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Water softening

Water softening - Removal of calcium

Removal of calcium, System, Essential life, Complex system

Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger - Large system of lakes

Large system of lakes, Big, beautiful system of lakes

Railway signalling

Railway signalling - System

System, System, Part of the WCML modernisation


Smartdust - System of many, tiny, microelectromechanical systems

System of many, tiny, microelectromechanical systems


GLIMMER - First system

First system, Primary, microbial gene finder, Part of the bacterial annotation pipeline, System for finding genes, Open source

Boehm system

Boehm system - System of keywork

System of keywork, Key system for the clarinet

Elite media

Elite media - Newspapers

Newspapers, Radio stations, Part of that system, Doctrinal system

Strong cryptography

Strong cryptography - Strong, general terms applied to cryptographic systems

Strong, general terms applied to cryptographic systems, System

Metre–tonne–second system of units

Metre–tonne–second system of units - Units of any related group physical quantities the English that particular system the C

Units of any related group physical quantities the English that particular system the C, Abvolt, Statvolt, Abhenry, Stathenry, Units pertaining to the international, metric system, Units in a combined, absolute, practical system, Units in that form

Diamond Head, Hawaii

Diamond Head, Hawaii - Part of the system

Part of the system, Extinct, volcanic crater in located Honolulu

Binary system

Binary system - System of astronomical two bodies

System of astronomical two bodies, Binary system

Criminal justice

Criminal justice - System of practices

System of practices, Field of study

Great Rift Valley

Great Rift Valley - Excellent field laboratory

Excellent field laboratory, Complicated system of rift segments

Adobe Atmosphere

Adobe Atmosphere - Software platform

Software platform, Complete system for the creation

Kite control systems

Kite control systems - Systems

Systems, Ancient, local sport

Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago - Freshwater lake in the North

Freshwater lake in the North, Part of a larger system, Remnant of Glacial Lake Oshkosh, 137,708 acres in size, Today, Edge of a thick series, Located Calumet County

History of the United States dollar

History of the United States dollar - Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Black silk velvet, Hot passengers, Other stage, Comforting time, Bewitching, Flimsiest, white silk, Fiat money for Nigeria, Monetary system, Major, financial asset for countries, Nothing in the marvelous, Small, saucerless tea, Thirty fifteen cents, Principal entrance, Splendid service in the excellent, Small board, Global, economic decline, Symptom, Cause, Beautiful bay, Fit landing place for the antique boat, Large hangings, Paintings, Magnificent basin, Lady, Heroine, Agrarian, commercial interests as the such United States Greenback Party on one, Eastern banking, Type of representative money, First, national currency, Drinking, Singing telling stories, Lascars, Only, green spots, Black fellows of thin limb, Comfortable ship, Redeemable, same face value of silver dollar coins, Redeemable gold, Marvelous, third day, Unique position on each denomination, Lower, left ornamentation of the portrait, German, high birth, Superb, 1,380 feet by 650 feet, Long strips of cloth, Men with the exception, Direct opposite in the Chinese, Only women, Progressive people

Gear train

Gear train - Mechanical system

Mechanical system

JPEG 2000

JPEG 2000 - 2000 image compression standard coding system

2000 image compression standard coding system

Candida albicans

Candida albicans - Type of yeast

Type of yeast, Common, fungal species, 16Mb, large 8 chromosomes contains 6198 Open Reading Frames, Immediate target of the human, immune system, Identification, High heterozygosity, Serological diagnosis, Long time, Fact, Common humans

Wing Chun

Wing Chun - Piece of bamboo

Piece of bamboo, Fun at this stage, System

Greater Cleveland

Greater Cleveland - Home

Home, 171,000 Polish, Largest Slovak, Home, Sizable, Jewish community, System of nature

Mobile Servicing System

Mobile Servicing System - Robot

Robot, Ic system, Base platform for the robotic arms, Slowest, fastest train in the universe, Work platform


Multics - First, major, first operating system to provide a hierarchical file system

First, major, first operating system to provide a hierarchical file system, First system in 80s

Torrens title

Torrens title - System of land registration

System of land registration

Gauge block

Gauge block - System

System, Main means of length standardization, Available, various grades, Metal, Ceramic block, Block of metal


Freeganism - Practice

Practice, Ideology, Total boycott of an economic system

Lake Albert (Africa)

