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Ionic compound

Ionic compound - Result of a reaction

Result of a reaction


Selenium - Chemical element with symbol Se

Chemical element with symbol Se, Semiconductor, Ingredient in many multivitamins, CATALYST in some chemical reactions, Component of the unusual amino acid, Essential trace element, Rare mineral, Good tracer element for medical purposes, Interesting element, 30th nutrient, Major, etiological factor of Keshan disease, Form of selenomethionine, Toxic, large amounts, Low people, Available, several forms, Low, European countries among populations


Chilblains - Result of an abnormal reaction

Result of an abnormal reaction


Photochromism - Reversible transformation of a chemical species

Reversible transformation of a chemical species, Special case of a photochemical reaction


Trimethylamine - Good nucleophile

Good nucleophile, Reaction, Product of decomposition, Base like ammonia

Distant Early Warning Line

Distant Early Warning Line - Significant achievement among Cold War initiatives

Significant achievement among Cold War initiatives, Direct reaction to emerging this Soviet threat, Ambitious project, Setting for the 1957 film, Northernmost, capable three radar lines in Canada, One series of defence projects


Halogenation - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Heck reaction

Heck reaction - Chemical reaction of an unsaturated halide

Chemical reaction of an unsaturated halide


Azide - Anion with the formula N

Anion with the formula N, Functional group in organic chemistry, Regular tosyl azide in reaction

Substitution reaction

Substitution reaction - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction, Prime importance in organic chemistry, Commonplace, organic chemistry

Robinson annulation

Robinson annulation - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Eczema vaccinatum

Eczema vaccinatum - Rare, severe, adverse Reaction

Rare, severe, adverse Reaction, Smallpox vaccination, Serious, medical condition

Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation

Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation - Chemical reaction of an alkene

Chemical reaction of an alkene

Claisen rearrangement

Claisen rearrangement - Exothermic, concerted, pericyclic reaction

Exothermic, concerted, pericyclic reaction

Neutron capture

Neutron capture - Nuclear reaction

Nuclear reaction

The Philanderer

The Philanderer - Play by George Bernard Shaw

Play by George Bernard Shaw, Reaction, Melodrama, Revival by the Pearl Theatre Company, 5 February at the 1907 Royal Court Theatre

Powder Alarm

Powder Alarm - Major, popular reaction

Major, popular reaction, Removal

Mold health issues

Mold health issues - Harmful effects of mold S

Harmful effects of mold S, Allergic reaction


Thiazole - Planar, aromatic

Planar, aromatic, Benzothiazole s for example, Reaction between haloketone s


Metalation - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

N-Acyl homoserine lactone

N-Acyl homoserine lactone - Product of the proteolytic reaction

Product of the proteolytic reaction

History of the Republic of India

History of the Republic of India - One four backers of Egypt

One four backers of Egypt, Procurement process, Aware, electoral clout of the OBCs, Reaction, Impending balance, Little significance from the practical point, Understandable

Alkyne metathesis

Alkyne metathesis - Organic reaction involving the redistribution

Organic reaction involving the redistribution

Impulse response

Impulse response - Reaction of any dynamic system

Reaction of any dynamic system, Major facet of radar

Mannich reaction

Mannich reaction - Organic reaction

Organic reaction, Example of nucleophilic addition

Basmachi movement

Basmachi movement - Case in TURKEY

Case in TURKEY, Reaction, Conscription, Bandits

Mitsunobu reaction

Mitsunobu reaction - Organic reaction

Organic reaction

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau - International style of art

International style of art, Total, elegant, decorative art style, Popular, Nordic countries, More, mere style, French, new art, Reaction against the eclectic styles, Medium, Beautiful objects of art

Environmental movement

Environmental movement - International movement

International movement, Reaction, Urban conditions

Sandmeyer reaction

Sandmeyer reaction - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction


Aluminium - Common material for the fabrication

Common material for the fabrication, Common, widespread element, Aluminium minerals, Soft, durable, lightweight, ductile, malleable metal with appearance, Only nitride, Capable superconductivity, Reactive, Native specimens, Corrosion, Resistant, due, galvanic reactions

Condensation reaction

Condensation reaction - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction


Hives - Reaction

Reaction, Food


Barium - Chemical element with symbol Ba

Chemical element with symbol Ba, Catalyst in the aluminothermic reaction, Promising, electroceramic, Suitable applications in the passive IR band

Output device

Output device - Piece of computer hardware item

Piece of computer hardware item, Computer component, Data, Goal of input, Instant reaction, Input, Output device, Single piece of equipment, Welcome

Benzoin condensation

Benzoin condensation - Reaction between aromatic two aldehydes

Reaction between aromatic two aldehyde s, Effect

Neutralization (chemistry)

Neutralization (chemistry) - Exothermic reaction

Exothermic reaction, Possible instance


Pyrolysis - Thermochemical decomposition of organic material

Thermochemical decomposition of organic material, Type of thermolysis, Basis of several methods, Valuable method, Endothermic, various methods to provide heat, Thermal decomposition process, Reaction used to coat, Renewable, liquid fuel, Lower, boiling point of lipids


