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Vanillin - Phenolic aldehyde

Phenolic aldehyde, Main flavour component of vanilla extract, Popular, valuable flavour compound, White, crystalline powder with strong vanilla flavour, White crystals with mild vanilla planifolia flavour, Prominent, principal flavor, Located, inner part of the pod


Magnesium - Chemical element with symbol mg

Chemical element with symbol mg, Ninth, abundant element in the universe, Eleventh, Flammable, white powder with lubricating properties, Dense aluminium, Insoluble water, Great interest as lightweight replacements

Baby powder

Baby powder - Astringent powder

Astringent powder, Great aftershave for men, Legacy brand in the black community, Perfect use as a dry shampoo, Sight

Mortar (masonry)

Mortar (masonry) - Combination of powder

Combination of powder, Strongest type K in the weakest, Fine in the sandy, volcanic, ash, Strong, pozzolanic mortar, Available, ancient China, Mixture of plaster, Softer cement mortar

Panch phoron

Panch phoron - Whole spice

Whole spice, Ground to make a powder

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite - Chemical compound with the formula NaClO

Chemical compound with the formula NaClO, Strong oxidizer, White powder, Alkaline, Household bleach, Medicament of choice, Effective chlorine neutralizer, Distinct chlorine, Reactive, unstable


Rhodium - Chemical element with symbol Rh

Chemical element with symbol Rh, Noble metal, Resistant corrosion, Member of the platinum group, Silvery, durable metal, Durable metal with a shiny silver appearance, Insoluble rhodium source in available Powder, Available, soluble forms


Flour - Substance

Substance, Powder, Main ingredient of bread, Constituent of bread, Flour, Flour, Ground kernels of rice, Flour, Important one ingredients in Oceanic, High gluten protein, Great importance in Southeast, Asian cuisine, Great importance in Indian cuisine, Popular Southern, Factor, Standardized, many countries

Indigo dye

Indigo dye - Natural indigo

Natural indigo, Dark, blue, crystalline powder, Oldest dyes


Napalm - Flammable liquid

Flammable liquid, Powder, Mixture of benzene, Controversial weapon of war, Big hit, Flammable gasoline


Tagatose - Functional sweetener

Functional sweetener, Natural sweetener in present, small amounts, White, crystalline powder with a molecular formula

The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea - Work of art

Work of art, Important function in Western society, Peiwoh, Symphony, Present, eternal, Passage than the path, Ground, Fine powder, Servile courtier


Ambergris - Ground into a powder

Ground into a powder

Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate - White, odorless powder

White, odorless powder, Food, Rare, Blended, crushed limestone


Zileuton - Weak, active inhibitor of CYP1A2 LTB4 formation

Weak, active inhibitor of CYP1A2 LTB4 formation, Odorless, white, crystalline powder, Negative genotoxicity studies, Similar, healthy, elderly subjects


Terbinafine - Antifungal drug

Antifungal drug, White fine, Crystalline powder, Allylamines family of medications, Effective dermatophyte group of fungi

Sodium silicate

Sodium silicate - White powder

White powder, Substitute for soda, Stable, neutral alkaline solution s

Boric acid

Boric acid - Weak acid with pKa

Weak acid with pKa, Ingredient in some vaginal suppositories, Fine, white powder at room temperature


Rosuvastatin - White, amorphous powder

White, amorphous powder, Hydrophilic compound with a partition coefficient

Wheat flour

Wheat flour - Powder

Powder, Milled, white flour, Special type of whole wheat flour, Basis of true Graham cracker s, White flour with the proportions, Ground that the fiber casings, Mix of hard, soft wheat flours, Low gluten

Boron trifluoride

Boron trifluoride - Inorganic compound with the formula BF

Inorganic compound with the formula BF, Versatile Lewis acid, White, odourless powder, Abundant element, Corrosive

Chromium hexacarbonyl

Chromium hexacarbonyl - Pale, green powder

Pale, green powder, Essential nutrient in the diet, Common element, Toxic hexavalent compounds, Insoluble water


Toner - Powder

Powder, Wax, Plastic powder, Part plastic, Part carbon

Boron carbide

Boron carbide - Third, hardest material after diamond

Third, hardest material after diamond, Abundant element, White, odourless powder

Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant

Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant - Smokeless powder

Smokeless powder, Propellant manufacturing facility


Terconazole - Antifungal drug

Antifungal drug, White, odourless powder


Midodrine - Odorless

Odorless, White, crystalline powder