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Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus - Fort on located Mombasa Island

Fort on located Mombasa Island, Popular destination for foreign, local tourists, Only fort

Foreign relations of Madagascar

Foreign relations of Madagascar - Member of the Southern African Development Community

Member of the Southern African Development Community, Destination country for Chinese tourists


Giethoorn - Separate municipality

Separate municipality, Popular attraction among Chinese tourists

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast - Popular tourist destination for the region

Popular tourist destination for the region, Popular destination among tourists, Area of great, physical beauty

Great Budworth

Great Budworth - Civil parish

Civil parish, Village, Fascinating place for the tourist, Part of the Arley Hall estate Until 1948


Xintiandi - Location of the site

Location of the site, Magnet for foreign tourists

Baramulla district

Baramulla district - Largest producer of Horticulture products

Largest producer of Horticulture products, Largest district in the entire valley, Paradise for tourists, Administrative headquarters of the district, Largest producer of Horticulture products, Last station on the 119 km, Largest town in the district, One 22 district s in the India N State, One 22 districts in the Indian State, Located banks of Jhelum river

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare - Town

Town, Comune, Small town overrun by tourists, Located center of a small, natural Gulf

Quetzaltenango Department

Quetzaltenango Department - Department in the western highlands

Department in the western highlands, Main tourist hub for the department, Centre for tourists

Lasqueti Island

Lasqueti Island - Tourist

Tourist, Friendly tourist hostile, Site of a heritage farm

Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley - Administrative one three divisions of the Indian state

Administrative one three divisions of the Indian state, Control of India, Popular tourist destination for domestic, foreign tourists

Clay County, Florida

Clay County, Florida - County in the located U

County in the located U, Popular choice of residence, Popular destination for tourists, Republican one counties in the state

Erie Canal

Erie Canal - Albany on the Hudson

Albany on the Hudson, Many opportunity, Immediate success, Destination for tourists


Tartus - City on the Mediterranean coast

City on the Mediterranean coast, Popular destination for tourists


Gafsa - Capital of the southwest

Capital of the southwest, Main city, Modern town without busy, friendly, many tourists

Mexico City

Mexico City - Home

Home, Largest population, Destination for many, foreign tourists, First, Latin, American city to host the Olympic Games, Largest, metropolitan area in Mexico, Important, financial one centers in the Americas, Important, economic one hubs in Latin America, Located Valley of Mexico

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - Popular destination for tourists

Popular destination for tourists, Located Coral Sea off the coast, 65 km off the Queensland coast, Common shape of Reef

Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass - High mountain

High mountain, Attraction for tourists, Notable inspiration of a C, Steep side


Vinnytsia - Tourist

Tourist, Scientific, industrial center

Crescent Street

Crescent Street - Southbound street in located downtown Montreal

Southbound street in located downtown Montreal, Popular attraction for both tourists


Beirut - Capital

Capital, Largest city of complexities, Focal point of the economy, Destination for tourists, Home for a dynamic street art scene, Lebanese American University, Main center for the television, Capital of Lebanon, Host city for the 6th, annual Games, Cosmopolitan, diverse one cities of Lebanon, One six mohafazat, Home over 200 stores


Karachi - Capital of the Pakistan

Capital of the Pakistan, Home over 2 million Bangladeshi immigrants to estimated an Rohingya 400,000 residents, Wide array, Centre of research, Place, First project of EPZA, Diverse city in Pakistan, Tourist destination for domestic, international tourists

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta - Thriving, Mexican village

Thriving, Mexican village, Popular vacation spot for domestic tourists

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal - Rift lake in Russia

Rift lake in Russia, Popular destination among tourists, Home, Thousands

Astor, Florida

Astor, Florida - Located Orlando Florida between Silver Springs

Located Orlando Florida between Silver Springs, Home, Many tourists

Llangollen Railway

Llangollen Railway - Gifted, significant amounts of track

Gifted, significant amounts of track, Popular place for tourists, Located Area of outstanding, Natural Beauty


Tiko - Popular destination for tourists

Popular destination for tourists, Part of Cameroon, First club west of the Mongo, Renowned one markets in West Africa


Kuching - Third capital of Sarawak

Third capital of Sarawak, Site of the Brooke Government Centenary Celebration in 1941, Major food destination for tourists, Wettest, populated area in Malaysia, Home, First planetarium, Main gateway for air passengers, Gunung Gading National Park, Kubah National Park, Vital images of a wheelbarrow, Main, industrial, commercial one centre for Sarawak, Located city, Located Puncak Borneo Street

Victor Steinbrueck Park

Victor Steinbrueck Park - 0

0, Site of the Washington State National Guard Armory, Popular gathering place for tourists, Important setting in the Terry Brooks novel

Ponta Verde

Ponta Verde - Vibrant tourist

Vibrant tourist, Coastal area, Localised South Zone

Tannum Sands, Queensland

Tannum Sands, Queensland - Coastal town

Coastal town, Locality, Tourist, Residential town


Hardangervidda - Mountain plateau in central, southern Norway

Mountain plateau in central, southern Norway, Popular tourist, Leisure destination


Hotton - Walloon municipality of Belgium

Walloon municipality of Belgium, Popular place with tourists, Part of the medieval county

Gaza City

Gaza City - Center of confrontation

Center of confrontation, Southwest of Jerusalem, Home, Small, Palestinian, Christian minority, Frequent destination for tourists, Located, Rimal district

