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Frank Dobson (sculptor)

Frank Dobson (sculptor) - British artist

British artist, Sculptor, Professor of sculpture from 1946 1953, Esteemed one artists

James Earle Fraser (sculptor)

James Earle Fraser (sculptor) - American sculptor during the first half

American sculptor during the first half, Member of the National Academy

Veit Stoss

Veit Stoss - Leading, German sculptor in wood from Nuremberg

Leading, German sculptor in wood from Nuremberg

Ettore Ximenes

Ettore Ximenes - Italian sculptor

Italian sculptor

Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson - American artist

American artist, Sculptor

Robert Morris (artist)

Robert Morris (artist) - American sculptor

American sculptor, Conceptual artist

Giuliano da Sangallo

Giuliano da Sangallo - Italian sculptor

Italian sculptor, Architect

Nicola Pisano

Nicola Pisano - Italian sculptor

Italian sculptor, True imitator, Wayward pasticheur

Jean Dubuffet

Jean Dubuffet - French painter

French painter, Sculptor, First artist to use this type, Prolific United States in the year

Mahonri Young

Mahonri Young - American sculptor

American sculptor, Artist

Wah Chang

Wah Chang - Artist

Artist, Sculptor, Great, unsung one heroes of Star Trek

Thomas Brock

Thomas Brock - English sculptor

English sculptor, Medallist

Alfred Gilbert

Alfred Gilbert - English, famous, British Sculptor of the late, 19th century

English, famous, British Sculptor of the late, 19th century, Goldsmith

Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn - Danish painter

Danish painter, Sculptor

William Behnes

William Behnes - English sculptor of the early, 19th Century

English sculptor of the early, 19th Century, Successful portrait sculptor as Francis Chantrey from 1820s 1840s

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti - Swiss sculptor

Swiss sculptor, Painter, Key player in the Surrealist art movement

Richard Long (artist)

Richard Long (artist) - English sculptor of the known, British one land art ists

English sculptor of the known, British one land art ists

Trygve Rovelstad

Trygve Rovelstad - American, renowned sculptor

American, renowned sculptor, Medal designer, Medalist

Rachel Joynt

Rachel Joynt - Irish sculptor

Irish sculptor

Matthias Braun

Matthias Braun - Sculptor

Sculptor, Carver

Max Ernst

Max Ernst - German painter

German painter, Sculptor

Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero - Colombian, figurative art ist

Colombian, figurative art ist, Sculptor, Abstract artist in the fundamental sense

Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel - French sculptor

French sculptor, Graphic artist, Dramatization, Talented, young sculptress, Studio assistant

Jan Wolkers

Jan Wolkers - Dutch author

Dutch author, Sculptor

Carl Akeley

Carl Akeley - Pioneering, American taxidermist

Pioneering, American taxidermist, Sculptor, Dedicated explorer, Taxidermist

Robert Graham (sculptor)

Robert Graham (sculptor) - Sculptor


Paul Granlund

Paul Granlund - American sculptor

American sculptor

Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa - Spanish artist

Spanish artist, Sculptor, Forefront of the Contemporary art scene

Maggi Hambling

Maggi Hambling - British, contemporary painter

British, contemporary painter, Sculptor, Speculative, introspective

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey - Accomplished sculptor

Accomplished sculptor

Piper Laurie

Piper Laurie - American stage

American stage, Screen actress, Sculptor, Seventeen

John S. Cogdell

John S. Cogdell - American sculptor

American sculptor, Lawyer by profession

Karel Appel

Karel Appel - Dutch painter

Dutch painter, Sculptor, Painter, Printmaker

Max Klinger

Max Klinger - German symbolist painter

German symbolist painter, Sculptor

Charles Comfort

Charles Comfort - Canadian painter

Canadian painter, Sculptor

Stephen Gilbert

Stephen Gilbert - British painter

British painter, Sculptor

Henry Heerup

Henry Heerup - Painter

Painter, Sculptor


Polykleitos - Ancient, Greek sculptor in bronze

Ancient, Greek sculptor in bronze

Benvenuto Cellini

Benvenuto Cellini - Italian goldsmith

Italian goldsmith, Sculptor, Second child of the family, Subject of an eponymous opera

Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski - French sculptor

French sculptor, Photographer, Contemporary, French, Conceptual artist

Jacopo della Quercia

Jacopo della Quercia - Italian sculptor of the Italian Renaissance

Italian sculptor of the Italian Renaissance

Gaston Lachaise

Gaston Lachaise - American, versatile sculptor of French birth

American, versatile sculptor of French birth, Expert

Daniel Rhodes

Daniel Rhodes - American, ceramic art ist

American, ceramic art ist, Sculptor

Rene Paul Chambellan

Rene Paul Chambellan - American sculptor

American sculptor, Resident of Cliffside Park

Adam Friedrich Oeser

Adam Friedrich Oeser - German Painter

German Painter, Sculptor

Samuel Cashwan

Samuel Cashwan - American sculptor

American sculptor

Alfred Stevens (sculptor)

