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Chlorpropamide - White, crystalline powder with no characteristic taste

White, crystalline powder with no characteristic taste

John Ruskin

John Ruskin - Uninspired Oxford

Uninspired Oxford, Only child of first cousins, Dictator of artistic taste, Oldest ladies club in Los Angeles

Thatcher baronets

Thatcher baronets - Man of simple tastes

Man of simple tastes

Henry Winter Davis

Henry Winter Davis - United States Representative from the 4th, 3rd, congressional districts

United States Representative from the 4th, 3rd, congressional districts, Man of scholarly tastes, Cousin of David Davis

Charles Brooks Jr.

Charles Brooks Jr. - Death row Ellis Unit

Death row Ellis Unit, Criminal of cautious taste

Barry Foster (actor)

Barry Foster (actor) - English actor

English actor, Talented, amateur pianist with a taste, Star of the 1970s television police series Van der Valk, Successful, large, small screens

Aaron McGruder

Aaron McGruder - American writer

American writer, Lecturer, Man with good tastes, Writer, Illustrator

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee - Indian politician

Indian politician, Nature lover, Manali, Man of simple tastes, One founder members of erstwhile Bharatiya Jana Sangh

Corn syrup

Corn syrup - Food syrup

Food syrup, Corn syrup with seasoned vanilla flavor, Combination of corn syrup, Warm, brown color, Tastes, Available, retail product, Light, dark corn syrup, Primary corn sweetener in the United States, Sweet, mildest flavor

White chocolate

White chocolate - Chocolate derivative

Chocolate derivative, Solid, semiplastic food, Rich, creamy tastes like a member, Solid, semiplastic food, Solid, semiplastic food, High fat, High phenylethylamine, Drunk beverage

Barbershop music

Barbershop music - Popular, modern 1900 1919 barbershop quartets

Popular, modern 1900 1919 barbershop quartets, Alive CBS News Saturday Morning got a taste


Cappuccino - Italian coffee drink

Italian coffee drink, Coffee drink, Cold version of a cappuccino, Taste

Theater of the United States

Theater of the United States - Boost for dramatists

Boost for dramatists, Homely, wooden structure resembling a Tobacco barn, Common, late, 19th, early, 20th century, Woods, Friends had a dispute, People of taste


Sweetness - Basic taste

Basic taste

Ian Hislop

Ian Hislop - British journalist

British journalist, Satirist, Man of conservative tastes, Sceptical, Solicitous

Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter

Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter - German poet

German poet, Dramatist, Chief representative of French taste

Robert Gottlieb

Robert Gottlieb - American writer

American writer, Editor, Voracious 85 reader by the standards, Man of eclectic tastes

Radio in the United Kingdom

Radio in the United Kingdom - Available, national, commercial three channels

Available, national, commercial three channels, Absolute radio, National networks, Pop music, Many, other tastes

The Sirens of Titan

The Sirens of Titan - Catnip for the adolescent Taste

Catnip for the adolescent Taste, Labyrinth that the reader, Entertaining exploration, Part, Nothing in terms

Georges Ohnet

Georges Ohnet - French novelist

French novelist, Man, Admirer of Georges Sand, Great reader of public taste