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Red River of the South

Red River of the South - Highway of travel

Highway of travel, Natural center for military operations, Navigable north of Natchitoches, Prairie, Fertile, natural resources were a abundant, new, agricultural era, Result of a letter, Settlements, Quapaws, Kiowas, First, white people to enter the Red River Country, Bienville, St, Homes of the wild tribes, Good crops, Located, good trade territory, Excellent, Interested sports, Interested education before the Civil War, Wealthiest, Indian tribes, Many, large areas

New Museum

New Museum - Online resource

Online resource


Ustica - Name of a small island

Name of a small island, Home of the honeybee Apis mellifera sicula, Small island with limited resources

Wine label

Wine label - Important sources of information

Important sources of information, Only resource, Buyer


Bengkulu - 26th, largest province by population

26th, largest province by population, Home, Many, natural resources, Home, Various, indigenous, ethnic groups, Located, west side of the Bukit Barisan mountains

Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers Museum - Museum displaying the archaeological, anthropological collections

Museum displaying the archaeological, anthropological collections, Resource of international importance


Firewood - Wooden material

Wooden material, Renewable resource, 33 50 cm,

Land degradation

Land degradation - Broad term

Broad term, Global problem, Related, agricultural use, Important factor of internal displacement, Vital, renewable resource for humankind on the time scale


Totsukawa - Resource

Resource, Rich, largest village in Japan, South end of Totsukawa village

Airport security

Airport security - Combination of human, material resources

Combination of human, material resources, Security guards, Control of the Airport Authority Hong Kong

Renewable resource

Renewable resource - Natural resource

Natural resource

Interwiki links

Interwiki links - Limited resource like domain names

Limited resource like domain names

Red River (Cumberland River)

Red River (Cumberland River) - Vital, economic resource supplying ground

Vital, economic resource supplying ground, Part of the Cumberland River Basin

List of rivers of Texas

List of rivers of Texas - Tributaries of Four

Tributaries of Four, Pecos, Natural resource

Military of Swaziland

Military of Swaziland - Country in rich, natural resources

Country in rich, natural resources


Wood - Porous, fibrous, structural tissue

Porous, fibrous, structural tissue, Heterogeneous, hygroscopic, cellular, anisotropic material, Hydroscopic, potential instability limits the length, Renewable resource, Complex, Natural product, Fatty acid s, Resin acid s

Mozilla China

Mozilla China - Great resource for the open source community

Great resource for the open source community


Calakmul - Seat

Seat, True, urban, rival city with equivalent resources, Elite centre, Large city in the Preclassic period, Largest, powerful, ancient one cities, Located Campeche state in southeastern Mexico

Eddy Arboretum

Eddy Arboretum - Part of the Pacific Southwest Research Station

Part of the Pacific Southwest Research Station, Irreplaceable, genetic resource for tree breeders, Located Institute of Forest Genetics, Available tours during business hours


Mosquitofish - Species of freshwater fish

Species of freshwater fish, Major factor from 1920s 1950s, Relevant system, Consumers of pelagic, epipelagic resources, Small comparison, Infraclass Teleostei as all teleosts, Larger males, Small, dull, grey coloring with a large abdomen, Shorter, hardier females, Responsible elimination of the least chub Iotichthys phlegethontis

Marine biology

Marine biology - Scientific study of organisms

Scientific study of organism s, Study, Vast resource providing food, Branch of biology, Home, Many, exotic, biological materials

Giorgio Vasari

Giorgio Vasari - Son of Antonio Vasari

Son of Antonio Vasari, Important resource

Edisto River

Edisto River - Resource of great value

Resource of great value

Earth materials

Earth materials - General term

General term, Vital resources

Cuming Museum

Cuming Museum - Son of a tinplater

Son of a tinplater, Special resource

Electronic health record

Electronic health record - Longitudinal collection of the electronic health information

Longitudinal collection of the electronic health information, Resource, Separate, national care record

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi - Social, 5th fraternity in North America at USC

Social, 5th fraternity in North America at USC, Canadian counterpart of the Sigma Chi Foundation, Online resource

George S. Patton

George S. Patton - Child

Child, Staunch fatalist, Descendant of French Huguenot Louis DuBois, Rich resource for historians

National Space Centre

National Space Centre - Museum

Museum, Educational resource


Ghana - Democratic, multiethnic, Christian country Although a sizable, Muslim minority

Democratic, multiethnic, Christian country Although a sizable, Muslim minority, Average, natural resource, Enriched country