Alfred Stevens (sculptor) - British sculptor

British sculptor, Aware position

Georg Ferdinand Howaldt

Georg Ferdinand Howaldt - German sculptor

German sculptor

Menashe Kadishman

Menashe Kadishman - Israeli sculptor

Israeli sculptor, Painter

Nicolai Abildgaard

Nicolai Abildgaard - Danish, neoclassical, royal history painter

Danish, neoclassical, royal history painter, Sculptor

Francis Davis Millet

Francis Davis Millet - American Painter

American Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Journalist, Founders of the School

Bartolomeo Ammannati

Bartolomeo Ammannati - Italian architect

Italian architect, Sculptor

Paolo Troubetzkoy

Paolo Troubetzkoy - Artist

Artist, Sculptor, Vegetarian

Benjamin Paul Akers

Benjamin Paul Akers - American sculptor from Maine

American sculptor from Maine

John Hogan (sculptor)

John Hogan (sculptor) - Sculptor


Daniel Dunglas Home

Daniel Dunglas Home - Scottish, physical medium

Scottish, physical medium, Sculptor, Absurd fancy, Scientific man, Medium, Good health

Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni - Influential, Italian painter

Influential, Italian painter, Sculptor, Fiery theoretician of the movement

Marino Marini (sculptor)

Marino Marini (sculptor) - Italian sculptor

Italian sculptor

Alexander Stirling Calder

Alexander Stirling Calder - American sculptor

American sculptor, Teacher

William Ricketts

William Ricketts - Australian potter

Australian potter, Sculptor

William Calder Marshall

William Calder Marshall - Scottish sculptor

Scottish sculptor, Prolific exhibitor of statuary

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney - American sculptor

American sculptor, Art patron, Prominent art collector, Patron, Member of the National Academy

Timo Sarpaneva

Timo Sarpaneva - Influential, Finnish designer

Influential, Finnish designer, Sculptor

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso - Spanish painter

Spanish painter, Sculptor, Sick couples, Old, electric light bulb, Linear forms, Intervention of the United Nations

Thomas Ball (artist)

Thomas Ball (artist) - American sculptor

American sculptor, Musician, Accomplished musician

Johann Gottfried Schadow

Johann Gottfried Schadow - German, Prussian sculptor

German, Prussian sculptor

Aristide Maillol

Aristide Maillol - French sculptor

French sculptor, Painter

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder - American sculptor

American sculptor, Instrumental development of the UC Berkeley Art Museum, One 250 sculptors, Surrealist abstractionist, Same line, Envious size

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach - Austrian architect

Austrian architect, Sculptor

Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi - Scottish Sculptor

Scottish Sculptor, Artist, Interested everything, Fond Munich

Charles Keck

Charles Keck - American sculptor from New York City

American sculptor from New York City

John Gibson (sculptor)

John Gibson (sculptor) - Welsh

Welsh, Neoclassical sculptor

Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt - German photographer

German photographer, Sculptor, German instructor of sculpture

Grenville Davey

Grenville Davey - English sculptor

English sculptor, Winner

Ciro Ferri

Ciro Ferri - Italian, Baroque sculptor

Italian, Baroque sculptor, Painter, Responsible Reliquary of the Arm

Constant Permeke

Constant Permeke - Belgian painter

Belgian painter, Sculptor

Christian Daniel Rauch

Christian Daniel Rauch - German sculptor

German sculptor

Jacques Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz - Cubist sculptor

Cubist sculptor

Joseph Towne

Joseph Towne - British moulage ur

British moulage ur, Sculptor

Rayner Hoff

Rayner Hoff - Sculptor

Sculptor, Responsible, fine, decorative reliefs

Erastus Dow Palmer

Erastus Dow Palmer - American sculptor

American sculptor, Interested politics

Luca della Robbia

Luca della Robbia - Italian sculptor from Florence

Italian sculptor from Florence

Wilhelm Lehmbruck

Wilhelm Lehmbruck - German sculptor

German sculptor

Carl Milles

Carl Milles - Swedish sculptor

Swedish sculptor

Charing Cross

Charing Cross - Work of the medieval sculptor

Work of the medieval sculptor, Charing Cross railway station

Charles Daudelin

Charles Daudelin - French, Canadian sculptor

French, Canadian sculptor, Painter

Ugo Nespolo

Ugo Nespolo - Italian painter

Italian painter, Sculptor, Avid enthusiast

Johann Heinrich von Dannecker

Johann Heinrich von Dannecker - German sculptor

German sculptor

Leo Cherne

Leo Cherne - American economist

American economist, Public servant, Gifted sculptor

Gaudenzio Ferrari

Gaudenzio Ferrari - Northern, Italian painter

Northern, Italian painter, Sculptor

Alexander Milne Calder

Alexander Milne Calder - Scottish, American sculptor

Scottish, American sculptor

William Reid Dick

William Reid Dick - Scottish sculptor

Scottish sculptor