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Basil Rathbone

Basil Rathbone - Changed man

Changed man, Baseball fan, Enthusiastic golfer, Spy, Distant relation, Eldest three children, Wrong course

Congruence (geometry)

Congruence (geometry) - Equivalence relation

Equivalence relation

Correspondence theory of truth

Correspondence theory of truth - False

False, Relational property involving a characteristic relation

Set theory (music)

Set theory (music) - Relation between sets

Relation between sets

John Yeamans

John Yeamans - Colonel in the Royalist army

Colonel in the Royalist army, Close relation of Sir John, Large, prominent One family

Hard determinism

Hard determinism - View on free will

View on free will, Thesis about the laws, Claim about the relation, Consistent fact

Urban ecology

Urban ecology - Scientific study of the relation

Scientific study of the relation, Recent field of study

Ernest Giles

Ernest Giles - Interesting, Australian explorers by virtue

Interesting, Australian explorers by virtue, Relation, Explorer Alfred Giles, Adelaide

Bennie Oosterbaan

Bennie Oosterbaan - Scholar

Scholar, Athlete, Skilled passer, Head coach of the freshman baseball team, Member of the inaugural 1978 class, Relation, John Paul Oosterbaan

Bob Stump (U.S. Congressman)

Bob Stump (U.S. Congressman) - U

U, Relation, Member, Rarity, Formidable opponent


Flexagon - Equivalence relation

Equivalence relation, Opposite 1 2 sides

Social justice

Social justice - Concept of fair relation

Concept of fair relation, Order, Duty, Right of the the stronger, effective harmony, Concept

Triangular theory of love

Triangular theory of love - Corner of the triangle

Corner of the triangle, Complete form of love, Satisfying kind of adult relation, Full excitement, Important beginning of the relationship, Important survival of the relationship

William D. Rogers

William D. Rogers - Relation

Relation, President Richard M, American lawyer, Active defense of Owen Lattimore

Klein–Gordon equation

Klein–Gordon equation - Relation

Relation, Clear example, Prime example of a classical, elliptic equation

George Roy Hill

George Roy Hill - American film director

American film director, Relation, George W, Inaccessible

Glossary of order theory

Glossary of order theory - Binary relation

Binary relation, Surjective order embedding

Primitive accumulation of capital

Primitive accumulation of capital - Social relation of production

Social relation of production

Identity (philosophy)

Identity (philosophy) - Unproblematic notion

Unproblematic notion, Absolute, equivalence, equivalence relation satisfying LL, Simple, unproblematic, reflexive, Equivalence relations

Philosophy of perception

Philosophy of perception - Direct Indirectness Principle is false support

Direct Indirectness Principle is false support, Certain kind of relation, Acquisition of belief, Direct, relevant sense

Graph isomorphism

Graph isomorphism - Equivalence relation on graphs

Equivalence relation on graphs

Comitative case

Comitative case - Grammatical case

Grammatical case, Expression of the comitative, semantic relation

Thomas Walsingham

Thomas Walsingham - English chronicler

English chronicler, Benedictine monk, Painstaking collector of facts, Relation, Sir Francis Walsingham

James Holborne of Menstrie

James Holborne of Menstrie - Major general

Major general, Relation of Sir Robert Holborne


Semigroup - Commutative semigroup

Commutative semigroup, Associative magma, Equivalence relation, Fact, Regular semigroups

Liskov substitution principle

Liskov substitution principle - Particular definition of a subtyping relation

Particular definition of a subtyping relation, Useful reasoning about the design

Perioperative mortality

Perioperative mortality - Death in relation

Death in relation

Syntactic monoid

Syntactic monoid - Equivalence relation

Equivalence relation,

Matrix similarity

Matrix similarity - Equivalence relation on the space

Equivalence relation on the space


Overeating - Excess food in relation

Excess food in relation


Meronymy - Semantic relation

Semantic relation, Specific linguistics, Opposite of holonymy

Finitary relation

Finitary relation - Ternary relation

Ternary relation