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Quest for the historical Jesus

Quest for the historical Jesus - Dialectical agency of historical progress

Dialectical agency of historical progress, Christian state of Prussia, Hegel

List of anarchist communities

List of anarchist communities - Necessity of progress

Necessity of progress

Industrial unionism

Industrial unionism - Work in progress

Work in progress, Diverse countries as such Colombia

Ice hotel

Ice hotel - Temporary hotel

Temporary hotel, Work in progress, Only ice hotel in North America, Located Finnmark, One North America

Agile software development

Agile software development - Primary measure of progress

Primary measure of progress

Progress (spacecraft)

Progress (spacecraft) - Same size as the Soyuz

Same size as the Soyuz, Same spacecraft as the Progress, Improved variant, Same size, Similar construction

H. L. Mencken

H. L. Mencken - American journalist

American journalist, Satirist, Supporter of scientific progress, Convivial curmudgeon, Famous America as George Bernard Shaw, Famous, colorful, literary one figures

Alexander Turney Stewart

Alexander Turney Stewart - Man of progress

Man of progress, Large holder of real estate, Course of a recipient, vast number

Henry Hudson Trail

Henry Hudson Trail - Rail trail in Monmouth County

Rail trail in Monmouth County, Part of the Monmouth County Park System, Work in progress, Hudson River

The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report - Work in progress

Work in progress, Interview with a celebrity guest, Available colbernation, Stone Phillips, Partial influence, Cusp of an editorial shift

Leslie Street Spit

Leslie Street Spit - Result of five decades

Result of five decades, Work in progress

Fiat Idea

Fiat Idea - Acronym for Intelligent Design Emotive Architecture

Acronym for Intelligent Design Emotive Architecture, Superlative, automotive example of technological progress, Euro in the compliant 4, Only firm

San Rafael Swell

San Rafael Swell - Part of the Colorado Plateau

Part of the Colorado Plateau, Area of high plant endemism, Land of canyons, Work in progress, Dramatic, eastern edge of the Swell

Arc (programming language)

Arc (programming language) - Dialect of the Lisp programming language

Dialect of the Lisp programming language, Work in progress, Perfect Lisp

Lawrence Korb

Lawrence Korb - Senior fellow at the Center American Progress

Senior fellow at the Center American Progress, Member of the Honorary Board


EasyOffice - Work in progress

Work in progress

Storage Networking Industry Association

Storage Networking Industry Association - Association of producers

Association of producers, Work in progress