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Sheol - Family grave on a large scale

Family grave on a large scale

Loya jirga

Loya jirga - Same process on a much, grander scale

Same process on a much, grander scale, Panacea

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin - Common, captive cetaceans on a global scale

Common, captive cetaceans on a global scale

Brown bullhead

Brown bullhead - Fish of the Ictaluridae family

Fish of the Ictaluridae family, Benthic, opportunistic omnivores, Subject of a small scale, Scavengers as predators, Important clan symbol of the Ojibwe group


Macroevolution - Evolution on a scale

Evolution on a scale, Result of microevolutionary processes, Least evolution

Pythagorean tuning

Pythagorean tuning - System of musical tuning

System of musical tuning, Scale

Pentatonic scale

Pentatonic scale - Musical scale

Musical scale, Mode, Major 1 2 3 5 6 triad tones, Common, consonant extensions

Locrian mode

Locrian mode - Musical, only, modern, diatonic mode

Musical, only, modern, diatonic mode, Diatonic scale, Word

Bark scale

Bark scale - Psychoacoustical scale

Psychoacoustical scale

Ecosystem diversity

Ecosystem diversity - Type of biodiversity

Type of biodiversity, Largest scale of biodiversity, Amount of variation, Number, Abundance, Ability of an ecosystem, Collection of organisms

Air pollution in British Columbia

Air pollution in British Columbia - Concern in British Columbia

Concern in British Columbia, Transboundary phenomenon, Unregulated part of a child, Participant in the Canadian Council, Scale, Available Lower Fraser Valley, Available rest of the province, Oxides of nitrogen

Mohs scale of mineral hardness

Mohs scale of mineral hardness - Ordinal scale

Ordinal scale, Resistance of a material, One measure of the strength, Recent advancement, Consistent chemistry of minerals, Important gemstones, Uneven

Sexual objectification

Sexual objectification - Act

Act, Scale

Weighing scale

Weighing scale - Smart scale

Smart scale

Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Chickamauga - First, large scale

First, large scale, Confederate movement

Mel scale

Mel scale - Scale of pitches

Scale of pitches

Heptatonic scale

Heptatonic scale - Musical scale

Musical scale

Richard Arkwright junior

Richard Arkwright junior - High Sheriff of Derbyshire

High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Money lender on a large scale, Fourth eleven children of Richard Arkwright Junior, Eldest sixteen children of Peter Arkwright, Synonymous development of industrial power


Raga - Remarkable, central feature of classical, Indian music tradition

Remarkable, central feature of classical, Indian music tradition, Central concept of Indian music, Fusion of technical, ideational ideas, Tune because the same raga, Scale because many ragas


Airfix - First company to release small scale

First company to release small scale


PH - Important agronomy

Important agronomy, Academic exercises, Logarithmic pH is a dimensionless quantity, Example of an acidity function, Logarithmic scale, Difference

Air quality index

Air quality index - Number

Number, Scale, Such one tool for effective dissemination

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - Navigable aqueduct

Navigable aqueduct, Breathtaking, pioneering work on a scale, Area

Tachymeter (watch)

Tachymeter (watch) - Scale

Scale, Means

G. K. Vasan

G. K. Vasan - Landlords on a scale

Landlords on a scale, University gold medal grades, Unanimous,37 choice

TORRO scale

TORRO scale - Scale measuring tornado intensity

Scale measuring tornado intensity, True tornado wind speed intensity scale than a damage scale, Precise

Operation Deliberate Force

Operation Deliberate Force - Achievement on a scale

Achievement on a scale


Gar - Edible, hard skin

Edible, hard skin, Scales, Tolerant gar species of high salinity, Largest gar species, Present Gulf

O scale

O scale - Scale

Scale, Ratio of a model dimension

Logarithmic scale

Logarithmic scale - Nonlinear scale

Nonlinear scale, Useful price of the stock

G major

G major - Major scale

Major scale

AMULET microprocessor

AMULET microprocessor - Series of microprocessors

Series of microprocessors, First, large scale, Asynchronous circuit

LNER Class D49

LNER Class D49 - Popular kit in 4mm scale

Popular kit in 4mm scale

Dorian mode

Dorian mode - Symmetric scale

Symmetric scale

Cohesion (computer science)

Cohesion (computer science) - Qualitative measure

Qualitative measure, Ranking type of scale

History of Canadian animation

History of Canadian animation - Low scale with small production

Low scale with small production

Music of Uganda

Music of Uganda - Home over different, ethnic 65 groups

Home over different, ethnic 65 groups, Unique country with a mild climate, Part of the larger, African, popular music, Rhythmic complexity of these rhythms, Pentatonic, few tribes use a hexatonic scale, Entertainment, Kadongo Kamu style of music

Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale - Neurological scale

Neurological scale

Empire International Pictures

Empire International Pictures - American, small scale

American, small scale, Theatrical distribution company

Microscopic scale

Microscopic scale - Scale of objects

Scale of objects

Tanner scale

Tanner scale - Scale of physical development

Scale of physical development

Major scale

Major scale - Diatonic scale

Diatonic scale, Fifth mode of the jazz

Length scale

Length scale - Operative scale in dimensional analysis

Operative scale in dimensional analysis, Length

D minor

D minor - Minor scale

Minor scale

Torino scale

Torino scale - Similar, complex scale

Similar, complex scale, Attempt

Mercalli intensity scale

Mercalli intensity scale - Seismic scale

Seismic scale

Likert scale

Likert scale - Psychometric scale

Psychometric scale, Sum of responses, Bipolar scaling method measuring positive, negative response, Measure of attitudes, Arbitrary, Unidimensional