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Bill Baird (activist)

Bill Baird (activist) - Frequent, public speaker

Frequent, public speaker

David Lewis (politician)

David Lewis (politician) - Canadian Labour lawyer

Canadian Labour lawyer, Social, democratic politician, Secular Jew, Native, Yiddish speaker

Ted Halstead

Ted Halstead - American author

American author, Policy entrepreneur, Public speaker, Founder, President

Charles Colson

Charles Colson - Public speaker

Public speaker, Author, Principal signer of the 1994 Evangelicals, Outspoken critic of postmodernism

Ali Imran

Ali Imran - Ageless character

Ageless character, Man with a great character, Colorful character with four personalities, Fluent speaker in many languages, Proficient, Sing Art, Agile, energetic

Jennifer Azzi

Jennifer Azzi - Former, collegiate, professional basketball player as an Olympic

Former, collegiate, professional basketball player as an Olympic, Motivational speaker, Member of the USA National team

Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen - American, political analyst

American, political analyst, Digital media entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, Former president of Rasmussen Reports, Professional speaker traveling the country, Author, Weekly columnist for conservative news web site World Net Daily

Otto Strandman

Otto Strandman - Estonia N politician

Estonia N politician, Key figure, Speaker of the Estonian Provincial Assembly

Elbert Hubbard

Elbert Hubbard - American writer

American writer, Publisher, Main speaker at the annual meeting in 1908, Prominent writer, Publisher

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra - American author

American author, Public speaker, Author

Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler - Prominent speaker on the subject

Prominent speaker on the subject

Claro M. Recto

Claro M. Recto - Good speaker

Good speaker

Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar - Popular speaker

Popular speaker, Subject of a documentary

Homer Lea

Homer Lea - American adventurer

American adventurer, Author, Prolific, public speaker, Avid reader, Charismatic debater

Duane Elgin

Duane Elgin - American author

American author, Speaker

Hugh B. Brown

Hugh B. Brown - Talented speaker

Talented speaker, Oldest son

Robert Greifeld

Robert Greifeld - Outspoken advocate for efficient capital markets

Outspoken advocate for efficient capital markets, Active speaker on investor protection, President, Chief

Brendan Gleeson

Brendan Gleeson - Irish actor

Irish actor, Fan of Football League Championship team Aston Villa, Fiddle, Mandolin player, Voice of Hugh in 2003, Speaker at the College Green event

David Carter (politician)

David Carter (politician) - New Zealand National Party politician

New Zealand National Party politician, Speaker

Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis - Canadian politician

Canadian politician, Public speaker, Senior Fellow of the Enough Project, Son of former, federal NDP leader David Lewis, Deputy Director of UNICEF from 1995 1999

Robert Griffiths (politician)

Robert Griffiths (politician) - General Secretary of the Communist Party

General Secretary of the Communist Party, Speaker at the first Communist University

Isaac Mao

Isaac Mao - Regular speaker at global conferences

Regular speaker at global conferences, Chinese venture capitalist, Software architect, Global bridge in blogosphere, Pedagogy consultant, Local institutions

Anna Jarvis

Anna Jarvis - Exceptional teacher

Exceptional teacher, Talented, informed speaker, Active church, Hand

Philip Pendleton Barbour

Philip Pendleton Barbour - Speaker of the United States House

Speaker of the United States House

David M. Walker (U.S. Comptroller General)

David M. Walker (U.S. Comptroller General) - Democrat from a 1969 1976 Republican

Democrat from a 1969 1976 Republican, Frequent Speaker, Congressional witness, Prudent man respected a public official

John Bercow

John Bercow - British Politician

British Politician, First Speaker, Unsuccessful, Conservative candidate in the general 1987 election

Michael Coren

Michael Coren - Public speaker at religious gatherings

Public speaker at religious gatherings

Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson - Academic author

Academic author, Radio host, Regular guests, Speakers, Instructor of ethics from 1989 1992

Helen Joseph

Helen Joseph - Full time Welfare Between 1942 1946

Full time Welfare Between 1942 1946, Information Officer, Speaker at the Congress

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly - Retired, American astronaut

Retired, American astronaut, Engineer, Active, public speaker, Astronaut, Known, only siblings, Irish descent

Michael Winslow

Michael Winslow - Motivational speaker

Motivational speaker

Bob Brown

Bob Brown - Speaker at the Save

Speaker at the Save, 1500 people

Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim - Frequent speaker at churches

