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Anvil - Large block of metal

Large block of metal, Practice of firing

Traditional Korean medicine

Traditional Korean medicine - Study

Study, Practice

Boston Beer Company

Boston Beer Company - Brewer

Brewer, Seventh, largest brewer in the United States, Aware trademark infringements, Process, Responsible compliance with the alcohol, Responsible payment of any additional fees, Compliance with all covenants, Samuel Adams Boston Lager in the 4, First, American brewer to use this practice


Freeganism - Practice

Practice, Ideology, Total boycott of an economic system

Ayyavazhi rituals

Ayyavazhi rituals - Religious practices among the prevalent followers

Religious practices among the prevalent followers


Skysurfing - Skill requiring considerable practice

Skill requiring considerable practice

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Old City

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Old City, Stairway between two, Favourite place of Jewish pilgrimage, Catholic Chapel of the Nailing, Entrance, Chapel, Tomb of Christ, Lantern of the Chapel, Greek Orthodox Calvary, Seamless web, Common property of the three rites, 16 feet, Orthodox property in the unused, Extensive, few parts of the early Church, Early part of the last century, Vestibule, Middle Chapel, Improvement on previous practice, Two ikons, Two lamps, Orthodox, Arrangements, Latins, Common use, Native, red limestone, Interrupted, ordinary office, Later date


Voyeurism - Sexual interest in practice

Sexual interest in practice, Common plot device in serious films, Crime in common law

Plastic welding

Plastic welding - Much, faster welding technique with practice

Much, faster welding technique with practice, Same spot welding except that heat, Welding Power, Time

Culture of the Marquesas Islands

Culture of the Marquesas Islands - Southeast of the Tuamotus

Southeast of the Tuamotus, Coffee, Potatoes, Sexuality of the indigenous peoples, Structure, Period of intense, sexual play, Important focus for artistic expression, Similar respects, Bodily sites for the protection, Effective method, Characteristic, Polynesian practice, Tahitians during the 1960s, 2


Begging - Practice

Practice, Illegal Portugal, Illegal Vagrancy Act

Arbitrage pricing theory

Arbitrage pricing theory - Practice


Male prostitution

Male prostitution - Act

Act, Practice, Subject of derisive humor

Pamela Stephenson

Pamela Stephenson - Licensed, clinical psychologist with a successful, private practice

Licensed, clinical psychologist with a successful, private practice

Chartreuse (liqueur)

Chartreuse (liqueur) - Pale ochre in color

Pale ochre in color, Excellent example of the role distillation, Excellent manifestation of this practice, 110 proof, Located, French Alps in Voiron

Chain smoking

Chain smoking - Practice of smoking

Practice of smoking

Inuit religion

Inuit religion - Shared, spiritual beliefs

Shared, spiritual beliefs, Practices, Collective name for several groups

Information design

Information design - Practice

Practice, Explanation design


Tonsure - Traditional practice in Catholicism

Traditional practice in Catholicism, Part of three rites, Prerequisite

Family planning

Family planning - Practice



Pruning - Horticultural, silvicultural practice involving the selective removal

Horticultural, silvicultural practice involving the selective removal


Snorkeling - Practice

Practice, Popular recreation al activity at tropical resort locations

Fire safety

Fire safety - Set of practices

Set of practices, Component of building safety, Objective of electrical code s


Micropropagation - Practice

Practice, Perfect means

Memento mori

Memento mori - Medieval Latin Christian theory

Medieval Latin Christian theory, Practice, Important, literary theme, Salutation, Products of Christian art

Jewellery cleaning

Jewellery cleaning - Practice



Honkyoku - Part of the practice

Part of the practice


Inheritance - Practice

Practice, Integral component of family

Erotic electrostimulation

Erotic electrostimulation - Sexual practice involving the application

Sexual practice involving the application, Items

Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley - Vegetarian practices

Vegetarian practices, Transcendental Meditation

Banda Islands

Banda Islands - Popular destinations for scuba diving

Popular destinations for scuba diving, Part of the Banda Sea Islands, Gunshot, Fort Belgica, Blessed land, Sacred practice

