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Hybrid security

Hybrid security - Broad group of securities

Broad group of securities, Hybrid between a stock

Stock footage

Stock footage - Good stock

Good stock, Perfect Web content

Rosa foetida

Rosa foetida - Important contributor

Important contributor, Stock


Israelites - Ethnic stock

Ethnic stock

The Frank and Walters

The Frank and Walters - Progression

Progression, Laughing stock


Samhain - Time to take stock

Time to take stock, Main one four festivals of the Gaelic calendar


Electrolux - Swedish, multinational home appliance manufacturer

Swedish, multinational home appliance manufacturer, OMX, Nordic, constituent 40 stock, Global leader in household appliances, Only appliance manufacturer in the world

Omaheke Region

Omaheke Region - One fourteen regions of Namibia

One fourteen regions of Namibia, Herero word for Sandveld, Small stock farming area


Hitachi - International management

International management, Technology consulting firm, Rolling stock manufacturing division, Consulting firm, Systems integrator, Oldest member of the Hitachi Group

Wilhelm scream

Wilhelm scream - Stock

Stock, Sound effect

Blue chip (stock market)

Blue chip (stock market) - Stock in a corporation

Stock in a corporation, Multinational firm

Sexual Offences Act

Sexual Offences Act - Stock

Stock, Short title

Wireless Telegraphy Acts

Wireless Telegraphy Acts - Stock

Stock, Short title, Laws regulating radio communications

The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever - Conventional, secondary characters are stock

Conventional, secondary characters are stock