

Durable, flexible material, Split leather with a layer, Name, White color, Important, international trade for good centuries

David Peterson

David Peterson - 20th Premier of the province

20th Premier of the province, Vocal opponent of free trade, Director of Cabletel Communications Corp YBM Magnex International Inc, Chancellor Emeritus of the University, Member of the Strategic Advisory Board

Snake charming

Snake charming - Charming practice

Charming practice, Charming art, Profession, Likely, traditional, traditional healers by trade, Common sight for visitors


Measurement - Assignment of a number

Assignment of a number, Cornerstone of trade

Greater St. Louis

Greater St. Louis - Metropolitan area

Metropolitan area, Largest metro area in Missouri, Home than more 30 colleges, Boeing Phantom Works, Populated, industrial county in the metropolitan area, Home, Nine Fortune, Trade, Transportation, One race, 38, Independent city of St, Larger 1,000 acres while one park

George Fernandes

George Fernandes - Former, Indian trade

Former, Indian trade, Unionist politician, Sceptical nature of elections


Posad - Center of trade

Center of trade

Oxford Canal

Oxford Canal - Narrow canal in central England

Narrow canal in central England, Delight, Important artery of trade, Financial trouble at this point


Bohicon - Crossroads of international trade

Crossroads of international trade, Important communications in Benin

Karimganj district

Karimganj district - Several one districts in Assam

Several one districts in Assam, One 33 districts of Assam state, Important centre of trade, Railway junction, Broad gauge lines, Important river port has seasonal cargo

Kashin (town)

Kashin (town) - Little town with a long history

Little town with a long history, Tranquil trade, Craft town

Edward Dyson

Edward Dyson - Australian journalist

Australian journalist, Poet, Trade as a vocation

Jeff Bagwell

Jeff Bagwell - Part of the trade

Part of the trade, First, recipient Astros

Foreign relations of imperial China

Foreign relations of imperial China - Center of trade

Center of trade

William I of the Netherlands

William I of the Netherlands - Centre of trade

Centre of trade


Butcher - Person

Person, Trade, Profession with great prospects

Hamish Macleod

Hamish Macleod - Financial Secretary of Hong Kong

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Secretary for Trade

Cape Dezhnev

Cape Dezhnev - Center for trade

Center for trade

International trade

International trade - Exchange of capital

Exchange of capital, Branch of economics, General word, Brisk trade, Principle from different, domestic trade, Available, aggregated level

Inca road system

Inca road system - Result of the Incas

Result of the Incas, Basis for trade, Camino Real

Peter Whitmer Jr.

Peter Whitmer Jr. - Official one six members of the Church

Official one six members of the Church, Shoemaker by trade

Harry Pollitt

Harry Pollitt - British politician

British politician, Boilermaker by trade, Stormy speaker, One 12 members of the Communist Party, One six children


Dhow - Generic name of a number

Generic name of a number, Ancient trade, Different ships

Jacob Whitmer

Jacob Whitmer - Shoemaker by trade

Shoemaker by trade

Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy - French, political Consultant

French, political Consultant, Businessman, Honorary graduate of the University, Chief of staff from 1985 1994, Commissioner for Trade between 1999 2004

Dariusz Rosati

Dariusz Rosati - Polish professor of economics

Polish professor of economics, Graduate of international trade

Middle Passage

Middle Passage - Stage of the triangular trade

Stage of the triangular trade

Willie Jones (baseball)

Willie Jones (baseball) - Top fielding

Top fielding, Third baseman, Part of successive trades in 1959


Byzantium - Independent city

Independent city, Important center for trade, Latinisation of the original name

Christian Whitmer

Christian Whitmer - Eldest son of Peter Whitmer

Eldest son of Peter Whitmer, Shoemaker by trade


Iriga - Center of trade

Center of trade, Regional base of operations, Construction in located front

Balance of trade

Balance of trade - Positive, net balance of trade

Positive, net balance of trade

David Eccles (businessman)

David Eccles (businessman) - Hard worker

Hard worker, Second son, Prominent businessman, Wood turner by trade, Son of this marriage, Downtown Ogden, Important, industrial one giants in Utah


Convertibility - Quality

Quality, Important factor in international trade, Major feature of a hard currency, Important, international commerce

Baabul (2006 film)

Baabul (2006 film) - 2006 Bollywood drama film

2006 Bollywood drama film, Important film for the trade

Antoine Wright (basketball)

Antoine Wright (basketball) - American, professional basketball player

American, professional basketball player, Part of a trade

Mary Eileen Ahern

Mary Eileen Ahern - Librarian

Librarian, Leader, Crusader for the value, Husband of the late Mrs, Leather worker by trade, Member of Fond du Lac the Cork County Council Brotherhood Railway Trainmen St attended the mass, Cambridge Park Commissioner, Resident of Liberty township, President of the Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company, Native of the parish, Single

Mick Rix

Mick Rix - British trade

British trade, Unionist politician, Former General Secretary of ASLEF, National Officer with the GMB Union, Active Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Frank Howard (politician)

Frank Howard (politician) - Canadian trade

Canadian trade, Unionist politician

Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan

Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan - Charter township of St

Charter township of St, Major center of trade

Maurice Xiberras

Maurice Xiberras - Gibraltarian teacher

Gibraltarian teacher, Trade, Academic degree in history

Macgregor Laird

Macgregor Laird - Scottish merchant pioneer of British trade

Scottish merchant pioneer of British trade

Gerard de Malynes

Gerard de Malynes - Independent merchant in foreign trade

Independent merchant in foreign trade

Radical Women

Radical Women - Trailblazers in the nontraditional trades

Trailblazers in the nontraditional trades, Prominent, feminist organization in Seattle

Harry J. Anslinger

Harry J. Anslinger - United States Government official

United States Government official, Barber by trade, Musical anarchy, Evidence

Alfred Dobbs

Alfred Dobbs - British Labour Party politician

British Labour Party politician, Trade, Leader of Labour Group


Basoche - Pejorative term for the legal trade

Pejorative term for the legal trade

Robert Applegarth

Robert Applegarth - Prominent, British trade

Prominent, British trade, Unionist proponent

Monty Mole

Monty Mole - Fictional Mole

Fictional Mole, Miner by trade, Innocent

Jerry Hunt

Jerry Hunt - American composer

American composer, Founder of IRIDA Records, Part of a program, Pianist by trade, Interested idea of sound, Interested, black magic


Arbitrage - Precondition for a general, economic equilibrium

Precondition for a general, economic equilibrium, Act, Practice, Term, Common, Synthetic, leveraged trades

General Agreement on Trade in Services

General Agreement on Trade in Services - Fastestgrowing sector in international trade

Fastestgrowing sector in international trade, Exempt GATS

George Padmore

George Padmore - Chair

Chair, Barbadian trade

Bandar Lengeh

Bandar Lengeh - Harbor city in capital

Harbor city in capital, Center for trade

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution - Process

Process, Important requirement in international trade, Adversarial nature for example


Meletus - Poet by trade

Poet by trade, Ancient, Athenian, Greek Pithus deme