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Quirinal Hill

Quirinal Hill - Today

Today, Highest, original 7 hills of Rome, Interesting point of view

Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi - Italian, Baroque painter

Italian, Baroque painter, Today, Important woman painter of early Modern Europe, One women

Alabama Theatre

Alabama Theatre - Movie palace in Birmingham

Movie palace in Birmingham, Only district theater operating today, Amazing piece of history, Crown jewel of the Birmingham Theatre district, Part of the Paramount Theatre Chain, Located heart of downtown Birmingham Alabama


Dalmatia - Narrow belt of the East shore

Narrow belt of the East shore, Today, Historical region, Historical one four regions of Croatia

Jamia Millia Islamia

Jamia Millia Islamia - Public, central University in Delhi

Public, central University in Delhi, Today

Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff - English, ceramic artist

English, ceramic artist, Art director for a major project between 1932 1934, Today

Eastern Silesia

Eastern Silesia - Austria n crownland

Austria n crownland, Austrian Silesia, Remembered today by philatelist s

Ford flathead V8 engine

Ford flathead V8 engine - Tune with the cultural moment

Tune with the cultural moment, Popular powerplant for midget race cars, Hot rod ded today


Wampum - Traditional shell bead of the Eastern Woodlands tribes

Traditional shell bead of the Eastern Woodlands tribes, Scarce today, Wampum strings, Emblem of health, Mass, Widespread currency in New Netherland, Less, desirable, essential means of payment, Legal, small purchases in Massachusetts, Circulation, Tubular shape, Absent laws


Flybe - Largest, independent, regional airline in Europe

Largest, independent, regional airline in Europe, Today announcing a landmark franchise agreement, Main shirt sponsor of Exeter City Football Club

Northern Quarter (Manchester)

Northern Quarter (Manchester) - Area of Manchester city centre

Area of Manchester city centre, Popular today


Peridot - Gem variety of the mineral olivine

Gem variety of the mineral olivine, Birthstone for August, Common gem, Today, 310 carat specimen in the Smithsonian Museum, Birthstone for the month


Amatol - Explosive material

Explosive material, Oxygen, Rare today


Carrowmore - Intact 7 example remaining today

Intact 7 example remaining today, Subject of an extended, legal battle


Aublysodon - Genus of carnivorous dinosaurs

Genus of carnivorous dinosaur s, Today considered a nomen dubium, Paul


Demography - Statistical study of population S

Statistical study of population S, Today

Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Chakraborty - Face of Manappuram Gold Loan

Face of Manappuram Gold Loan, 67 today, Ambassador of Panasonic electronics


Rooibos - Today

Today, Economic mainstay

List of battery sizes

List of battery sizes - Uncommon today

Uncommon today, PP3 size


Maliseet - Interesting, important Maliseet are today

Interesting, important Maliseet are today

Henry H. Spalding

Henry H. Spalding - Remembered today by the Nez Perce

Remembered today by the Nez Perce, One founding mothers of the state


Porchetta - Savoury

Savoury, Fatty, Today, Popular dish, Iconic, culinary one two products of the Lazio region, Common Abruzzo, Popular Upper Midwest, Slow, roasted rosemary

Montreal Exchange

Montreal Exchange - Today


Jonathan Wild

Jonathan Wild - Famous today

Famous today

Contemporary art

Contemporary art - Art of today

Art of today, Part of a cultural dialogue, Type of art, Position


Kajkavian - South, Slavic language

South, Slavic language, Part of a dialect continuum, Today, Prominent South

Jacob Stainer

Jacob Stainer - Earliest, important, Austrian violin maker

Earliest, important, Austrian violin maker, Rare today

Nick Broomfield

Nick Broomfield - First documentary reporter

First documentary reporter, Tough film, Today, Enigma in the world

Barbara Cook

Barbara Cook - American singer

American singer, Actress, Only, popular singer, Active Today, Audience for this performance

Abraham de Moivre

Abraham de Moivre - Best, remembered today

Best, remembered today

Afroasiatic languages

Afroasiatic languages - Today


Royal Thai Air Force

Royal Thai Air Force - Located Don Muang Airbase

Located Don Muang Airbase, Today


Greece - Home

Home, First, advanced civilizations, Member of numerous, international organizations the International Monetary Fund, Developed country with high standards, Major beneficiary of the Common Agricultural Policy, Today in homogeneous, linguistic terms, Birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, Unitary, parliamentary Republic, Strategic country, Located crossroads of Europe, One five NATO countries