Rwanda - Member of the United Nations

Member of the United Nations, Country of few, natural resources, National army of Rwanda, One two countries with a female majority

Saint Helena

Saint Helena - Member of the International Island Games Association

Member of the International Island Games Association, Volcanic island although volcanic activity, Egg Island, Online resource featuring the History, Website, Island, Collection of documents, 14 million years, Remote one islands in the world

Resource depletion

Resource depletion - Consumption of a resource

Consumption of a resource

Data center

Data center - Facility

Facility, Resource


Galway - City in the west

City in the west, Central port on the West Coast, Local authority for the city, International series of concerts, Major centre for traditional, Irish music, Free resource for both practitioners, Capital of Connacht, Fourth, largest Republic of Ireland

Public health

Public health - International agency

International agency, Dedicating attention, Resources, Important, Spanish empire during the colonial era

Madrona Marsh

Madrona Marsh - Educational, recreational resource

Educational, recreational resource, Located Torrance

River Loddon

River Loddon - River in the English counties

River in the English counties, Important resource for wild life


Groundwater - Important

Important, Useful, abundant resource, Amendment of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act

Information system

Information system - Organized system for the collection

Organized system for the collection, Information, Communication technology, Work system, Form of communication system, System, Academic study of systems, System, Operating system, Primary focus of study, Information technologies, Delivery vehicles for data, Important, malleable resource, Available executives, Different business processes

Hard money (policy)

Hard money (policy) - Scarce, fixed resource like gold

Scarce, fixed resource like gold

Human resource management

Human resource management - Management of human resources

Management of human resources, Related career path

Mynydd Llandygai

Mynydd Llandygai - Small forest ed hill

Small forest ed hill, Fantastic resource for the local community


Amadou - Precious resource

Precious resource, Ancient people, Soft, absorbent, brown stuff like a little, old, tired chamois leather


Haddock - Saltwater fish

Saltwater fish, Popular food fish, Predominant fish of choice, Transboundary resource, Mature age of the three number

River Barrow

River Barrow - Longest three rivers

Longest three rivers, Priceless resource for anglers

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata - Disorder

Disorder, Patchy loss of hair, Excellent resource for patients, Contagious

Jamaican fruit bat

Jamaican fruit bat - Fruit eating bat

Fruit eating bat, Native Mexico, Frugivore, Microbat in the family Phyllostomidae, Resource, Important seed, Common one bats in the tropical Americas

District Municipality of Muskoka

District Municipality of Muskoka - Scenic area

Scenic area, Valuable resource, Hunting grounds of a band

Resource allocation

Resource allocation - First resource on an activity

First resource on an activity

Cambridge University Library

Cambridge University Library - Main research library of the University

Main research library of the University, Major, scholarly resource for the members, Grade II listed building, Legal one six deposit libraries under UK law, Unique, legal deposit libraries

Cancer cluster

Cancer cluster - Disease cluster

Disease cluster, Appropriate, public health practice, Resources

United States Park Police

United States Park Police - Oldest, uniformed, federal one law enforcement agencies in the United States

Oldest, uniformed, federal one law enforcement agencies in the United States, Unit of the National Park Service, Primary resource


Trail - Path

Path, Track, Recreational resource for all ages, , Rock

Water supply network

Water supply network - Integrated system including water intake

Integrated system including water intake, Essential, natural resource for human existence, Part of the master planning

Cayuga Lake

Cayuga Lake - Major, recreational resource for the region

Major, recreational resource for the region, Source of drinking water, Beautiful lake, Lowest elevation among the Finger Lakes, Popular, recreational boaters, One group of Long, narrow lakes, Longest Finger Lakes with a length

Operational risk

Operational risk - Broad discipline

Broad discipline, Good management, Resource for operational risk content, Index quantifying the level, Mature discipline, Consideration of past failures, Much, imperative NGO environment, Center of all kinds

Protein purification

Protein purification - Series of processes

Series of processes, Resource of information, Vital characterization of the function, Preparative, analytical, Present, low abundance

Grove Street Cemetery

Grove Street Cemetery - Open

Open, Beautiful, stately, 50 mile per hour highway, Historic resource, Urban cemetery

Yarra River

Yarra River - Major food source

Major food source, Meeting place, Important resource for the Wurundjeri people, Instrumental establishment of Melbourne, Navigable, most boats

Free Methodist Church

Free Methodist Church - Methodist Christian denomination within the holiness movement

