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Longhouse - Traditional way of shelter

Traditional way of shelter, Punan sama

Napanee railway station

Napanee railway station - Unstaffed, heated shelter with telephones

Unstaffed, heated shelter with telephones, Smaller, substantial stone station characteristic, First one 34 generation Grand Trunk Railway stations in Ontario, Credit in Ontario


Kennel - Structure

Structure, Shelter


Yurt - Name

Name, Gift, Ancient, nomadic shelter


Shack - Type of small, primitive shelter

Type of small, primitive shelter, Crisis, Accidents

Annabelle Ewing

Annabelle Ewing - Scottish politician

Scottish politician, Lawyer, Member of Shelter

Alternative 3

Alternative 3 - Drastic reduction of the human population

Drastic reduction of the human population, Construction of vast, underground shelters, 3 reality, Operation