Tufa - Variety of limestone

Variety of limestone, Today, Common limestone, Common, other, Great Basin desert lakes, Common, many parts of the world, Unusual form of tufa, Only form of tufa


Holetown - Small, third, largest town in the located Caribbean island nation

Small, third, largest town in the located Caribbean island nation, Today, Home, First, Anglican Church, Site of initial, English settlement in 1625, Home, First five plantations, Located parish of Saint James


Mitchelstown - Today

Today, Limestone caves near the located R639

SS Yongala

SS Yongala - Today

Today, Major tourist attraction

Henry Darger

Henry Darger - Today of the famous one figures

Today of the famous one figures, Catholic mission St, Lover

Postage stamps and postal history of Switzerland

Postage stamps and postal history of Switzerland - Cantons of Zurich

Cantons of Zurich, Rare today, Nice examples

Jerusalem Talmud

Jerusalem Talmud - Synopsis of the analysis

Synopsis of the analysis, Today, Only, extant, complete manuscript

Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy - Musical artist

Musical artist, Gifted writer of comic dialogue, Cute, sexy bombshell, Ambitious Actress working today

List of companies in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex

List of companies in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex - Rude

Rude, Pleasant, knowledgeable, Rude condecending, Anaheim CA, Horrible people, Uncomfortable everyone within that store, Due today at the end, Joke, Problemly

Nicholas Monsarrat

Nicholas Monsarrat - British novelist known today

British novelist known today, Cynical cosmopolitan

Sir William Pulteney, 5th Baronet

Sir William Pulteney, 5th Baronet - Little, remembered today

Little, remembered today, Likely candidate

Soundfield microphone

Soundfield microphone - Audio microphone

Audio microphone, Only solution like this available today


Kitsilano - Today

Today, Wealthy area

John Banks (New Zealand politician)

John Banks (New Zealand politician) - New Zealand politician

New Zealand politician, Today

The Country Wife

The Country Wife - Restoration comedy

Restoration comedy, Stage, Favourite today

William Coblentz

William Coblentz - American physicist

American physicist, Remembered today

Jane Wiedlin

Jane Wiedlin - Super, talented bit as sweet, optimistic today

Super, talented bit as sweet, optimistic today, Irreplaceable Austin guitarist Eve Monsees


Nairobi - Capital of Kenya

Capital of Kenya, Largest city, Regional headquarters of several, international companies, Home, Several museums, East African School, Today of the important, commercial one centers, Base, International organizations, Coffee house, Restaurant chain, Home of the Kenyan cricket team, Home, Several universities, Centre for railway traffic, Focus point for the American television series Sense8 in 2015 2016, Few one cities in the world, Located Syokimau


Invention - Unique, novel device

Unique, novel device, Method, Important component of artistic design creativity, Process within an overall engineering, Creative process, Exploratory process with an uncertain, unknown outcome, Crowded today, Idea originality

John Harvard (clergyman)

John Harvard (clergyman) - English minister in America

English minister in America, Remembered today at Emmanuel

Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Order of the Holy Sepulchre - Sovereign order

Sovereign order, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Famous Lorenzo Cozza, Today, Honorific, public association, Inclined laxity in regard, Persia, Further India, Charge of the Lateran Basilica

Wigan Pier

Wigan Pier - Name given today

Name given today, Night club on the southern bank

José Miguel Carrera

José Miguel Carrera - Important leader of the Chilean war

Important leader of the Chilean war, Today, Main one promoters of the Argentine, federalist war

Palais des Papes

Palais des Papes - Historical palace in located Avignon

Historical palace in located Avignon, Today, Palace, Home, International Congress Centre

Water privatization

Water privatization

, Successful, Same competition, Today, Private ventures

Birmingham Post

Birmingham Post - Today of one 155 titles

Today of one 155 titles, Weekly newspaper

The Bronx

The Bronx - Part of Westchester County

Part of Westchester County, Site of 63 piano factories in 1919, Descendant of Pieter Bronck, Manufacturing center for many years, 31 years, Model for the borough presidency, Former home of the New York Giants, Only part of New York City, Only New York City borough with a Hispanic majority, Home of the New York Yankees, Home, Bronx County Courthouse, Street layout, Part of Bronx Community Board, Home of New York City FC, Today, 31,709, 2, 3, American Bank

Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer - Tyrolean innkeeper

Tyrolean innkeeper, Drover, Today, Biopic

Hui people

Hui people - Ethnic one 56 groups

Ethnic one 56 groups, Varied ancestry, Concentrated Northwestern China, Han, Muslims are all Chinese Muslims Hui, Descendants of the Muslim rebels, Unclear today as many families

Saltwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodile - Formidable, opportunistic, hypercarnivorous apex predator

Formidable, opportunistic, hypercarnivorous apex predator, Aquatic animal, Predator has many, different types, Aggressive, dangerous one crocodiles, Pale, yellow colour with black stripes, Pale, yellow color with black stripes, Easiest one crocodile species, Yellow colour with black stripes, Territorial, Largest, extant, riparian predators in the world, Strong swimmers, Largest, reptilian species, Alive today, Common Mekong Delta

John Pinkerton

John Pinkerton - Scottish, antiquarian cartographer

Scottish, antiquarian cartographer, Author, Scottish writer, Historian, Celebrated master of the Edinburgh school, Important figure in the History, Today

Scott Base

Scott Base - Today


Bill Thompson (voice actor)

Bill Thompson (voice actor) - Popular Fibber McGee

Popular Fibber McGee, Good actor, Today

Peace–Athabasca Delta

Peace–Athabasca Delta - Drier today

Drier today

Duddeston railway station

Duddeston railway station - Considerable railway concern

Considerable railway concern, Today

Universal health care

Universal health care - Broad concept

Broad concept, Weak Today, Public program, Redistributive, Recent achievement, Free children


Aeclanum - Ancient town of Samnium

Ancient town of Samnium, Today, Promontory


Jean "Binta" Breeze - Today

Today, Major, contemporary poet on the page

Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick

Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick - Son of William de Beauchamp

Son of William de Beauchamp, Capable, military commander, Today, Main one architects behind the Ordinances

Oswald Garrison Villard

Oswald Garrison Villard - American journalist

American journalist, Editor, Pioneer, Today

Paul Bigsby

Paul Bigsby - American inventor

American inventor, Designer, Collectable today


Fraktur - Today



Karpathos - Today

Today, Second, largest, Greek Dodecanese islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica - Large, archeological site

Large, archeological site, Modern suburb, Name of the important city, Today lying to the next Tiber, Scene, Port of republican Rome, Naval base, Dangerous place, Minimal number of inscriptions, Smaller harbours as such Alexandria

Old North Church

Old North Church - Mission of the Episcopal Diocese

Mission of the Episcopal Diocese, Bust of George Washington, Today of One four church sites, Tall

Castles in Great Britain and Ireland

Castles in Great Britain and Ireland - Today linked to the international film industry

Today linked to the international film industry, Popular Cornwall

Charles Macklin

Charles Macklin - Remembered today

Remembered today, One forerunners

West Covina, California

West Covina, California - City in Los Angeles County

City in Los Angeles County, Regional mall, Republican stronghold, Today

Hoysala Empire

Hoysala Empire - Prominent Kannadiga empire

Prominent Kannadiga empire, Important period in the development, Malenadu, Remembered today for Hoysala architecture, Secular, encouraged pilgrims of all the Kesava temple, Fertile production of literary works

John Vanbrugh

John Vanbrugh - English architect

English architect, Dramatist, Remembered today, Many senses, Distressed turn of events


Vienna - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Host, Many, major, international Organization s, Today considered the center, Home, Number, Wealthiest one regions in the European Union


Gaborone - Home

Home, Southern African Development Community, Center of the national Economy, Fourth, least, expensive city for expatriates, Today, Vibrant, cosmopolitan capital, Park of the east city, Political centre of Botswana, Bustling, modern city

History of the Jews in Iraq

History of the Jews in Iraq - Scholars

Scholars, Sympathetic movement, Today on trial, Collection of ancient folklore, , , Unworkable, economic, administrative, political point of view

James Joyce

James Joyce - Irish novelist

Irish novelist, Short story writer, Keen rider, Hounds, Woman with a sharp tongue, Much, alive Today in the person, Unfinished work

Gotse Delchev

Gotse Delchev - Today



Burial - Public health requirement

Public health requirement, Practice, Much living, Possible today


Force - Fundamental force for the responsible, structural integrity

Fundamental force for the responsible, structural integrity, Today, Push

Sicilian Baroque

Sicilian Baroque - Distinctive form of Baroque architecture

Distinctive form of Baroque architecture, Today, Similar style in the Baroque, popular England

Standard diving dress

Standard diving dress - Possible today

Possible today, Tin plate, Helmet, Available two versions