Lake Albert (Africa) - Part of the complicated system

Part of the complicated system, Typical Rift Valley lake, Located center of the continent, Northernmost chain of lakes

Code of law

Code of law - Common feature of the legal systems

Common feature of the legal systems, Exclusive, exhaustive statement of Chinese law

Amstrad GX4000

Amstrad GX4000 - Video game console

Video game console, Interesting system

Telegraph sounder

Telegraph sounder - Antique, electromechanical device

Antique, electromechanical device, Electromagnet, Switch, Remarkable system of simple, rugged apparatus

High Energy Stereoscopic System

High Energy Stereoscopic System - System of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes

System of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes

Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti - Interesting planet candidates for astrobiology

Interesting planet candidates for astrobiology, Closest, similar, stellar system, Few one stars

Nu Scorpii

Nu Scorpii - Star

Star, Septuple star system, Located 41 arcsecond s from a, Brightest member of the system, Third component of the Nu Scorpii A subsystem, Triple star system, Massive star


Glycine - Amino acid

Amino acid, Inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central, nervous system, Proteinogenic one amino acid s, Intermediate synthesis of a variety

Singularity (operating system)

Singularity (operating system) - Experimental operating system

Experimental operating system, Small system, Real challenge, Microkernel operating system, Research project

9M133 Kornet

9M133 Kornet - Available BEREZHOK turret upgrade

Available BEREZHOK turret upgrade, Man, Portable system

District heating

District heating - System

System, Energy, Efficient, due, simultaneous production, Attractive areas with low population densities, Warsaw, Note, Available Kozani


Gravimeter - Instrument

Instrument, Type of accelerometer, Essential tool in geophysics, Compact, transportable system

Agricultural extension

Agricultural extension - Application of scientific research

Application of scientific research, Service, System, Professional communication intervention, Process

Indicator (distance amplifying instrument)

Indicator (distance amplifying instrument) - Starrett using those systems

Starrett using those systems

Loring Air Force Base

Loring Air Force Base - United States Air Force installation in northeastern Maine

United States Air Force installation in northeastern Maine, Location of an experimental system, Home, Civilian population, Many facilities, Administrations, Megabase with enormous capacity, Weapons storage area, Closest U, Sources of materials, One four Strategic Air Command bases with a range, One 10 wings, Good condition, One three four SAC bases, Capable, conventional one two weapons storage facilities in CONUS

National Weather Service

National Weather Service - Aviation weather

Aviation weather, Satellite data collection, Dissemination system, System, Essential weather forecasting

Software development

Software development - Process of computer programming

Process of computer programming, Integral, important phase of the software development process, Way, Software component of a system, Knowledge, Intensive knowledge management, Business process, Suitable use by all projects

Contraflow lane

Contraflow lane - Extension

Extension, System


Feudalism - Combination of legal, military customs

Combination of legal, military customs, Social system, Medieval term, Concept

Lord High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland

Lord High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland - Hereditary

Hereditary, Responsible programme of archaeology, Earldom, Marquisate, Statistical unit in the United Kingdom, System of titles


Promega - Manufacturer of enzymes

Manufacturer of enzymes, First company to provide kits, First, available systems for STR analysis

International cricket

International cricket - International, ranking system

International, ranking system

Informal value transfer system

Informal value transfer system - System

System, Mechanism, Network, Bank, Simple

Tuned mass damper

Tuned mass damper - Continuous system

Continuous system

Milan Metro

Milan Metro - Rapid transit system serving Milan

Rapid transit system serving Milan, First system in Italy


ALZA - Pharmaceutical, medical system S company

Pharmaceutical, medical system S company, Major pioneer in the field, Operation in Vacaville

Calumet River

Calumet River - System


Human brain

Human brain - Central organ of the human, nervous system

Central organ of the human, nervous system, Major, excitatory neurotransmitter, Perfused one organs in the body, Soft, Unique, somatic organs

