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Henry Chadwick (writer)

Henry Chadwick (writer) - Outspoken critic of the rule

Outspoken critic of the rule, Writer in question

Chris Taylor (game designer)

Chris Taylor (game designer) - Video game designer

Video game designer, Entrepreneur, Great question

Macrina the Younger

Macrina the Younger - Loss of the one brother

Loss of the one brother, Essence created living, Only habitation in question, Present atoms of the body, Platonic, Dr, Mortal

Paris Is Burning (film)

Paris Is Burning (film) - Burning is a American 1990 documentary film raises some troubling questions

Burning is a American 1990 documentary film raises some troubling questions

Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado - Active volcano

Active volcano, Question, Highest, active volcano in the world

Shivkumar Sharma

Shivkumar Sharma - Indian santoor player from the state

Indian santoor player from the state, Master instrumentalist of the santoor, Common question, Recipient, National, international awards

J. Gordon Melton

J. Gordon Melton - American, religious scholar

American, religious scholar, Situation, Question, Director of the Institute, President of the American chapter, One reasons

The Tower of Druaga

The Tower of Druaga - Slimes

Slimes, Magicians, Stll, Question, Last Action RPG as the time, Time

Jack Cardiff

Jack Cardiff - Good question

Good question, Camera operator, Cinematographer

Exene Cervenka

Exene Cervenka - American singer

American singer, Artist, Important question

Nina Gordon

Nina Gordon - Big question

Big question

Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood - Pen name of English artist

Pen name of English artist, Question

Bud Shank

Bud Shank - Good question

Good question, Fred

Stuart Maconie

Stuart Maconie - English Radio DJ

English Radio DJ, Television presenter, Question, Author of Cider, President of the Ramblers, Supporter of Wigan Athletic


20Q - Computerized game of twenty questions

Computerized game of twenty questions, AI, Website

Wow! signal

Wow! signal - Narrowband emission

Narrowband emission, Strong narrowband radio signal, Open question, Extraterrestrial nature,

The Wire

The Wire - American crime drama television series set

American crime drama television series set, Stunning piece of work, Best show, Benchmark drama, Study of institutions, Outstanding television, Question, Plot, More two case, Game of chess, Ice, Chronological order, Available, Complete series DVD, Friends from a West Baltimore, Amazing storylines from the previous seasons, Concerned show, Remaster


Seanbaby - Frequent writer for Electronic Gaming

Frequent writer for Electronic Gaming, Tough question, Creator of the mobile game Calculords

Three utilities problem

Three utilities problem - Abstract, mathematical puzzle

Abstract, mathematical puzzle, Question

Tanya Streeter

Tanya Streeter - Good question

Good question

Brother Theodore

Brother Theodore - Question

Question, Joke

George Brown (Canadian politician)

George Brown (Canadian politician) - Forefront of debate

Forefront of debate, Deep party politics, Premier of province, Whole question

Taxation in the Republic of Ireland

Taxation in the Republic of Ireland - Transferable spouses

Transferable spouses, Available, certain persons with disabilities, Transferable spouses, 31 October for paper filings, Tax on income, Two calendar months, 22 cents per plastic bag, Savings account, Common question

Juno (mythology)

Juno (mythology) - Roman goddess of love

Roman goddess of love, Divine protectress of the community, God, Patroness of marriage, Major character in the heroes, Epithet with fraught questions, Present, active, prominent, relevant three times of the month

Paul Tibbets

Paul Tibbets - Technical advisor

Technical advisor, 1946 Operation Crossroads, Graduate of Huntingdon College, Retired director of Pharmacy, Question, Erroneous

Johan Andersson (game developer)

Johan Andersson (game developer) - Swedish video game designer

Swedish video game designer, Studio manager, Good question

Kodiak bear

Kodiak bear - Healthy bear hunting is sustainable, ethical questions

Healthy bear hunting is sustainable, ethical questions

Water wheel

Water wheel - Machine

Machine, Vertical type configuration, Commercial use into the 20th century, Abundant question of efficiency

John Kenneth Galbraith

John Kenneth Galbraith - Progressive economist at the University

Progressive economist at the University, Something of an anniversary, Good question, Partner in the Washington, Ronald Reagan, Less economist than a mixture, Active Democratic Party politics, One two living economists

Teach the Controversy

Teach the Controversy - Draw

Draw, Disappointment, February, Question, Fact

Michael O. Rabin

Michael O. Rabin - Israeli computer scientist of the recipient Turing Award

Israeli computer scientist of the recipient Turing Award, Foreign member of the United States National Academy, Important question

