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Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

Pleasant Hill, Kentucky - Risk during the war

Risk during the war, Handsome community with large stone by 1825

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge - 514 6,80 metres

514 6,80 metres, Pedestrian zone, Stone, Gothic bridge, Magnificent two sculptures

Levallois technique

Levallois technique - Sophisticated, earlier methods of lithic reduction

Sophisticated, earlier methods of lithic reduction, Name for the stone


Bannockburn - Town of the city

Town of the city, Typical stone built main line building

Weight throw

Weight throw - 56 lb

56 lb, Four stone, 56 lbs at senior level


Cromford - Village

Village, Civil parish, Sturdy stone built village, Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, Last use as a Colour Works


Gong - East

East, Southeast Asia n, Medium, Large gong, Large stones, Flat bronze discs with little, fundamental pitch, Tomb


Marble - Metamorphic rock

Metamorphic rock, Result of metamorphism, Rock, Stone, Tile


Khiva - City of 50,000 people

City of 50,000 people, Brightest stone in the necklace

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - Damaging

Damaging, Baptist, July, Empty right, Stone in summer, Square stove with a caldron, Cloudless

Tower of London

Tower of London - Earliest stone

Earliest stone, Complex of several buildings, Home, Ceremonial, regimental headquarters, Safer place than other prisons, One 13 towers

Big Pit National Coal Museum

Big Pit National Coal Museum - Part of a network

Part of a network, Stone, Brick construction

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils - Happy invitation

Happy invitation, Afraid swells, First production by Studio Pierrot, Only one, Depressed, old Kaksi came to the flock, Big, flat stone on the floor, Clear, deep blue, Small neck, Slender legs, Empty ground, Small, low boy, Poor hiding place, Home in this art, Forceful, only things, Full joy, , High, clear blue, Blue shone like silver, Numerous poverty, Ofwood, , High heavens, Narrow entrances, Small rooms, Good weather prophets, Water

Irish Hunger Memorial

Irish Hunger Memorial - Plot with landscaped stones

Plot with landscaped stones


Flagstone - Generic, flat Stone

Generic, flat Stone, Sedimentary rock, Form of a sandstone, Red, blue buff though exotic colors

Coffin Stone

Coffin Stone - Large, sarsen stone at the foot

Large, sarsen stone at the foot, Few yards, One Medway megaliths


Nephrite - Ornamental stone

Ornamental stone

Counting of the Omer

Counting of the Omer - Old, biblical measure of volume

Old, biblical measure of volume, National offering whereas the Bikurim, Agricultural period of Omer, Counting of seven weeks, Sequence of events, Place of the stones, Altar of Noah, Site of the altar the Everlasting Hill, Certain date, Useful tool, Rabbi Shimon, Real, spiritual phenomena, Night of the first, full moon, Enigmatic, First, weekly Sabbath after the Feast, Unearned gift from God, Excited prospect of a spiritual liberation, Eating, Rocks, Followers of Rav Yochanan ben Torta, Print

Mole (architecture)

Mole (architecture) - Massive structure of Stone

Massive structure of Stone


Granite - Hard stone requires skill

Hard stone requires skill, Natural source of radiation

Acoma Pueblo

Acoma Pueblo - Native, American Pueblo

Native, American Pueblo, West, National Historic Landmark, Stone, Adobe village

John Newcombe

John Newcombe - Joint world

Joint world, Captain of the Australian Davis Cup team, Australian junior champion, Last, amateur champion at Wimbledon, Last Australians, Interested, other sports as a youngster, Last Australians, Stone with stucco accents


Amethyst - Violet variety of quartz

Violet variety of quartz, Semiprecious stone is the traditional birthstone, Official state gemstone of South Carolina, Durable gemstone, Care, Brittle, costly material, Synthetic amethyst, Crystalline quartz in colors, Zambia in southern Africa of one, Common, Canadian provinces of Ontario, Unknown

Charles Napier (Royal Navy officer)

Charles Napier (Royal Navy officer) - British, naval officer

British, naval officer, Second son of an famous father, Large, untidy man of 14 stone, Eldest son of the Honorable Charles Napier, Benefactor in the Horndean area

Arch bridge

Arch bridge - Bridge with abutment S

Bridge with abutment S, Masonry, Stone, Semicircular number, Compression in contrast, Arch bridge


Quartzite - Decorative stone

Decorative stone, Sandstone, Unconformably overlain by horizontal Cambrian sandstone

Track (rail transport)

Track (rail transport) - Crushed stone

Crushed stone, Purpose, One time

Dimension stone

Dimension stone - Natural stone

Natural stone, Rock, Fortunate, original builder put some spare pieces, 1

Turquoise (color)

Turquoise (color) - Stone

Stone, Color


Opal - National, fascinating gemstone of Australia with an ancient History

National, fascinating gemstone of Australia with an ancient History, Partial wood replacement, Sedimentary stone, Term, Type of Hyalite opal, Official gemstone of Nevada, Dark, brown color


Khami - Capital of the Torwa dynasty

Capital of the Torwa dynasty, Second, largest stone built monument, Geweest

Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan Castle - Brick

Brick, Stone


Omphalos - Religious stone artifact

Religious stone artifact, Baetylus, Name of the stone, Public art sculpture by Dimitri Hadzi


Megalith - Large stone

Large stone

Watsons Bay, New South Wales

Watsons Bay, New South Wales - Harbourside

Harbourside, Eastern suburb, Residential area with some recreational areas, Settlement, Village, Two stone, Two timber houses


Cosmoledo - Stones


Kamo River

Kamo River - Source of the stone

Source of the stone

The Story of the Stone (Barry Hughart)

The Story of the Stone (Barry Hughart) - Large rundown with a large garden

Large rundown with a large garden, Small, barren room with two stone coffins, Stone, Overwhelming experience for Ox, Natural inkstone, Infamous Laughing Prince, Cube measuring 233,575 paces, Grotto, Marble, Apprehensive three others

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Sweet, cute, little marshmallow man

Sweet, cute, little marshmallow man, Collection game, 64 2, 3D, Capable, limited flight, Great, Decent, Burning, Stone, Endless fun in the game, Commercial success, Colorful, basic 2D Kirby game

Altar stone

Altar stone - Piece of natural stone

Piece of natural stone, Tombs of the martyrs