Tawang district

Tawang district - Smallest, administrative 16 districts of Arunachal Pradesh

Smallest, administrative 16 districts of Arunachal Pradesh, Part of Tibet, Key Buddhist pilgrimage site, Top draw for tourists


Suomenlinna - UNESCO World Heritage site with popular tourists

UNESCO World Heritage site with popular tourists, Sea fortress

Sri Aman

Sri Aman - Market town

Market town, Port, Gateway for tourists, Famous benak


Ventimiglia - City

City, Comune, Ancient Albium Intemelium, Capital, Popular summer destination for tourists, Via Aurelia Provincial Road


Breyten - Small farming town in Mpumalanga

Small farming town in Mpumalanga, Stopover for tourists


Claddagh - Popular spot for tourists

Popular spot for tourists, Famous Claddagh ring


Dalian - Major center for oil refineries

Major center for oil refineries, Popular destination among domestic tourists, Only city in China, Second, largest city, Important port for international trade, Branch of Shandong cuisine, Many one cities in China, Second, oldest China, Downtown Dalian, Beijing Street

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle - Scheduled Ancient Monument is a tourist attraction

Scheduled Ancient Monument is a tourist attraction, Popular place for tourists

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay - Estuary

Estuary, Home, Diverse flora, Main feature for tourists, Largest estuary in the United States, Drowned, ancestral valley of the Susquehanna River, Shipping artery for Norfolk, Shallow


Assisi - Town in central Italy

Town in central Italy, Comune, Tourist, Religious center, Home of several saint s

Le Portel

Le Portel - Tourist

Tourist, Fishing, Hamlet, east town of Outreau, Ship Belle Poule


Bloomsbury - Area of the London Borough

Area of the London Borough, Foundling Museum, Brunswick Square, Site of the disused, British Museum tube station, Home, Senate House, Major, residential tourist, Academic, commercial location, Major tourist destination, Parliamentary constituency of Holborn

Rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosa - Species

Species, Coastal species on dunes, Nuisance, Tourists, Physical, whole plant removal, Available roses, Gentianella amarella subsp, Sale on a number, Tolerant frost, Naturalized, many parts of Europe


Arpoador - Region on the located, southern zone

Region on the located, southern zone, Popular place for tourists


Jhansi - Administrative headquarters of Jhansi district

Administrative headquarters of Jhansi district, Important destination for tourists, Historic city of northern India, Major railway Junction of Indian Railways, Capital of the Princely state from 1817 1854, Located Uttar

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival - Chance for tourists

Chance for tourists

Albert Einstein Memorial

Albert Einstein Memorial - Monumental bronze statue depicting Albert Einstein

Monumental bronze statue depicting Albert Einstein, Popular spot for tourists, Present Georgia Tech

Rio Grande Valley

Rio Grande Valley - Complex, economic, perceptual region

Complex, economic, perceptual region, Popular waypoint for tourists

Los Glaciares National Park

Los Glaciares National Park - Area of exceptional, natural beauty

Area of exceptional, natural beauty, Major attraction for international tourists, Located Southwest of Santa Cruz Province


Kinsale - Historic port

Historic port, Fishing town, Popular holiday resort for Irish, overseas tourists, First Transition town in Ireland

Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar - Minaret

Minaret, World Heritage site, Favourite destination of tourists, Great masterpiece of Mughal architecture


Salzburg - Part of the temperate zone

Part of the temperate zone, Setting for the Austrian crime series Stockinger, Baroque city, People, Tourist with the favourite number, Banks of the Salzach River, East Munich of Ljubljana

Haveri district

Haveri district - District in the state

District in the state, 335 km from Bangalore, Administrative, political headquarters of the district, Treasure for every tourist, Centre of Karnataka

A590 road

A590 road - Mixture of dual carriageway

Mixture of dual carriageway, Main route for tourists, D2 at J36

Craig Pass

Craig Pass - Mountain pass on the located Continental

Mountain pass on the located Continental, First tourist to cross the pass


Galilee - Common term referring to the western part

Common term referring to the western part, Home, Large Arab population, Popular destination for domestic, foreign tourists, Home of Jesus

Gili Islands

Gili Islands - Popular destination for tourists

Popular destination for tourists, Quick boat ride, Second, smallest islands

Low Tatras

Low Tatras - Popular destination for Czech tourists

Popular destination for Czech tourists


Weesp - Popular stop for tourists

Popular stop for tourists, Niet krachtig genoeg om taken alleen te doen


Tooraweenah - Small village off the Newell Highway

Small village off the Newell Highway, Last stop for tourists


Shoobie - Term

Term, Name Long Beach Island residents attach to tourists

Peter Falconio

Peter Falconio - British tourist from Hepworth

British tourist from Hepworth, 28 years at the old time

The Drayton Court

The Drayton Court - Boutique hotel of the oldest one pubs

Boutique hotel of the oldest one pub s, Popular place for tourists, Ornamental gardens, Tennis courts

Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole of the Bailey - Such creation

Such creation, Comprehensive sewer experience for tourists, Acclaimed Thames commissioned a second Season, New adaptation of a classic Rumpole story, Street in a Little, modernist building

Spring River (Arkansas)

Spring River (Arkansas) - LONG river

LONG river, Proper, popular destination for tourists, Outlet of an underground river