Ozone - Powerful oxidant has many, industrial consumer applications

Powerful oxidant has many, industrial consumer applications, Polar molecule with a dipole moment, Reagent in many, organic reactions, Second allotrope of oxygen, Bluish colour, Present atmosphere at amuch, Group of pollutants

Hofmann rearrangement

Hofmann rearrangement - Organic reaction of a primary amide

Organic reaction of a primary amide

Water splitting

Water splitting - General term for a chemical reaction

General term for a chemical reaction

Sexual jealousy

Sexual jealousy - Special form of jealousy

Special form of jealousy, Reaction, High immigrants

Staudinger reaction

Staudinger reaction - Chemical reaction of an azide

Chemical reaction of an azide, High yielding offering chemoselective possibilities


Anger - Emotional reaction

Emotional reaction, Distinct strategy of social influence, Interesting emotion for psychologists, Displaced violence

Electric shock

Electric shock - Physiological reaction

Physiological reaction, Sensation, Barriers

Barbier reaction

Barbier reaction - Organic reaction between an alkyl halide

Organic reaction between an alkyl halide, Primary, secondary, tertiary alcohol, Nucleophilic addition reactions

Azo coupling

Azo coupling - Organic reaction between a diazonium compound

Organic reaction between a diazonium compound


Minimalism - Reaction against the painterly subjectivity

Reaction against the painterly subjectivity

Concerted reaction

Concerted reaction - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction


Laughter - Physical reaction in humans

Physical reaction in humans, Part of human behavior, Social mechanism, Audience, Violent activity, Social signal, Egocentric expression, Pleasant experience, Reminder that all science concerns

Maillard reaction

Maillard reaction - Chemical reaction between amino acids

Chemical reaction between amino acids

Heirloom plant

Heirloom plant - Reaction against this trend

Reaction against this trend

Granuloma inguinale

Granuloma inguinale - Bacteria l disease

Bacteria l disease, Nodular TYPE of inflammatory reaction, Common, certain regions of the world

Pinner reaction

Pinner reaction - Organic reaction of a nitrile

Organic reaction of a nitrile, Sequence of nucleophilic addition s


Ozonolysis - Organic reaction

Organic reaction

Clay minerals

Clay minerals - Hydrous aluminium phyllosilicates with variable amounts

Hydrous aluminium phyllosilicates with variable amounts, Product of the reaction


Hyperthermia - Elevated body temperature

Elevated body temperature, Due, failed thermoregulation, Rare complication of some types, Rare reaction, Common, anesthetic agents, Type of cancer treatment

Chondroitin sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate - Sulfated glycosaminoglycan

Sulfated glycosaminoglycan, Important, structural component of cartilage, Substrate of the reaction, Uniform substance


Aromatization - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Larock indole synthesis

Larock indole synthesis - Flexible reaction

Flexible reaction, Due variety

Aromatic sulfonation

Aromatic sulfonation - Organic reaction

Organic reaction


Carbonatation - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction, Slow process


Hydrogenation - Exothermic reaction

Exothermic reaction, Useful means

Gabriel synthesis

Gabriel synthesis - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Symbolism (arts)

Symbolism (arts) - Reaction in favour

Reaction in favour


Gratification - Pleasurable, emotional reaction of happiness

Pleasurable, emotional reaction of happiness, Major issue in bipolar disorder

Cellular respiration

Cellular respiration - Set of metabolic reactions

Set of metabolic reactions, Combustion reaction, Key one ways

Radical Faeries

Radical Faeries - Reaction against the social emptiness

Reaction against the social emptiness, Affiliated, international group of gay men

Symbolic anthropology

Symbolic anthropology - Reaction against materialism

Reaction against materialism


Hypersensitivity - Set of undesirable reactions

Set of undesirable reactions, Form of T cell


Wandervogel - Name

Name, Manifestation of the perceptible mood, Influential, outward trapsings as the philosophy, Principal, German youth mobvement, Reaction, Formality, Outgrowth, Available CDs

Clemmensen reduction

Clemmensen reduction - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Reversible reaction

Reversible reaction - Reaction



Dehydrogenation - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction, Production of styrene of one


Photoperiodism - Physiological reaction of organisms

Physiological reaction of organisms

Williamson ether synthesis

Williamson ether synthesis - Organic reaction forming an ether

Organic reaction forming an ether, Broad scope


Ethoxylation - Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Reaction rate constant

Reaction rate constant - Elementary reaction

Elementary reaction, Mathematical equation

Bosch reaction

Bosch reaction - Result of two reactions

Result of two reactions, Range

Social fascism

Social fascism - Theory

Theory, Special form of reaction


Chemoselectivity - Preferential outcome of a chemical reaction

Preferential outcome of a chemical reaction


Glycosylation - Reaction

Reaction, Process

Xenon hexafluoroplatinate

Xenon hexafluoroplatinate - Product of the reaction

Product of the reaction


Tachisme - French style of abstract painting

French style of abstract painting, Reaction, Cubism

Number One (1969 film)

Number One (1969 film) - American one 1969 film drama

American one 1969 film drama, Commercial one failure, Critical reaction

Trishul (missile)

Trishul (missile) - Quick Reaction surface

Quick Reaction surface, Air Missile, Quick reaction, Low level missile system

Legal realism

Legal realism - Naturalistic approach

Naturalistic approach, Law, Reaction, Legal formalism, Mood