Frederick Funston

Frederick Funston - Right officer to command the Allied Expeditionary Force

Right officer to command the Allied Expeditionary Force, Principal speaker at the banquet, Ranking officer at the Presidio, Command in various engagements, Foregoing article in question

Michael Badnarik

Michael Badnarik - American software engineer

American software engineer, Political figure, Member of the Libertarian Free State Project, Enthusiastic gun owner supports the right, Interesting question

Question time

Question time - Institution in the Commonwealth Parliament

Institution in the Commonwealth Parliament, 45 minutes, Questions


Abruzzo - Infrastructure in question

Infrastructure in question, Present day Chieti province

Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa - Republican U

Republican U, Staunch critic of the president, 49 question, Grandson of Lebanese immigrants, Friend of the peace process, Car crash, Lebanese descent in that regard

Arianne Zucker

Arianne Zucker - American actress

American actress, Model, Good question, Jewish

Twenty-fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Twenty-fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution - State of Virginia

State of Virginia, Relief, Record, Dollar, Year, Clear, unambiguous, sole question

Panel show

Panel show - Variations of classic parlor games

Variations of classic parlor games, Cause, Effect, Popular past in the U, BBC radio adaptation of Twenty questions, Such success

Duty of care

Duty of care - Question of law

Question of law

Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano - Loyal, friendly, alert dog

Loyal, friendly, alert dog, Excellent retriever by nature, Intelligent, tireless, thorough gundog, Versatile hunting dog, Question, Breed

Italy in the Middle Ages

Italy in the Middle Ages - Investiture Controversy

Investiture Controversy, Questions of legitimacy, Clear, approachable plenty of examples

Jean Butler

Jean Butler - American stepdance r

American stepdance r, Choreographer, Interesting question

Irénée du Pont

Irénée du Pont - Big one

Big one, James River, Good question

Linear multistep method

Linear multistep method - Convergent method of the form

Convergent method of the form, Consistent, next question

Ahmed Sharif

Ahmed Sharif - Educationist

Educationist, Philosopher, Secular person, Exponent of the theory, Distinguished essayist, Thinker, Rationalist, Historian, One compromise, Natural question, Answer

The Einstein Factor

The Einstein Factor - Australian television quiz

Australian television quiz, Specific questions for difficult outsiders

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf - Roll

Roll, Lou Ferrigno, Amazing, Medical doctor, First time Howard had Crackhead Bob, Heather, Angry Black, Big Black, Serious questions

Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top - Worth ten 10 points while the last question

Worth ten 10 points while the last question, Snappers

The Dark Saga

The Dark Saga - Fourth studio album by american, heavy metal band

Fourth studio album by american, heavy metal band, Last, Iced Earth album to feature longtime bassist Dave Abell, First time, Iced Earth, Technical musicianship, Production, Slave, Dark Question

Alarm management

Alarm management - Application of human factors

Application of human factors, Question, Relevant quality, Dependent circumstances at the time

The Who Sell Out

The Who Sell Out

, Work permits, Ticklish question

The Hampsterdance Song

The Hampsterdance Song - 2000 one question

2000 one question, Simple, Men

Keith Hamilton Cobb

Keith Hamilton Cobb - American actor

American actor, Difficult question, Two episodes of the Beastmaster television series

Angel problem

Angel problem - Question in game theory

Question in game theory

Federal judiciary of the United States

Federal judiciary of the United States - General, federal trial courts

General, federal trial courts, Separate two questions, Primary research, Education agency, Court,

Salem Chalabi

Salem Chalabi - Iraq

Iraq, Difficult question, Member before the 2003 US invasion

The Gateless Gate

The Gateless Gate - Great

Great, People, Bellows, Infinite, eternal, ungraspable, dark, unfathomable, great, Great, Sacred, Clearest, Profound, subtle, Root of the light, Easy people prefer the side paths, None of those Masters, Middle path between the two extremes, Questions, Statements

Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice - American author

American author, First person, Tough question, Master of description

Time consistency

Time consistency - Large question

Large question

Keigo Abe

Keigo Abe - Deep, interesting, difficult, controversial, good question

Deep, interesting, difficult, controversial, good question

Ted Washington

Ted Washington - Nominee for the football Hall in 2012

Nominee for the football Hall in 2012, Player in question, Players

Advice column

Advice column - Column

Column, Question, Answer

Google Answers

Google Answers - Online knowledge market

Online knowledge market, Great experiment, Free questions


Interrogatories - Set of questions

Set of questions

Quebec sovereignty movement

Quebec sovereignty movement - Political question

Political question, Cultural concerns