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Mehmed Spaho

Mehmed Spaho - Bosnian politician

Bosnian politician, Leader, Significant politician at this point, One two Bosnian Muslims, Active PMO

Mohammad Sarwar (politician)

Mohammad Sarwar (politician) - Pakistani politician

Pakistani politician, Pakistani, British politician, British Labour member of Parliament

Marquess of Salisbury

Marquess of Salisbury - Three times Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Three times Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Influential, Conservative politician, Conservative politician, Salisbury Convention

Nelson W. Aldrich

Nelson W. Aldrich - Senior senator for Rhode Island

Senior senator for Rhode Island, Politician of the group, Single, effective speaker on the issue, Prominent, American politician, Leader, Active Freemasons

Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons - Politician from the U

Politician from the U, Politician of the Democratic school

Arthur Peel, 1st Viscount Peel

Arthur Peel, 1st Viscount Peel - Politician

Politician, Author, Politician

Franco Frattini

Franco Frattini - Italian politician

Italian politician, First politician to fill a position

William Wilfred Sullivan

William Wilfred Sullivan - Prince Edward Island journalist

Prince Edward Island journalist, Politician, Consummate politician

Franz Josef Strauss

Franz Josef Strauss - German politician

German politician, Shrewd, capable politician, Patriot, Author of a book, Few, Western one leaders

George Dern

George Dern - American politician

American politician, Mining man, Progressive politician, Republican Mormon, Odds with President Roosevelt

Charles Rangel

Charles Rangel - American politician

American politician, Member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Original member of the influential House by 1979, Influential, black politician in New York State by 1984, Key sponsor of increases in 1993, Adamant opponent of the George W

Sam Houston

Sam Houston - American Soldier

American Soldier, Politician, Leader of the Battle, Politician, Slave owner opposed abolition, Governor of Tennessee, Fifth son of major Samuel Houston

Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser - Australian politician

Australian politician, Last Liberal Party Prime Minister to practise Keynesian economics, Strong supporter of the United States, Minister for the Army, Formidable, aggressive politician, Patrician, Significant figure, Prime Minister from December, Active, foreign policy as prime minister, Aware infighting, Keynesian, convinced role for interventionist government, First, western world after World War II

Alfred Lyttelton

Alfred Lyttelton - British politician

British politician, Sportsman, Successful politician, Best, amateur tennis player

John Redmond

John Redmond - Irish, nationalist politician

Irish, nationalist politician, Barrister, Conciliatory politician, Brother of Willie Redmond

Mengistu Haile Mariam

Mengistu Haile Mariam - Ethiopian politician

Ethiopian politician, Guest, Ethiopian politician, Former, military officer

Marion Barry

Marion Barry - Charismatic, confounding politician

Charismatic, confounding politician, New kind of politician, Boy Scout, Office, Undeterred, different, Older, many 42 others in the organization, Different, ambitious

Samy Vellu

Samy Vellu - Malaysian, Indian politician

Malaysian, Indian politician, Malaysian 74 politician

Thomas A. Hendricks

Thomas A. Hendricks - American politician

American politician, Lawyer, Chairman of the U, Candidate for the Vice President, Popular politician, Good debater, Opposite Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks, VP

Rebecca Blaikie

Rebecca Blaikie - Canadian politician

Canadian politician, Canadian politician

Mohammad Ali Bogra

Mohammad Ali Bogra - Bengali under pressure

Bengali under pressure, Political compromise, Renowned diplomat as a unknown politician, Politician, Finance officer, Bureaucrat, US

Giuseppe Dossetti

Giuseppe Dossetti - Italian jurist

Italian jurist, Politician, Atypical politician

Jeremy Thorpe

Jeremy Thorpe - British politician

British politician, Son, Grandson, Stylish, progressive, popular politician, Irish, Parliament

Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt - Swedish politician

Swedish politician, Diplomat, Honorary member of the Institute, Early champion of the Internet, Early pioneer among politicians

J. Donald Cameron

J. Donald Cameron - American politician from Pennsylvania

American politician from Pennsylvania, Active politician, Part of a transitionary period, Part of a political family dynasty

