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Michael Mallin

Michael Mallin - Irish rebel

Irish rebel, Socialist

Thomas Venner

Thomas Venner - Cooper

Cooper, Rebel

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo - Maverick

Maverick, Rebel, Forefront of the Romantic, literary movement, Vacation, Namesake of the city

Alex James (musician)

Alex James (musician) - English musician

English musician, Songwriter, Judge on the Channel in 2007, Rebel

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla - Leader of undisciplined rebels

Leader of undisciplined rebels, Egalitarian

Arrowsmith (novel)

Arrowsmith (novel) - Progressive something of a rebel

Progressive something of a rebel, Novel, American author Sinclair Lewis


Theudas - Name of a follower

Name of a follower, Jew, Ish rebel

Silver Samurai

Silver Samurai - Name of different, Fictional two characters

Name of different, Fictional two characters, Master of Kenjutsu, Illegitimate son of Shingen Harada, Bodyguard of Viper, Mutant rebel, Abducted

Morlocks (comics)

Morlocks (comics) - Group of mutant characters

Group of mutant characters, Marvel comics creation, Name, Outcasts, Rebels

West Nile Bank Front

West Nile Bank Front - Rebel

Rebel, Armed force