Frequent speaker at churches, Small woman with a large message, Real peacemaker

Hunter Tootoo

Hunter Tootoo - Politician in Nunavut

Politician in Nunavut, Avid curler, Cousin of hockey player Jordin Tootoo, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Member of the Public Service Alliance

Elliott Lewis

Elliott Lewis - Premier of Tasmania

Premier of Tasmania, Leader of the Opposition, Fluent speaker

Ron Kovic

Ron Kovic - Speaker at the Democratic 1976 National Convention

Speaker at the Democratic 1976 National Convention, Jesse Jackson delegate in 1988, Democratic National Convention

David Jay

David Jay - American, asexual activist

American, asexual activist, Founder of asexuality, Founder, Webmaster, Gifted speaker, St

Urvashi Vaid

Urvashi Vaid - CEO of the Vaid Group LLC

CEO of the Vaid Group LLC, Founder of LPAC, Charismatic, outspoken speaker, Writer, Graduate of Vassar College

Charles W. Penrose

Charles W. Penrose - Member of the First Presidency

Member of the First Presidency, Professor of theology, Prolific writer, Speaker

Aneurin Bevan

Aneurin Bevan - Versatile, charismatic, rousing, public speaker

Versatile, charismatic, rousing, public speaker, Traits, Responsible distribution of strike pay, Critical leadership of the British army

Guy Consolmagno

Guy Consolmagno - Chair of the Division

Chair of the Division, Curator of those meteorites, Popular speaker as a writer

Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic - Motivational, professional, motivational speaker

Motivational, professional, motivational speaker, Chicago, First reality TV star, One job applicants in the Apprentice

Isotropic radiator

Isotropic radiator - Theoretical point source of electromagnetic, sound waves

Theoretical point source of electromagnetic, sound wave s, Theoretical, perfect speaker exhibiting equal, sound volume, Possible sound

Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf - Frequent speaker at Open Source conferences

Frequent speaker at Open Source conferences

Tex Sample

Tex Sample - Specialist in Church

Specialist in Church, Robert B, Freelance lecturer, Speaker, Robert B

Uyghur alphabets

Uyghur alphabets - Turkic language with a long, literary tradition 25 million speakers

Turkic language with a long, literary tradition 25 million speakers, Preferred spelling in the Latin alphabet

Santiago del Estero Province

Santiago del Estero Province - Home about 100,000 speakers

Home about 100,000 speakers

Marilyn Bell

Marilyn Bell - Retired, Canadian, long distance swimmer

Retired, Canadian, long distance swimmer, Inspirational speaker, First person to swim the distance

Hannah Whitall Smith

Hannah Whitall Smith - Lay speaker

Lay speaker, Author, Daughter of John Mickle Whitall, Popular evangelist, Bible teacher


Opothleyahola - Persuasive speaker

Persuasive speaker, European Creek ancestry

Nelson W. Aldrich

Nelson W. Aldrich - Senior senator for Rhode Island

Senior senator for Rhode Island, Politician of the group, Single, effective speaker on the issue, Prominent, American politician, Leader, Active Freemasons

Randal L. Schwartz

Randal L. Schwartz - Speaker at the 2011 OSCON conference

Speaker at the 2011 OSCON conference, Author of many, popular books

Shelley Hancock

Shelley Hancock - Australian politician

Australian politician, First, female Speaker in New South Wales state history, Liberal Party candidate

Ruth Patrick

Ruth Patrick - Botanist

Botanist, Limnologist, Speaker at the first, annual Urban Environmental Summit

Siobhan Fallon Hogan

Siobhan Fallon Hogan - American actress

American actress, Role model, Member of the Atlantic Theater Company, Speaker at the 2003 Cazenovia High School commencement

Mary Coughlan (politician)

Mary Coughlan (politician) - Fluent, Irish speaker

Fluent, Irish speaker

Ann Bancroft

Ann Bancroft - American author

American author, Teacher, Spokesperson for the Learning Disabilities Association, Motivational speaker, Camper, Staff member

Pinball Clemons

Pinball Clemons - 5 ft

5 ft, Motivational speaker Making frequent, public appearances

James Henry Lane (Union general)

James Henry Lane (Union general) - Target of the event

Target of the event, Lt, Dynamic speaker, Dominant force in Kansas, Residence in Lawrence, Victorious Union forces at the battle

Richard Thieme

Richard Thieme - Professional consultant

Professional consultant, Speaker, Former priest, Professional commentator, Institution on the hacker convention circuit

Ann Compton

Ann Compton - American, former news reporter

American, former news reporter, White House correspondent, Popular speaker, Chief Washington correspondent for ABCNEWS in 2000, Part of the team

William W. Thomas Jr.