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Danish politician

Danish politician, Avid runner, Professional politician

Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri

Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri - Pakistani politician

Pakistani politician, Writer, Executive member of the Board, Pakistani politician, Diplomat, Few one members of the Pakistan, Member of Z, Foreign minister of Pakistan

James S. Wadsworth

James S. Wadsworth - Philanthropist

Philanthropist, Politician, Younger son of the original James Wadsworth, Unlikely soldier, Improbable politician, Gentleman, Ardent abolitionist, Unsympathetic, slaveholding population, Head of the table

Linda McIntosh

Linda McIntosh - Politician in Manitoba

Politician in Manitoba, Stranger, Controversy, Politician during 1980s 1990s, Author of three biographies, Writer, Artist, Local Board of Drectors, Active community volunteer

Pierre Poujade

Pierre Poujade - Unrelated, French politician

Unrelated, French politician, French, populist politician, Critical decolonization of Algeria

David Reville

David Reville - Former politician in Ontario

Former politician in Ontario, Former politician in Ontario, Opposition MPP, First chair of the Ontario Advocacy Commission

Xavier de Roux

Xavier de Roux - French politician

French politician, Conservative politician

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson - Former politician in Ontario

Former politician in Ontario, Brother of prominent, Liberal two politicians

Richard Ravitch

Richard Ravitch - American politician

American politician, Businessman, Member of the third generation, Active, Jewish affairs

Eugene Talmadge

Eugene Talmadge - Democratic politician

Democratic politician

Scott McCallum

Scott McCallum - American businessman

American businessman, Former politician, Chairman of the State Senate Campaign Committee from 1976 1980

Bill Boner

Bill Boner - Tennessee educator

Tennessee educator, Former, Democratic politician

Klara Hitler

Klara Hitler - Mother of German politician

Mother of German politician, Resentful, discontented child

Philipp Scheidemann

Philipp Scheidemann - German politician of the Social Democratic Party

German politician of the Social Democratic Party, Mayor of Kassel From 1920 1925

Mona Sahlin

Mona Sahlin - Swedish politician

Swedish politician, First, female leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Member of Parliament

Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors - French politician

French politician, Father of Socialist politician Martine Aubry, Credible one candidates on the political left

Girija Prasad Koirala

Girija Prasad Koirala - Nepal

Nepal, Politician, General Secretary of the Nepali Congress Party, Present swearing, Exception, Mere, lucky devil

Mike Nattrass

Mike Nattrass - British politician

British politician, Talks with the English Democrats

Dom Mintoff

Dom Mintoff - Maltese politician

Maltese politician, Journalist, Leader of the opposition from 1962 1971, Danger

Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani

Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani - Iranian, cleric writer

Iranian, cleric writer, Conservative politician, Founder of the Rohaniyat Mobarez party, Only, Islamic scholar, Founder, Former head, Father of a son, Outspoken, Iranian one clerics

George Frisbie Hoar

George Frisbie Hoar - Prominent, American Politician

Prominent, American Politician, United States Senator, One founders of the Worcester County Free Institute

Jeff Davis (Arkansas governor)

Jeff Davis (Arkansas governor) - Democratic politician

Democratic politician, Many one Southern demagogue politicians

Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions - Candidate for the post in 2014

Candidate for the post in 2014, Supporter of the 1033 program, American politician, Deputy Chairman Greg Walden

Craig Benson

Craig Benson - American politician

American politician, Entrepreneur

Everett Dirksen

Everett Dirksen - American politician of the Republican Party

American politician of the Republican Party

Moses Cleaveland

Moses Cleaveland - Lawyer

Lawyer, Politician

Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry

Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry - American politician

American politician, Diplomat, Popular professor remained a dynamic, Baptist leader, Important, educational one reformers in the second half

Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu - American politician

American politician, Entrepreneur

T. Coleman du Pont

T. Coleman du Pont - American engineer

American engineer, Politician

Roy Blunt

Roy Blunt - American politician

American politician, Staunch advocate of a federal prohibition, High school history teacher at Marshfield High School, One 22 senators

Alexander H. Stephens

Alexander H. Stephens - American politician

American politician

Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill - American politician

American politician, Member, First woman

Georges Couthon

Georges Couthon - French politician

French politician, Lawyer, Guillotine d on 10 Thermidor

Ezra Cornell

Ezra Cornell - American businessman

American businessman, Politician, Governor of New York, Distant, relative William Cornell

