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Electric boogaloo (dance)

Electric boogaloo (dance) - Funk style of hip hop dance

Funk style of hip hop dance, Fluid style

American Impressionism

American Impressionism - Style of painting

Style of painting, Style of painting


Mannerism - Style in European art

Style in European art, Term given to a style

Death metal

Death metal - Extreme subgenre of heavy metal music

Extreme subgenre of heavy metal music, Genre of death metal, Complex style with uncommon time signatures, Separate thing, Style


Focaccia - Popular style of bread

Popular style of bread, Common focaccia style in Italian cuisine, Popular style of flatbread, Common flatbread style in Italian cuisine, Unleavened recipe, Popular Italy, Available popularity of bread machine s

Power chord

Power chord - Key element of many styles

Key element of many styles, Simple things, Notated 5, Important, many forms of punk rock music

The Rub Rabbits!

The Rub Rabbits! - Rich

Rich, Black cutouts with some occasional clothing, Solid, black silhouettes with striking, vibrant clothes, Classic case of style, Solid sequel to Feel the Magic

Flatland BMX

Flatland BMX - Freestyle BMX riding style

Freestyle BMX riding style

Beer in the Czech Republic

Beer in the Czech Republic - Pale lagers of pilsner type

Pale lager s of pilsner type, Unusual, pale lagers, Available, U Fleku, Beautiful example of this style

Formation dance

Formation dance - Style of ballroom dancing

Style of ballroom dancing, Medley of dances, Medley of the international 5 ballroom dances Waltz, 2013 List of Adult Formation teams

High intensity training

High intensity training - Form of strength training

Form of strength training, Style of progressive resistance exercise, Bodybuilding

Music of Portugal

Music of Portugal - Popular, young people

Popular, young people, Musical style


Kyokushin - Basis of Glove karate

Basis of Glove karate, Style

Suit (clothing)

Suit (clothing) - Custom made to the measurements

Custom made to the measurements, Conservative style


Diabolo - Vertax

Vertax, Recent style of diabolo

Alternative rock

Alternative rock - Style of rock music

Style of rock music, Broad umbrella term

Rosalba Carriera

Rosalba Carriera - Venetian, Rococo painter

Venetian, Rococo painter, First, female painter to initiate a new style, Portrait painter

The Screaming Blue Messiahs

The Screaming Blue Messiahs - Busy road

Busy road, Swift, brutal, Funny, Positive, Neil Diamond, Tired, Epic, Rock style

Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter - Ambassador

Ambassador, Born Free Foundation, Host of Style


Costume - Distinctive style of dress

Distinctive style of dress

List of house styles

List of house styles - Perfect trips

Perfect trips, Diverse interpretations of various, earlier, historic, architectural styles

Superpressure balloon

Superpressure balloon - Style of aerostat

Style of aerostat


Raja - Title for a Monarch

Title for a Monarch, Royal style in Bansda

Contact juggling

Contact juggling - Form of object manipulation

Form of object manipulation, Style of single, multiple ball manipulation

Sicilian cuisine

Sicilian cuisine - Style of cooking

Style of cooking

Raymond Federman

Raymond Federman - Writer in the experimental style

Writer in the experimental style

Aran jumper

Aran jumper - Style of jumper

Style of jumper, Small group of islands

Fils de France

Fils de France - Style

Style, Rank, Title

Robert Abbott (game designer)

Robert Abbott (game designer) - Inventor of a style

Inventor of a style

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - Principal author of the Land Ordinance

Principal author of the Land Ordinance, Strong disciple of Greek, Roman, architectural styles, Outstanding orator, Member of the American Philosophical Society, Chairman of the democratic National Convention, English ancestry, Shy person, Ambivalent slavery, Icon of individual liberty

Merengue music

Merengue music - Type of music

Type of music, Style of dance, Fun, Fast, easy dance, Popular, coastal city of Guayaquil, Same rhythm frame

Noise rock

Noise rock - Diverse style of experimental rock

Diverse style of experimental rock, Enduring thrill

The Reverend

The Reverend - Honorific style

Honorific style, Anglicisation of the Latin reverendus, Universal churches of Christ

California bungalow

California bungalow - Style of residential architecture

Style of residential architecture, Popular Australia from 1913 onwards, Common New Zealand during the latter 1910s

Seven-segment display

Seven-segment display - Old style of display device

Old style of display device


Backstroke - Ancient style of swimming

Ancient style of swimming, Only start from the water, One four swimming styles

Fosbury Flop

Fosbury Flop - Style


Macbeth (1948 film)

Macbeth (1948 film) - Collage of different styles

Collage of different styles, Version

Reality distortion field

Reality distortion field - Confounding melange of a charismatic, rhetorical style

Confounding melange of a charismatic, rhetorical style

Hanover Square, Syracuse

Hanover Square, Syracuse - Laboratory of architectural styles

Laboratory of architectural styles, National Register Historic District, Local Preservation District

Bonnet (headgear)

Bonnet (headgear) - Mennonite style

Mennonite style

Architecture of Lahore

Architecture of Lahore - Product of Indian

Product of Indian, Style of architecture, City, Piece of architecture, Proud, religious leaders


Breakcore - Style of electronic dance music

Style of electronic dance music

Pub rock (Australia)

Pub rock (Australia) - Style of Australian rock

Style of Australian rock

Cargo cult programming

Cargo cult programming - Style of computer programming

Style of computer programming, Reference, Aboriginal religions, Symptomatic programmer


Farthingale - Style of farthingale

Style of farthingale

Doom metal

Doom metal - Style


Ted Dexter

Ted Dexter - Former England

Former England, International cricket er, Man of moods, Cavalier batsman in the old, amateur style, Talented golf player, Amateur champion

