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Economy of France

Economy of France - Large producer of many, agricultural products

Large producer of many, agricultural products, Popular tourist destination, Home, Cities

Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy

Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy - Product of the age

Product of the age


Minivan - Vehicle

Vehicle, Product of a evolutionary process

The Cold Equations

The Cold Equations - Minor interest

Minor interest, Men, Product of the combined genius, Universe, Fatal serum

Richard T. Ely

Richard T. Ely - American economist

American economist, Author, Professor, Head, Product of the German, Historical School, Economic heretic, Wells, Secretary, Member, New York on a lecture engagement

The Chosun Ilbo

The Chosun Ilbo - Chief staff writer

Chief staff writer, Third, largest, daily newspaper in the North Island, Product of a merger

Villa Tugendhat

Villa Tugendhat - Principal location in the 2007 film Hannibal

Principal location in the 2007 film Hannibal, Product

Petroleum coke

Petroleum coke - Product of the coker unit

Product of the coker unit, Intermediate coke, Source of fine dust


YUV - Color space

Color space, Product of some amazing hacks

Cannabis edible

Cannabis edible - Illegal, federal law

Illegal, federal law, Herbal tea, Product

Max Raabe

Max Raabe - German singer

German singer, Something, Product of tough circumstances


Logitech - World leader in products

World leader in products


Chianti - Wine

Wine, Agricultural product, Italian DOCG wine, Ready presentation

Computer Modern

Computer Modern - Original family of typefaces

Original family of typeface s, Licensed, commercial products in collaboration

Store brand

Store brand - Line of products

Line of products

Culture of Australia

Culture of Australia - World power in Olympic swimming

World power in Olympic swimming, Product, Pluralistic society, Culture


Tolbachik - Vicinity of Kamen

Vicinity of Kamen, Product of the regional fissure zone activity

Inverted sugar syrup

Inverted sugar syrup - Ground into different three degrees

Ground into different three degrees, Liquid product, Granulated sugar ground, Smooth powder, Sugar, White, granulated sugar, Chemical composition, Ideal products

The Faerie Queene

The Faerie Queene - Incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser

Incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser, Epic poem, Continuation of events, ABABBCBCC, Bit of exaggerated gossip, Grateful Amoret, Wound, Grateful Calidore, Product of certain, definite conditions, Important one knights in the story, Vague, discontinuous, Public domain, One fruits of that intellectual awakening, Archaic, unfamiliar, Longest one poems in the English language, Pleased Arthegall, Full priests of Isis, Fancy, Desire, Various voices, Animal


Collagen - Main, structural, structural protein in the extracellular space the

Main, structural, structural protein in the extracellular space the, Natural product, Major component of the matrix, Ideal deposition of cells, Long, fibrous, structural one proteins, Natural, bioactive ingredients, Bioactive ingredient, Fragmented Peptan intake

Thomas Talbot (Upper Canada)

Thomas Talbot (Upper Canada) - Product of a privileged, aristocratic upbringing

Product of a privileged, aristocratic upbringing, Selection of 45 maps

Allied invasion of Italy

Allied invasion of Italy - Responsible, Allied land forces in the Mediterranean Theatre

Responsible, Allied land forces in the Mediterranean Theatre, Longer master, Product of the sheer number

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort - American liqueur

American liqueur, Viable product for cocktailian pursuits

Gabor filter

Gabor filter - Useful image processing applications as such, optical character recognition

Useful image processing applications as such, optical character recognition, Product of a 3D

Castle Clinton

Castle Clinton - Site of two concerts in 1850

Site of two concerts in 1850, Visitor center for the national parks, Product of the Napoleonic era

2004 Atlantic hurricane season

2004 Atlantic hurricane season - Costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record

Costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record, Unusual storm of the season, Indicative, strong Atlantic thermohaline circulation, Joint product of scientists


Teradata - Enterprise software Company

Enterprise software Company, Premier, Global data, Set of tools, Automation, Tools, Set of products, Framework for organizations

Citation (horse)

Citation (horse) - Eighth, American, Triple Crown winner of major, North, American one three Thoroughbred S

Eighth, American, Triple Crown winner of major, North, American one three Thoroughbred S, Brainchild of Calumet Farms owner Warren Wright, Product of Calumet Farms, First horse