George Reid

George Reid - Australian politician

Australian politician, Something of a public intellectual, Disadvantage as parliament

John Alsop

John Alsop - American politician

American politician, American author

William R. King

William R. King - American politician

American politician, Diplomat, Only Vice President from the state, Follower of Andrew Jackson, Delegate, Convention, Tuberculosis, Genius

Shujaat Hussain

Shujaat Hussain - Senior, conservative politician from Pakistan

Senior, conservative politician from Pakistan, Current, incumbent party president of the Pakistan, Active, political leader heading the Parliamentary Party, Interior minister in Nawaz Sharif

Elmer Ernest Roper

Elmer Ernest Roper - Politician in Alberta

Politician in Alberta

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams - Active supporter joined the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association

Active supporter joined the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, Abstentionist MP, Constitutional basis, Irish politician, Active rioting at this time

Paul Douglas

Paul Douglas - American politician

American politician, Georgist economist, Inspiration

Mackenzie Bowell

Mackenzie Bowell - Canadian politician

Canadian politician, Patient

Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (1894–1948)

Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (1894–1948) - South, African Politician in the intellectual years

South, African Politician in the intellectual years, Intellectual

Valdas Adamkus

Valdas Adamkus - Lithuanian politician

Lithuanian politician, Honorary member of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation Domestic affairs Valdas Adamkus, Active organizer of protest actions

Hugh Williamson

Hugh Williamson - American physician

American physician, Politician, Scholar of international renown, Presbyterian though some sources, Eyewitness, Boston Tea Party, Town representative for Edenton, Favor of representation

James K. Vardaman

James K. Vardaman - American politician from the U

American politician from the U, Complex man, Only friend, Poor man, Few, southern one senators, Larger life

Dave Reichert

Dave Reichert - Politician

Politician, One 20 Republicans

William Cohen

William Cohen - American politician

American politician, Author

John Rodriguez

John Rodriguez - Canadian politician

Canadian politician, One two MPs

Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer - American politician

American politician, Activist, One signers of the statement

John Slidell

John Slidell - American politician

American politician, Lawyer, Brother of Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, Mercantile business in New York, Confederate one two diplomats, Hickory Creek

James Shields (politician, born 1806)

James Shields (politician, born 1806) - Irish, American, Democratic politician

Irish, American, Democratic politician, United States Army officer, Ambitious, perseverant man, Fool as a liar

Allan Shivers

Allan Shivers - American politician

American politician

C. C. Young

C. C. Young - American teacher

American teacher, Politician

Andrew Rowe

Andrew Rowe - Politician in the United Kingdom

Politician in the United Kingdom

Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett - American politician

American politician, Banker

John William McCormack

John William McCormack - American politician from Boston

American politician from Boston, Belligerant Democrat, Many things

Brian Schweitzer

Brian Schweitzer - American politician

American politician

Enid Lyons

Enid Lyons - Australian politician

Australian politician, First woman

Hilda Solis

Hilda Solis - American politician

American politician, Member, Environmental activist in the State Senate, Third, oldest seven siblings

John A. McCone

John A. McCone - American businessman

American businessman, Politician, Executive vice President of Consolidated

George Smathers

George Smathers - American Lawyer

American Lawyer, Politician, U, Childhood friend of Philip Graham, Only member of the wedding party

Jennifer Garrison

Jennifer Garrison - American politician of the Democratic party

American politician of the Democratic party

Zafarullah Khan Jamali

Zafarullah Khan Jamali - Pakistani politician

Pakistani politician, Member, Conciliatory mood

Cheddi Jagan

Cheddi Jagan - Guyanese politician

Guyanese politician, Member of the Young Communist League, Present meeting in Barbados, Outstanding one people, Successful, Communist

Mark Pritchard (politician)

Mark Pritchard (politician) - British, Conservative politician

British, Conservative politician, Executive member of the British Parliamentary Group, Centre of a political story

Allard K. Lowenstein

Allard K. Lowenstein - American, Democratic politician including a U

American, Democratic politician including a U, Delegate in 1960, Democratic National Convention, Vocal one critics of the unwillingness