Baseball scorekeeping

Baseball scorekeeping - Practice



Aerobatics - Practice



Potawatomi - Central, Algonquian language

Central, Algonquian language, Typical, Great Lakes tribe, Reluctant, British allies, Important, French one allies during the First Fox War, Early settlements, Traditional, many practice, Drum Religion


Medicine - Science

Science, Practice, Branch of medicine, Perspective on medicine, Provision of health advice, Study of diagnosis, Medical, scientific discipline, General, medical care

Crop rotation

Crop rotation - Practice


Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire - Historical anglicisation of the name

Historical anglicisation of the name, Turkish origin, Advanced fighting forces in the world, Direct patrilineal descendant of the first Ottoman sultan Osman, First institution to hire foreign experts, Turkish, official language of the empire, Ritualized, symbolic art form, Syncretistic system combining the practices


Stichometry - Practice


Ice fishing

Ice fishing - Practice

Practice, Method of fishing

Playoff beard

Playoff beard - Superstitious practice of Male athletes

Superstitious practice of Male athletes


Hunting - Practice

Practice, Method of hunting, Use, Selective seeking of wild game, Vital, marginal climates for those unsuited Pastoral

Retail loss prevention

Retail loss prevention - Set of practices

Set of practices, Shrinkage, Easy, Place

Charles Piazzi Smyth

Charles Piazzi Smyth - Pioneer of the modern practice

Pioneer of the modern practice, Excellent artist, Undaunted


Equitation - Art

Art, Practice, Form of saddle seat equitation, New class, Balance with the horse


Holography - Science

Science, Practice, Application of holography techniques, Distinct, lenticular, other, earlier, autostereoscopic 3D display technologies

Hoodoo (folk magic)

Hoodoo (folk magic) - Traditional, African, American folk spirituality

Traditional, African, American folk spirituality, Practice of spirituality

Shark net

Shark net - Direct form of culling

Direct form of culling, High value compared to other species, Ovoviviparous practices, Uterine cannibalism, Large, coastal shark with a disjunct distribution


Polyamory - Practice of desire

Practice of desire, Specific term than polygamy, Truthful communication with all concerned parties


BDSM - Variety of erotic practices

Variety of erotic practices, Truth, Right border between crime, Likely bisexuals


Nanoengineering - Practice of engineering

Practice of engineering, Synonym for nanotechnology


Tamils - Hindus

Hindu s, Many practice, Majority in the union territory, Descendants, Descendants of the Tamils

Chirnside Park, Victoria

Chirnside Park, Victoria - 7 day bulk billing doctors

7 day bulk billing doctors, Accreditation registered practice


Espalier - Horticultural, ancient, agricultural practice

Horticultural, ancient, agricultural practice, Single, vertical, angled cordon

Flair bartending

Flair bartending - Practice of bartenders

Practice of bartender s, Showmanship, Legends of bartending


Shamanism - Practice

Practice, Part of the indigenous Ainu religion, Living practice among Hungarians, Few, Shamanist one traditions, Living tradition in modern times

Matt Skiba

Matt Skiba - Vegan

Vegan, Practices

Albert Richardson

Albert Richardson - Leading English architect

Leading English architect, Teacher, Son of Albert Edmund Richardson, Chief offender of this practice

Louis Althusser

Louis Althusser - French, Marxist philosopher

French, Marxist philosopher, Party member, Theoretician of the French Communist Party, Influential, Marxist one philosophers of the th 20 Century, Pessimistic possibility in a letter, Comfortable circularity, Specific, scientific, theoretical practice

Wolf hunting

Wolf hunting - Practice of hunting

Practice of hunting, Largest member of the canidae, Common, animalistic motif in Ancient Iberian vases, Easy task, Controversial Sweden, Valuable clothing, Same models

