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Thomas Hardy (political reformer)

Thomas Hardy (political reformer) - Early radical

Early radical, Founder, One artisans

Louis-Joseph Papineau

Louis-Joseph Papineau - Leader of the young, talented minority

Leader of the young, talented minority, Radical, Man of mild amiabl, Eldest eight children

Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy Bentham - Sharp critic of legal fictions

Sharp critic of legal fictions, Atheist, Rare, major figure in the history, Eighty years of age, Obsessive writer, Reviser, Author, Jurist, English philosopher, Political radical, Correspondence with many, influential people, Suspicious concept of rights

Daniel Berrigan

Daniel Berrigan - Frustrated poet

Frustrated poet, Political radical

César Vallejo

César Vallejo - Political radical

Political radical, Communist, Defiant, irreverent

Gerhard Armauer Hansen

Gerhard Armauer Hansen - Norwegian physician

Norwegian physician, Radical, Eight fifteen children, Devoid, philosophical speculations, One founders of the journal Medicinsk Revue

Pope Leo XIII

Pope Leo XIII - First Pope

First Pope, Radical in theology, Vin Mariani drinker

German Eastern Marches Society

German Eastern Marches Society - German radical

German radical, Nationalist, xenophobic organization


Adrenochrome - Chemical compound with the molecular formula C

Chemical compound with the molecular formula C, Member of a class, Hallucinogen, Natural, free radical

Reaction mechanism

Reaction mechanism - Theoretical conjecture

Theoretical conjecture, Free radicals, Ions

Nicholas Culpeper

Nicholas Culpeper - English botanist

English botanist, Herbalist, Son of Nicholas Culpeper, Radical, Position

Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope - English novelist of the Victorian era

English novelist of the Victorian era, Loud, heavy, booming man, Partaking, Radical, Favorite, diligent, literary craftsmen, Reformer times, Rare thing

Thomas Hill Green

Thomas Hill Green - English philosopher

English philosopher, Political radical, Idealist in the philosophical sense, Departmental fellow in philosophy

John Wilkes

John Wilkes - English radical

English radical, Journalist, Ambitious, political power

Bill Griffiths

Bill Griffiths - Prolific poet

Prolific poet, Extraordinary writer, Radical

Radical of a ring

Radical of a ring - Lower radical of the class

Lower radical of the class, Important study of Noetherian rings