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Roald Hoffmann

Roald Hoffmann - American, theoretical chemist

American, theoretical chemist, Writer of poetry, Member of the International Academy, Real mensch, True Renaissance man

Richard Burton

Richard Burton - Ardent admirer of poet Dylan Thomas

Ardent admirer of poet Dylan Thomas, First choice for the role, Heavy smoker, Lifelong Socialist, Thirsty reader of poetry, Host of famous Welsh actors, Need of a young hopeful, Many one actors


Mead - Alcoholic beverage

Alcoholic beverage, Popular drink at Christmas time, Primary, heroic drink in poetry


Adunis - Pioneer of modern, Arabic poetry

Pioneer of modern, Arabic poetry

Lyric poetry

Lyric poetry - Formal type of poetry

Formal type of poetry, Popular, German reading public

William Sharp (writer)

William Sharp (writer) - Scottish writer of poetry

Scottish writer of poetry


Stesichorus - First, great, Greek lyric poet of the West the canonical one nine lyric poets

First, great, Greek lyric poet of the West the canonical one nine lyric poets, Citizen of Himera, Originator of choral poetry

Samuel Bamford

Samuel Bamford - English Radical

English Radical, Writer, Author of poetry, One five children, Present leader of the Middleton contingent

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt - Home

Home, First president, Prolific author, Avid reader of poetry reading tens, First president, Religious, Historical, public service organization, Classic example of this traditional type

Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn - American writer

American writer, Playwright, 52 professor of poetry

Chinese poetry

Chinese poetry - Poetry


Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni

Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni - Career officer in the Imperial Japanese Army

Career officer in the Imperial Japanese Army, Choice of both chief, Master of poetry, Councilor in the Bureau, Close advisor, Emperor Komei, Lord guardian of the Great Shrine, Professional soldier, Early advocate of military aviation, Second, senior member of the Imperial Family, Naval aviation enthusiast, Childless

Les Fleurs du mal

Les Fleurs du mal - Volume of French poetry

Volume of French poetry

Roger McGough

Roger McGough - Liverpool poet

Liverpool poet, Fellow of poetry, Honorary Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University, Hull University as Larkin

Immanuel Mifsud

Immanuel Mifsud - Writer of poetry

Writer of poetry

Christian poetry

Christian poetry - Poetry

Poetry, Work of Irish monk s

Willem Frederik Hermans

Willem Frederik Hermans - Dutch author of poetry

Dutch author of poetry

Dana Gioia

Dana Gioia - American poet

American poet, Writer, Judge Widney Professor of poetry


Poetry - Lofty thought

Lofty thought, Impassioned feeling, Genre of poetry, Genre, Hybrid genre

Japanese New Year

Japanese New Year - Part of Japanese poetry

Part of Japanese poetry, Year than the current date

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock - 2014 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of poetry

2014 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of poetry, Influential practitioner of modern jazz piano

Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren - Exception

Exception, First girl had older 2 brothers, Early, American writer of poetry, Convincing one patriots in the Revolution, Remarkable clearness

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry - English comedian

English comedian, Actor, Patron of the audiobook charity, Supporter of GNU, Guide to writing poetry, Last person, Friend of British actor John Mills, Active supporter of the Labour Party, One narrators of a

William Morris

William Morris - English textile design er

English textile design er, Poet, Affluent member, Caring father, Man of incredible depth, Prolific writer of poetry, Followers of the evangelical, Protestant form, Proud fact

Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes - First Laureate to create great poetry

First Laureate to create great poetry, Established poet, Interested relationship

Michel Leiris

Michel Leiris - French surrealist writer

French surrealist writer, Ethnographer, Talented poet, Poetry, Author, Ethnographer

Restoration literature

Restoration literature - English literature

English literature, Age of poetry, Time

Nikos Kavvadias

Nikos Kavvadias - Representative of a poetry

Representative of a poetry

W. S. Merwin

W. S. Merwin - American poet

American poet, 17th Poet Laureate Consultant in poetry, Curious mixture of sensuality, Son of a Presbyterian minister

Poetry slam

Poetry slam - Competition

Competition, Type of political complaint poetry, Identity poem, Four day poetry slam festival, Slam New Orleans, Focus of a documentary film series


Expressionism - Modernist movement in poetry

Modernist movement in poetry

Korean poetry

Korean poetry - Poetry

Poetry, Popular, 21st century Korea in both terms, Sick, tired, modern poetry

Alfonso X of Castile

Alfonso X of Castile - Prolific author of Galician poetry

Prolific author of Galician poetry

Performance poetry

Performance poetry - Poetry

Poetry, Competitive, live performance format, Interested Beat poets

Robert Pinsky

Robert Pinsky - American poet

American poet, Essayist, Author of nineteen Books the interactive fiction game Mindwheel, Ninth Poet Laureate Consultant in poetry

Occitan language

Occitan language - Vehicle for the influential poetry

Vehicle for the influential poetry

The Newport Daily News

The Newport Daily News - First paper to publish poetry

First paper to publish poetry


Metarealism - Direction in Russian poetry

Direction in Russian poetry, Materialization in pictorial form

Henri Chopin

Henri Chopin - French practitioner of concrete, sound poetry

French practitioner of concrete, sound poetry, Few one people

Harmonium (poetry collection)

Harmonium (poetry collection) - Book of poetry

Book of poetry, Different enterprise

Maurice Bowra

Maurice Bowra - Professor of Poetry

Professor of Poetry, President of the British Academy, Important champion of Boris Pasternak, Homosexual, imperceptive

David Lehman

David Lehman - Poet

Poet, Series editor, Author of Yeshiva Boys, Series editor of the Best, American Poetry

Charles Reznikoff

Charles Reznikoff - American poet

American poet, Prolific writer of poetry

Cowboy poetry

Cowboy poetry - Form of poetry

Form of poetry, Living tradition, Celebrated April in the United States


Pantoum - Poetic form of poetry

Poetic form of poetry

Dennis Cooley

Dennis Cooley - Canadian author of poetry

Canadian author of poetry, Founding Editor of the Turnstone Press, Recipient twelve Manitoba Book Awards

Xu Fancheng

Xu Fancheng - Acquaintance of Lu Xun

Acquaintance of Lu Xun, One scholars, Obscure name, Master of classical, Chinese poetry

Alice Fulton

Alice Fulton - American author of poetry

American author of poetry, Senior fellow in the Michigan Society, Recipient, many, other Awards

Free verse

Free verse - Open form of poetry

Open form of poetry

Kannada poetry

Kannada poetry - Poetry


Divine Comedies

Divine Comedies - Seventh Book of poetry

Seventh Book of poetry

The Scaffold

The Scaffold - Comedy

Comedy, Poetry, Anagram for a heckler

Canadian poetry

Canadian poetry - Poetry

Poetry, Simple extension of this trend, Political weapon before 1850, Elegant diversion, One form of Literature

Prose poetry

Prose poetry - Poetry


Amy Gerstler

Amy Gerstler - American poet

American poet, Writer of poetry, Editor of the 2010 edition

Martian poetry

Martian poetry - Minor movement in British poetry

Minor movement in British poetry

Action poetry

Action poetry - Form of poetry

Form of poetry, Form of Action Poetry

The New American Poetry 1945–1960

The New American Poetry 1945–1960 - Influential Canada

Influential Canada, Postmoderns, New, American poetry

Found poetry

Found poetry - Type of poetry

Type of poetry


Doggerel - Poetry


Marilyn Bowering

Marilyn Bowering - Canadian poet

Canadian poet, Novelist, Writer of poetry