Westminster system

Westminster system - Parliamentary system of government

Parliamentary system of government, Series of procedures


Hexadecimal - System

System, Efficient bases

Equatorial coordinate system

Equatorial coordinate system - Celestial, coordinate system

Celestial, coordinate system


Buffet - System



Echinoderm - Common name given to any member

Common name given to any member, Water, Vascular system, True endoskeleton


Religion - Cultural system

Cultural system

Hong Kong Public Libraries

Hong Kong Public Libraries - System of static, mobile, public 70 12 libraries

System of static, mobile, public 70 12 libraries

Very Long Baseline Array

Very Long Baseline Array - System of ten radio telescopes

System of ten radio telescope s

History of California 1900 to present

History of California 1900 to present - Populous state in the United States

Populous state in the United States, System of canals, Leaders in the temperance movement

Smart key

Smart key - Electronic Access

Electronic Access, Authorization, Part of a computerized system

Parliamentary system

Parliamentary system - System of democratic governance

System of democratic governance


Shintaido - System of movement

System of movement, Main organisation of Shintaido instructors

Live fish trade

Live fish trade - Part of this alarming, ecological trend

Part of this alarming, ecological trend, Global system, Lucrative business


Capitalism - Economic system

Economic system, Ideology

Lateral line

Lateral line - System of sense organs

System of sense organs


Catecholamine - Neuromodulator of the peripheral, sympathetic, nervous system

Neuromodulator of the peripheral, sympathetic, nervous system

Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge

Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge - Oldest, national Wildlife Refuge in the U

Oldest, national Wildlife Refuge in the U, Stop for migratory waterfowl, Unit in the national system


Calendar - System of organising days

System of organising days, Physical record, Solar, lunar year, Lunar, lunisolar calendar, Minor correction, Julian, Proleptic years, Accurate Julian than the one Gregorian, Calendar system of the Persian empire, Dependent observation of the new Moon

Perpetual calendar

Perpetual calendar - Calendar for valid, many years

Calendar for valid, many years, System, Reform of the Julian calendar

Cangjie input method

Cangjie input method - System

System, First, Chinese input method

Environmental racism

Environmental racism - Term

Term, System of advantages, Form of institutionalised discrimination

The Limits to Growth

The Limits to Growth - First step

First step, Enormous increase in food, End, Growth, Common process in biological, financial, many, other systems, Dynamic phenomenon, Operative collapse, Important areas, Permanent, Fact, Development of skyscrapers, Abundant, cheap, new buildings rose the population

RS Ophiuchi

RS Ophiuchi - System


Glenmont station

Glenmont station - Washington Metro station in Montgomery County

Washington Metro station in Montgomery County, Only station in the system until 2006, Located station with the ability

Dawn (spacecraft)

Dawn (spacecraft) - Space probe

Space probe, First spacecraft to orbit extraterrestrial two bodies, First mission to study a dwarf planet, 24,600 35,000 miles from Ceres, Low cost for an interplanetary mission, Remarkable achievement, Healthy systems, Firing, Northeast of Occator Crater, Vicinity of Ceres, Elliptical orbit, Expensive standards of advanced, planetary exploration, Less, solar one diameter from the brilliant star

Auditory system

Auditory system - Sensory system for the sense

Sensory system for the sense, Unique mammals in the small size

Respiratory system

Respiratory system - Biological system

Biological system

All Red Line

All Red Line - Informal name for the system

Informal name for the system

Viable system model

Viable system model - Model of the organisational structure

Model of the organisational structure, System, Responsible 5 policy decisions within the organization

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma - Indolent lymphoma

Indolent lymphoma, Cancer of the lymphatic system, Rare type of NHL, One type of DLBCL, Specific type of lymphoma

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra - Largest one museums in Kiev

Largest one museums in Kiev, Located part of the city, Notable one features of the Kiev skyline, Complex system of narrow, underground corridors

Kendriya Vidyalaya

Kendriya Vidyalaya - System of central government schools

System of central government schools, Longest one school chain in world

Hair follicle

Hair follicle - Mammal ian skin organ

Mammal ian skin organ, Prototypical, developmental system, Final product of a hair follicle, Fibrous track, Developmental process, Cycle, Product, Different, different, anatomic sites, One techniques

Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire - Historical anglicisation of the name

Historical anglicisation of the name, Turkish origin, Advanced fighting forces in the world, Direct patrilineal descendant of the first Ottoman sultan Osman, First institution to hire foreign experts, Turkish, official language of the empire, Ritualized, symbolic art form, Syncretistic system combining the practices

Immune system

Immune system - Host defense system comprising many, biological structures

Host defense system comprising many, biological structures, Dominant system of host defense