Methodist Christian denomination within the holiness movement, Publishing division of the Free Methodist Church, Quarterly magazine about world missions, Online resource, Indianapolis, Located Winona Lake

Great Northern Highway

Great Northern Highway - Vital link in the resource

Vital link in the resource, Series of tracks

Blender Game Engine

Blender Game Engine - Interesting part of workflow

Interesting part of workflow, New LEGO, Software, Great tool for modeling, Resource demanding qua developer time, Market, Powerful one tools out bar none, Perfect, human sacrifice, Unnecessary


Rationing - Controlled distribution of scarce resources

Controlled distribution of scarce resources

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan - First class municipality managed resource

First class municipality managed resource, Located, protected area, Speckled 45 limestone islands

Financial capital

Financial capital - Economic resource

Economic resource, Liquid medium, Mechanism

Camp Ripley

Camp Ripley - Military, civilian training facility

Military, civilian training facility, Modern, military training site, State game refuge with resources, Training site for the National Guard

Barrier island

Barrier island - Coastal landforms

Coastal landform s, Type, Valuable, natural resources, Rare, macrotidal coasts, Dependent, complex interaction

Gustavus Adolphus College

Gustavus Adolphus College - Home

Home, Social justice theatre troupe, Member of the Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education consortium, Home, Several publications, Liberal arts college, Excellent resource for anybody

St. Olaf College

St. Olaf College - Home

Home, Flaten Art Museum, Member of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Home, Sacred, choral music radio, Traditional, athletic rival, Oles, Excellent resource for anybody, Hometown of Rose Nylund

Geography of Pakistan

Geography of Pakistan - Large importer of exhaustible, renewable, natural resources

Large importer of exhaustible, renewable, natural resources, Party, Several, international agreements

John Rennie the Elder

John Rennie the Elder - Scottish, civil engineer

Scottish, civil engineer, Man of unbounded resource, Responsible construction of Howth Harbour, Conical, white house

Economy of Rwanda

Economy of Rwanda - Country of few, natural resources

Country of few, natural resources

Zion, Illinois

Zion, Illinois - Unique, captivating, natural resource

Unique, captivating, natural resource


Zhongguancun - Largest concentration area of intellectual resources

Largest concentration area of intellectual resources

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Cape Hatteras National Seashore - United States

United States, National seashore, Home, Nesting shorebirds, Combination of natural, cultural resources, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge outside 12, Several communities

Chimbu Province

Chimbu Province - Province with Limited, natural resources

Province with Limited, natural resources, Located, central highlands cordillera of Papua New Guinea

Fresh water

Fresh water - Critical issue for the survival

Critical issue for the survival, Important, natural resource for the necessary survival

Conservation agriculture

Conservation agriculture - Use of resources

Use of resources, Destructive one forces against biodiversity


Topsoil - Upper, outermost layer of soil

Upper, outermost layer of soil, Primary Resource for plants


Syngas - Product of gasification

Product of gasification, Crucial, intermediate resource for production

Robert Cantwell

Robert Cantwell - One editors of time magazine

One editors of time magazine, Unique, intellectual resource, Friend

Poverty threshold

Poverty threshold - Absence of enough resources

Absence of enough resources, Available Middle East

Jamaica Bay

Jamaica Bay - Saline

Saline, Brackish, eutrophic estuary, Diverse, ecological resource, Southern portion of the New York

Raw foodism

Raw foodism - Dietary practice

Dietary practice, Resource, Diets


FreeDOS - Free operating system for IBM PC

Free operating system for IBM PC, Invaluable resource for People, Free, Ideal anyone, Attractive, embedded systems designers

Searles Lake

Searles Lake - Endorheic, dry lake in the Searles Valley

Endorheic, dry lake in the Searles Valley, Home, Trona Pinnacles, Huge resource of sodium

History of salt

History of salt - Significant, strategic resource in antiquity

Significant, strategic resource in antiquity, Prestige object, High value, Valuable, 150 feet below the surface


Cantabria - Mountainous, coastal region with important, natural resources

Mountainous, coastal region with important, natural resources, Only, autonomous community

Verde River

Verde River - Major tributary of the Salt River

Major tributary of the Salt River, Unique, important resource in Arizona, White Bridge

List of freedom indices

List of freedom indices - Resource

Resource, Comprehensive freedom index, Social concept

Spider (pulp fiction)

Spider (pulp fiction) - Millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth

Millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth, Outstanding resource