Lipstick - Cosmetic product containing pigments

Cosmetic product containing pigments, First Cosmetic that an adolescent girl, Scarce time, Popular 1920s, Sponsor of television shows


Abamectin - Natural fermentation product of this bacterium

Natural fermentation product of this bacterium, Insecticide as an acaricide, Toxic material formulated products

Ring of Gyges

Ring of Gyges - Product of the hand

Product of the hand


Quanzhou - Major exporter of agricultural products

Major exporter of agricultural products, Birthplace of the actress Yao Chen, Famous, historic, cultural one 24 cities, Prosperous one port in Tang Dynasty


Wheaties - Brand of General Mills breakfast cereal

Brand of General Mills breakfast cereal, Delicious, healthy product

Blended whiskey

Blended whiskey - Product


Bryce (software)

Bryce (software) - 3D modeling rendering animation program

3D modeling rendering animation program, Ambitious 7 upgrade to loved a product, Available 7 three versions, Compatible 7 OS x Lion

Drogo Sacramentary

Drogo Sacramentary - Carolingian, illuminated manuscript on vellum

Carolingian, illuminated manuscript on vellum, Product of a monastic scriptorium

Lois W.

Lois W. - Product

Product, Eldest six children

Kathleen Ollerenshaw

Kathleen Ollerenshaw - Product

Product, Second woman

Foreign relations of Israel

Foreign relations of Israel - Member of many agencies

Member of many agencies, Second, largest importer of Greek products, Active member, Major supplier of arms, Tense two states, Tense


SABIC - Saudi, diversified manufacturing company in active chemicals

Saudi, diversified manufacturing company in active chemicals, Third, largest polyethylene manufacturer, Fourth, largest polyolefins manufacturer, Partners in regional three ventures, Market leader in key products, Global leader in diversified chemicals


Compuware - American software company with products

American software company with products, Global company


Lederhosen - Characteristic of Tyrol

Characteristic of Tyrol, Hand, Industrial products from Asia, Kniebundhose, Traditional, German clothing that men, Suitable people


Batac - Popular, high school in the city

Popular, high school in the city, Showcase of the famous product

Political culture

Political culture - Manifestation of the psychological, subjective dimensions

Manifestation of the psychological, subjective dimensions, Product of the history


Wintergreen - Group of aromatic plants

Group of aromatic plant s, Common flavoring in American products

Memento mori

Memento mori - Medieval Latin Christian theory

Medieval Latin Christian theory, Practice, Important, literary theme, Salutation, Products of Christian art

Architecture of Lahore

Architecture of Lahore - Product of Indian

Product of Indian, Style of architecture, City, Piece of architecture, Proud, religious leaders

Boseong County

Boseong County - County in South Jeolla Province

County in South Jeolla Province, Special product, Rainiest one place in South Korea


Sisal - Valuable forage for honey bees

Valuable forage for honey bees, Product of nature


Trimethylamine - Good nucleophile

Good nucleophile, Reaction, Product of decomposition, Base like ammonia

Joe Cole

Joe Cole - Squad member at UEFA Euro

Squad member at UEFA Euro, Wearer of contact lenses, Product of the West Ham United youth system


Metaxa - Official Sponsor of 1982 FIFA World Cup

Official Sponsor of 1982 FIFA World Cup, Oldest member of METAXA family, Oldest product

Hebrew calendar

Hebrew calendar - Product of evolution

Product of evolution, Lunisolar calendar, Lunisolar calendar, Lunar one twelve months, Hebrew calendar

Gibbs Aquada

Gibbs Aquada - High speed

High speed, Amphibious vehicle, First product from British company Gibbs Technologies, Limited production concept car

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid - Part of the alpha hydroxy family

Part of the alpha hydroxy family, Safe product


ORWO - Brand for photographic products

Brand for photographic products


Coffee - Roasted ground at a roastery

Roasted ground at a roastery, Example of a product, Popular one drinks in the world, Minor one products of Peru, Direct contact with the water, Profitable VOC for the Indonesian farmers, Much importance

Transportation in Los Angeles

Transportation in Los Angeles - Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, Final product of previous generations