Progress of the State

Progress of the State - Arrangement

Arrangement, Gilded gold leaf, Ancient style of statue, Physical symbol representing the governmental power, Series of firsts

Visual learning

Visual learning - Style


Iron Palm

Iron Palm - Slang for internal Palm

Slang for internal Palm, Style, Skill, Martial arts style

Sports Night

Sports Night - American Television series about a fictional sports news show

American Television series about a fictional sport s news show, Sports news program in the style

Wensleydale cheese

Wensleydale cheese - Style of cheese

Style of cheese, Historic, fresh, mild cheese

Earth house

Earth house - Architectural style

Architectural style, Flexible construction

Sweet tea

Sweet tea - Style of iced tea

Style of iced tea, Obsession, Color of a baseball glove, Homemade, Drink for the upper class, Fine health benefits of drinking


Dunkel - German word meaning dark

German word meaning dark, Dunkel beers, Term, Original style of the Bavarian villages, Widespread parts of Franconia

Alternative metal

Alternative metal - Rock music fusion genre

Rock music fusion genre, Alternative music, Wide umbrella characterizing a style

Music history of the United States in the 1980s

Music history of the United States in the 1980s - Style of electronic dance music

Style of electronic dance music, Universal language, Mirror of international talent

Ballroom dance

Ballroom dance - Set of partner dances

Set of partner dance s, Style of competitive dance, Flat rise

California cuisine

California cuisine - Style of cuisine

Style of cuisine,

Epic film

Epic film - Style

Style, Early, cinematic pioneer D

Postmodern architecture

Postmodern architecture - Style

Style, Movement, Architecture of decay, Award

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine - Specialty of the tropical area

Specialty of the tropical area, Style of cooking, Amalgam of different, Indian cuisines, Extensive balance of many, different tastes, Vegetarian, Popular area, Available streets of Nepalese cities, Wholesome, simple, Unique nature, Unique, different, other, Northeastern, Indian states, Popular Southeast Asia


Renaissance - Period in European history

Period in European history, Cultural movement, Italian style, Pagans

History of painting

History of painting - Style of Indian painting

Style of Indian painting, Important form of classical South India n, Oldest, continuous, artistic one traditions in the world

Iron shirt

Iron shirt - Form of hard style

Form of hard style, Important part of many Kung Fu systems, Hard Shaolin GONG FU for the development

Cool jazz

Cool jazz - Style of modern jazz music

Style of modern jazz music


Sandungueo - Style of dance

Style of dance, Subject of a national controversy

Andean music

Andean music - Group of styles

Group of styles

Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine - Style of traditional medicine

Style of traditional medicine

Green Isle, Minnesota

Green Isle, Minnesota - City in Sibley County

City in Sibley County, Safe, clean community with a rural style


Swatch - Swiss watchmaker

Swiss watchmaker, Brilliant fusion of style, Heart of a world

David Berlinski

David Berlinski - American author

American author, Victim of the style

Pureland origami

Pureland origami - Style of Origami

Style of Origami, Unique activity

Royal Highness

Royal Highness - Style



Heidelberg - Industrial center

Industrial center, Transport hub, Home, Elementary 23 schools, Unitary authority within the Regierungsbezirk Karlsruhe, Mix of styles, Rhine Rift Valley on the left bank, One centres of rugby union, Nearby, many years

Glam rock

Glam rock - Style of rock

Style of rock, Simple, crunchy guitar rock, Successful trend in UK, Literal scream, More music


Tonalism - Artistic style

Artistic style

Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw - Style of Chinese, martial arts

Style of Chinese, martial arts


Tirana - Capital

Capital, Largest, populous city in Albania, Seat of power, Home than more 45 embassies, Several, Artificial lake s, Important center for music, Place, Major location for the Albanian entertainment industry, Home, Different, architectural styles

Traditional Thai house

Traditional Thai house - Loose collection of vernacular, architectural styles

Loose collection of vernacular, architectural styles

Vincent (1982 film)

Vincent (1982 film) - 1982 stop motion

1982 stop motion, Short horror film, Pastiche of styles, Sparse, similar ambiguity, Somebody

Color Field

Color Field - Style of abstract painting

Style of abstract painting, Things

The Bund

The Bund - Setting of the Hong Kong television series

Setting of the Hong Kong television series, Four thirteen stories in the Romanesque, classical styles, Classic, French architecture with great detail, Five stories, Tall building, Granite, Tiles, Palmer, Turner design, Modern cubist, Prominent one features, Playable one stages in the King, Victorian, Gothic, Neoclassical style with strong, straight lines, Symmetrical, classic, Ionic pillars, Japanese, modern touches of Western influence, Five stories in an additional 1982 two stories, One end

Dublin Dr Pepper

Dublin Dr Pepper - Popular name for a style

Popular name for a style, Capital, Largest city

Streamline Moderne

Streamline Moderne - Related style in the United States

Related style in the United States


Yoshinkan - Style of aikido

Style of aikido, Offshoot of Yoshinkan Aikido, Martial one arts

Theophil Hansen

Theophil Hansen - Danish architect

Danish architect, Staunch critic of the Classical style

Bracket clock

Bracket clock - Style of antique, portable table clock

Style of antique, portable table clock

Music of the United States

Music of the United States - Earliest inhabitants of the Land

Earliest inhabitants of the Land, Important part of education, Home, Numerous music Festival s, Combination of African work songs, Diverse, syncretic set of styles, Fusion of African, American blues, Combination of rhythm, Group of Francophones, Impetus for the creation, Indigenous form of American entertainment, Call response, Vocal music, Movement, Mandatory, public, elementary schools, Local scope

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong - Party secretary for Hunan

Party secretary for Hunan, Skilled, Chinese calligrapher with a personal style, Delegate, First National Conference