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Bolyeriidae - Family of snakes

Family of snakes


Bogertophis - Genus of New World rat snake

Genus of New World rat snake, Slender snakes with large eye s, Oviparous


Constriction - Method

Method, Costly snakes, Costly, dangerous activity, 1


Homalopsidae - Family of snakes

Family of snakes

American badger

American badger - Member of the Mustelidae

Member of the Mustelidae, Fossorial carnivore, Significant predator of snakes, Aggressive animal with few, Natural enemies, Common tallgrass prairie, Present Glacier National Park in fescue grasslands


Taipan - Fast, agile snake

Fast, agile snake, Enraged Budden, Shy, coastal taipan

Tiger snake

Tiger snake - Type of venomous snake

Type of venomous snake, Large group of distinct populations


Atractaspidinae - Subfamily of snakes

Subfamily of snakes

Pseustes sulphureus

Pseustes sulphureus - Large snake

Large snake

Oxybelis aeneus

Oxybelis aeneus - Slender snake

Slender snake, Mistaken vine, Oviparous

Green anaconda

Green anaconda - Largest snakes in the world

Largest snakes in the world, Related one four species of constrictors, Polyandrous, Active, Early evening, Larger, most snakes at birth


Pythia - Name of the high priestess

Name of the high priestess, House of Snakes

Phrynonax poecilonotus

Phrynonax poecilonotus - Species of nonvenomous snake

Species of nonvenomous snake, Consistent, darker, lighter, yellow

Crotalus cerastes

Crotalus cerastes - Brown, dark segment

Brown, dark segment, Nocturnal cars kill many snakes, Brown, black C


Austrelaps - Genus of venomous, elapid snakes

Genus of venomous, elapid snakes

Agkistrodon piscivorus

Agkistrodon piscivorus - Venomous snake

Venomous snake, Species, Length

Tsushima Island

Tsushima Island - Closest, Japanese territory

Closest, Japanese territory, Korean Peninsula, Relay point for migratory birds, Located west of the Kanmon Strait, Venomous snake, Endemic Tsushima Island, Main, naval base for this invasion, Window of Japan, Important trade center During this period

False cobra

False cobra - Opisthoglyphous snake

Opisthoglyphous snake


Boomslang - Large venom

Large venom, Ous, timid, unusual snake, Notable exception

Ford Township, Kanabec County, Minnesota

Ford Township, Kanabec County, Minnesota - Township in Kanabec County

Township in Kanabec County, Chippewa name for snake, Last township