Biltong - Form

Form, Common product in Southern, African butcheries, Dutch bil


Burrata - Fresh, Italian cheese

Fresh, Italian cheese, Typical product of Murgia

Hazel Court

Hazel Court - English actress

English actress, Product of the Rank Charm School

Crown cork

Crown cork - First, successful, disposable product

First, successful, disposable product


Torus - Torus plus the volume

Torus plus the volume, Product of two circles


Bryndza - Product of a sheep milk cheese

Product of a sheep milk cheese, Creamy, white appearance

Bijou Phillips

Bijou Phillips - American actress

American actress, Model, Exempt, big kid behaviour, Product

Cotswold sheep

Cotswold sheep - Breed of domestic sheep

Breed of domestic sheep, Product, Calm, friendly

Richard M. Daley

Richard M. Daley - American politician

American politician, Lawyer, Brother of William M, Only official at fault, National leader in privatization, MBA student at the University, Obedient student in the gifted one, Toiling at night law school, Product of the bloody world, Fourth seven children, Racist, One corps of glorified gofers, Polite, noncommittal


Polyene - Products of Streptomyces species

Products of Streptomyces species

Blood chit

Blood chit - Product of the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency

Product of the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency

Food security

Food security - Application of this concept

Application of this concept, Flexible concept, Agency of the United Nations, Process, Product of food security, Main survey tool


Oocyte - Form of genetic material

Form of genetic material, Product of female gametogenesis


Mortadella - Product of Bologna

Product of Bologna, Popular Argentina, Popular Spain

The Sea-Wolf

The Sea-Wolf - Cursing

Cursing, Hand in desperate plight, Opposite, necessary, Great, Nectar, Hopeless, Awash sea, Great, Wild, first time, Reckoning, Startling, Bare, Charming, , Thirty feet in length, , Episode, Something, Success, Dream than the more memory, Sky, New type, Thomas Mugridge, Miles, Natural gambler, Life, Intellectual product, Large, Flat, Large, brown, lustrous mouth, Sweet, sensitive face, Conflict between a bull,

Arda Turan

Arda Turan - Professional footballer

Professional footballer, Product of the Galatasaray youth


Glocalization - Adaptation of international products

Adaptation of international products, Adaptation


Fanta - Nazi product

Nazi product

Kalighat painting

Kalighat painting - Product


Cherohala Skyway

Cherohala Skyway - National Scenic Byway

National Scenic Byway, National Forest Scenic Byway, Product of a grant, Located Southeast Tennessee

Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance - Playable

Playable, Original product


Jamdani - Hand

Hand, Fine muslin cloth, Expensive product of Dhaka

Gallows humor

Gallows humor - Humor about unpleasant, serious, painful circumstances

Humor about unpleasant, serious, painful circumstances, Natural, human instinct, Examples, Social product, Agency

Plastic mulch

Plastic mulch - Product



Umqombothi - Product

Product, Cheaper, commercial lager beers

Postmodern Christianity

Postmodern Christianity - Product



Tyvek - Nonwoven product

Nonwoven product


Dezful - City in the capital

City in the capital, Market for the agricultural products, Symbol of Persian authority


ENIAC - Modular computer

Modular computer, Prototype, Product of World War II, Z3, Competitive, economic point of view


Magenta - Complementary color between rose of green, magenta flowers

Complementary color between rose of green, magenta flowers, Product of the brain

Seo Taiji and Boys

Seo Taiji and Boys - First, Korean musician to become a cultural product

First, Korean musician to become a cultural product, Dancer, Musician

Sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism - Condition

Condition, Product of genetics

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Center for Science in the Public Interest - Located country

Located country, Low, saturated fat, Positive, progressive indication of a threshold, Product of an informal adjudication, Rulemaking, Association of the highest, lowest level


Gelatin - Hydrolyzed form of collagen

Hydrolyzed form of collagen, Flavorless, transparent thickener, Protein substance, Pure protein food ingredient, Amphoteric protein with isoionic point, Product of denaturation, Excellent growth medium for most bacteria, Efficient foam stabiliser, Property, Excellent nutrient for most bacteria, Soluble, most, polar solvents, Soluble, cold water, Available, granular powder form