William W. Thomas Jr. - Attractive, public Speaker from the stump

Attractive, public Speaker from the stump

Bob Bates

Bob Bates - Renowned game designer

Renowned game designer, Cofounder, Frequent speaker at industry events

Ricky Watters

Ricky Watters - Former, American football

Former, American football, Motivational speaker for kids, Ballot

Frederick North, Lord North

Frederick North, Lord North - Second, British Prime Minister

Second, British Prime Minister, Active speaker

Pat Ingoldsby

Pat Ingoldsby - Irish poet

Irish poet, TV presenter, Fluent, Irish speaker includes a few Poems

Peter Tapsell (New Zealand politician)

Peter Tapsell (New Zealand politician) - Speaker of the New Zealand House

Speaker of the New Zealand House, Person, Position

Agrarian Party of Russia

Agrarian Party of Russia - Speaker of the Russian parliament Between 1994 1996

Speaker of the Russian parliament Between 1994 1996, Allies of the Communist Party in 1990s

John Langalibalele Dube

John Langalibalele Dube - South, African essayist

South, African essayist, Philosopher, Educator, Speaker

Michael C. Kerr

Michael C. Kerr - American legislator

American legislator, First, Democratic Speaker, Member of the Order

James F. Reilly

James F. Reilly - Speaker

Speaker, Instructor

Grammatical person

Grammatical person - Deictic category interpreted to the relative speaker

Deictic category interpreted to the relative speaker

JV Ejercito

JV Ejercito - Guest speaker of honor

Guest speaker of honor

Augustinas Voldemaras

Augustinas Voldemaras - Lithuania n

Lithuania n, Nationalist, political figure, Brilliant speaker was to able, present history

Yoko Tawada

Yoko Tawada - Native speaker of Japanese

Native speaker of Japanese

Benjamin Smith (North Carolina politician)

Benjamin Smith (North Carolina politician) - 16th governor of the U

16th governor of the U, Speaker of the North Carolina Senate from 1795 1799

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc - Fine

Fine, Forceful speaker, Somber, otherworldly, little waif, Fortunate nature of armies, Lucky men

Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy - American politician

American politician, Popular speaker, Signal defeat of the Senator

John P. Kennedy

John P. Kennedy - American novelist

American novelist, Whig politician, Advocate of religious tolerance, Former speaker of the Maryland General Assembly, Primary, initial impetus, Maryland chairman of the Constitutional Union Party, Active Whig, Maryland

Walter Dale Miller

Walter Dale Miller - Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair - Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House, CEO of Mashreq Group, Chairman of Al Ghurair Investment LLC, Member of the Governing Council

Peter Singer

Peter Singer - Cofounder of Animals Australia

Cofounder of Animals Australia, Atheist, Novelist, Author, Ira W, Speaker at the global 2012 Atheist Convention

Henry R. Jackson

Henry R. Jackson - Major, general, Confederate States Army during the American Civil War

Major, general, Confederate States Army during the American Civil War, Poet, Frequent, public speaker, Prominent lawyer, Prosecutor

Wulfstan (died 1023)

Wulfstan (died 1023) - English bishop of London

English bishop of London, Native speaker of Old English, Distinguished, effective, Old, English one prose writers

James Macandrew

James Macandrew - Speaker of the Otago Provincial Council for three

Speaker of the Otago Provincial Council for three

Kate Russell (reporter)

Kate Russell (reporter) - English technology reporter

English technology reporter, Speaker, Freelance reporter on the Webscape segment, Harpenden

American Jews

American Jews - Native, English speakers

Native, English speakers

Ron Russell

Ron Russell - Canadian, former politician

Canadian, former politician, Pilot living, Speaker of the house

William G. Batchelder

William G. Batchelder - Member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board

Member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board, Husband of Judge Alice Batchelder, 101st Speaker of the Ohio House

William O. Douglas

William O. Douglas - American jurist

American jurist, Politician, Friend, Frequent guest, First speaker for the annual series, Great man

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich - Strict

Strict, Intents, Aware Canaris importance, Speaker at this Wannsee Conference January, Ambitious, meticulous officer

Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg - American, popular author

American, popular author, Speaker, Teacher