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Slope stability

Slope stability - Potential of soil

Potential of soil

Economy of Romania

Economy of Romania - Largest Electronics producer in central

Largest Electronics producer in central, Part of the European, single market, Country of considerable, economic potential, Large producer of many, agricultural products, Largest U, Rich iron ore

Tyranny of the majority

Tyranny of the majority - End

End, Post, Neutralization of opposites, Objective contradiction between the economic, political structure, Post in the historical examples, Negative one portion of the potential, Degree, Extent, Educational dictatorship

Guernsey cattle

Guernsey cattle - Breed of dairy cattle

Breed of dairy cattle, Dairy breed, Fuss cow with tremendous potential, Excellent grazer is a cow, Medium size with mature animals, Watch list, Natural, wholesome, tasty, healthy products

Extracellular field potential

Extracellular field potential - Electrical potential

Electrical potential


Aptitude - Component of a competence

Component of a competence, Inborn potential to do certain kinds, Ability, Source of frustration

Access Grid

Access Grid - Collection of resources

Collection of resources, Collaborative research environment with potential

Chemical potential

Chemical potential - Sum of electric potential

Sum of electric potential

Shock value

Shock value - Potential of an action

Potential of an action, Wide umbrella term for artists, Big Hip hop music under the genre