Christian monasticism

Christian monasticism - Devotional practice of individuals

Devotional practice of individuals, Ancient concept

Lynching in the United States

Lynching in the United States - Practice of murder

Practice of murder, Unprecedented textual, Visual record, Indicator of long, economic stress, Public demonstrations of white power, Violent, public events, Common Old West, Murder attempted murder, Key factor in President Harry S, Unchanged

Continual prayer

Continual prayer - Christian practice of continuous prayer

Christian practice of continuous prayer

Organic lawn management

Organic lawn management - Practice

Practice, Lower, Synthetic fertilizer

History of the Balkans

History of the Balkans - Area

Area, Ottoman rule throughout the early, modern period, Dead World War II, Uralic people, Two wars, Diverse, tolerant place for religious practices, Christian church in Bosnia


Meditation - Practice

Practice, Process, Term for a form


Spirituality - Emotion

Emotion, VIP card, Spiritual practice

Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy - Artistic practice of handwriting

Artistic practice of handwriting

Tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoking - Practice

Practice, Common method of consuming tobacco, Agricultural product, Complex mixture, Higher men than women, Illegal trains


Burial - Public health requirement

Public health requirement, Practice, Much living, Possible today


Vrata - Religious, votive rite

Religious, votive rite, Vow, Personal practice involves no priest, Result of voluntary vow

Jazz harmony

Jazz harmony - Theory

Theory, Practice, Notable use of seventh chord s


Welding - Hazardous undertaking

Hazardous undertaking, Precautions, Popular resistance welding method, Common practice, Effective plastics like PVC, Commonplace, industrial settings, Popular one welding methods, Constant, current power supplies, Constant voltage power supplies


Cuniculture - Agricultural practice

Agricultural practice

Pipe smoking

Pipe smoking - Practice of tasting

Practice of tasting, Part of the Dublin family, Dunhill model, 519 4144 41441 pipes, One shapes for a carver

Free software movement

Free software movement - Software

Software, Antisocial practice, Software that users, Free software

Gifted education

Gifted education - Broad term for special practices

Broad term for special practices

Mike Hatch

Mike Hatch - American politician

American politician, Lawyer in private practice

Lyceum Theatre, London

Lyceum Theatre, London - Last London theatre to continue the early practice

Last London theatre to continue the early practice, Successful, many people have fond memories


Candaulism - Sexual practice

Sexual practice, Fantasy, Theme of a dance

Wedding breakfast

Wedding breakfast - Dinner Given to the bride

Dinner Given to the bride, Morning meal, Modern development of an ancient practice, Complete priest

Energy storage

Energy storage - Capture of energy

Capture of energy, Practice of hydrogen storage, Suitable storage of several MWh

Nancy Chodorow

Nancy Chodorow - Feminist sociologist

Feminist sociologist, Psychoanalyst, Author of numerous articles, Psychoanalyst in private practice, Private practice in Cambridge, Active, second wave of feminism

Public relations

Public relations - Practice

Practice, Idea, Phenomenon of the twentieth century, Way organisations, Companies, Action of convincing people


Polygamy - Practice

Practice, Offence by punishable five years, Accord with the moral law, Illegal United States

Raw feeding

Raw feeding - Practice


Fika (Sweden)

Fika (Sweden) - Common practice at workplaces

Common practice at workplaces, Important, social event

Automobile safety

Automobile safety - Study

Study, Practice

Progress (history)

Progress (history) - Idea that societies

Idea that societies, Idea that science, Practice


Biosecurity - Much, younger practice

Much, younger practice, Holistic concept of direct relevance, Comprehensive approach encompassing different means, One issues

Immigration detention

Immigration detention - Policy

Policy, Practice, Located Zaandam

Religion in ancient Rome

Religion in ancient Rome - Major influence on the practice

Major influence on the practice

Government budget balance

Government budget balance - Practice