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Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr - Top defenceman in the game

Top defenceman in the game, Pallbearer, Sick baby at birth, Sudden star, Natural leader, Powerful man of six feet, Shade, Shorter, few pounds, Active, charitable works in television commercials, Wayne Gretzky of Gordie Howe

Chevrolet Chevette

Chevrolet Chevette - Number

Number, One seller, First U, 1,998 pounds, Same Vauxhall Chevette hatchback except the U


Gigantopithecus - Extinct genus of ape

Extinct genus of ape, Large fossil ape, Big, jawed creature, 10 feet weighed tall 1,200 pounds

Spencer repeating rifle

Spencer repeating rifle - American lever action rifle

American lever action rifle, Shorter, lighter version, Popular one firearms of the Civil War, Advanced one two firearms, Caliber, 47 inches weighs 10 pounds

Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford - Time

Time, Friend of mine, 5 feet weighs high 105 pounds

Harry Greb

Harry Greb - American, professional boxer

American, professional boxer, Member of any such groups, Faithful husband, Benny Leonard, Ring, Secretive pride, Monumental, Toughest pound for pound fighter

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin - Defensive animals

Defensive animals, Clean breed, Sensitive, intelligent, ancient breed, Small, happy dog weighing to 4 7 pounds, Small, attractive, unique appearance

Dara Torres

Dara Torres - First swimmer to represent the United States

First swimmer to represent the United States, Veteran celebrity swimmer for swim, First, only U, 149 pounds of focus

Paveway IV

Paveway IV - IV 500 pound guided bomb

IV 500 pound guided bomb

Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer - Tough guy weighing 190 pounds

Tough guy weighing 190 pounds, Tough, private detective with nothing