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Theogony - Poem by Hesiod

Poem by Hesiod

Satires (Juvenal)

Satires (Juvenal) - Collection of satirical poems

Collection of satirical poems, Renowned works in the collection

The Cave (opera)

The Cave (opera) - Multimedia opera in three acts

Multimedia opera in three acts, Series of complete poems, Different, Two woodwind players


Lamorna - Home of the jeweller Ella Naper

Home of the jeweller Ella Naper, Title of a poem

Pat Ingoldsby

Pat Ingoldsby - Irish poet

Irish poet, TV presenter, Fluent, Irish speaker includes a few Poems


Kullervo - Eponymous, choral 1892 symphony in five movements

Eponymous, choral 1892 symphony in five movements, Subject of a 1988 opera a brief, symphonic poem

Naranath Bhranthan

Naranath Bhranthan - Character in Malayalam folklore

Character in Malayalam folklore, Title character of an acclaimed poem


Dithyramb - Poem in honor

Poem in honor


Georgics - Poem by Latin poet Virgil

Poem by Latin poet Virgil

Walter Pater

Walter Pater - English essayist

English essayist, Literary art critic, Subject of a poem

The Eve of St. Agnes

The Eve of St. Agnes - Romantic, narrative poem of Spenserian 42 stanzas

Romantic, narrative poem of Spenserian 42 stanza s, Early, Christian, Virgin martyr, Patron saint, Spenserian stanzas

Goblin Market

Goblin Market - Narrative poem by Christina Rossetti

Narrative poem by Christina Rossetti, Close two sisters

Zang Tumb Tumb

Zang Tumb Tumb - Sound, concrete poem

Sound, concrete poem

Richard Graves

Richard Graves - English minister

English minister, Poet, Family chaplain at the Hall for three, Collector of poems, Fellow of All Souls

Wilfrid Heighington

Wilfrid Heighington - Canadian soldier

Canadian soldier, Writer, Prolific writer authoring articles, Poems

Morgan horse

Morgan horse - Ancestor of the Missouri Fox Trotter

Ancestor of the Missouri Fox Trotter, Subject of the poem, Compact, refined breed, Bay, State animal of Vermont, Largest association for the breed, Earliest one horse breed, Fresh end of the day, Chestnut, Bay


Aeneid - Latin epic poem

Latin epic poem, Cornerstone of the Western canon, Survivor from classical antiquity, Poem, Basis for the Italian 1962 film

Paradise Regained

Paradise Regained - Poem by English poet John Milton

Poem by English poet John Milton, Ornate style

Isha Upanishad

Isha Upanishad - Only Upanishad

Only Upanishad, Philosophical text, Brief poem, Shortest one Upanishads

The Giaour

The Giaour - Poem by Lord Byron

Poem by Lord Byron, Influence on the early work

History of the Jews under Muslim rule

History of the Jews under Muslim rule - 400 years

400 years, Constant threat, Oral poem with a long, complicated rhyme structure

Hugh Selwyn Mauberley

Hugh Selwyn Mauberley - Long poem by Ezra Pound

Long poem by Ezra Pound

The Prince

The Prince - Means

Means, End, Great, patriotic poem, One hundred stories, Courtly love

Vande Mataram

Vande Mataram - Poem

Poem, Such one song, 125 years


Epithalamium - Poem



Dionysiaca - Ancient, Greek epic poem

Ancient, Greek epic poem, Principal work, Noisy poem

Y Gododdin

Y Gododdin - Narrative poem

Narrative poem, Series


Pelagius - Theologian of British origin

Theologian of British origin, Subject of a poem, Serious, humanist enterprise

Soundarya Lahari

Soundarya Lahari - Poem


Don Juan (Byron)

Don Juan (Byron) - Satiric poem by Lord Byron

Satiric poem by Lord Byron, Son of an aristocratic father, Long narrative poem by Byron, Hero, Love with Julia, Slave market

Bronze Horseman

Bronze Horseman - Equestrian statue of Peter

Equestrian statue of Peter, Title of a poem, Main one symbols of Saint Petersburg


Elegy - Mournful poem

Mournful poem


Cholent - Subject of poem

Subject of poem

Patience (poem)

Patience (poem) - Middle English

Middle English, Alliterative poem

The House of Hunger

The House of Hunger - Mishmash of poems

Mishmash of poems, Place


Cleanness - Middle English

Middle English, Alliterative poem, Description of the virtues

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann - German writer of poems

German writer of poems

Wiccan Rede

Wiccan Rede - Wiccan poem

Wiccan poem

Mankuthimmana Kagga

Mankuthimmana Kagga - Collection of 945 poems

Collection of 945 poems, Popular Kannada literature

Jaishankar Prasad

Jaishankar Prasad - Hindi, classic poem

Hindi, classic poem, Poet, Famous one figures in modern Hindi literature, Youngest son, Staunch devotee of Lord Shiva

St. Erkenwald (poem)

St. Erkenwald (poem) - Alliterative poem of the fourteenth century

Alliterative poem of the fourteenth century

The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic - Quote from a poem

Quote from a poem, Visible daylight, Descriptive writing

Rune Poems

Rune Poems - Poems


Moyra Caldecott

Moyra Caldecott - Prolific writer of poems

Prolific writer of poems

Richard Hughes (British writer)

Richard Hughes (British writer) - British writer of poems

British writer of poems, Fellow of the Royal Society, Instrumental Thomas

Fern Hill

Fern Hill - Poem by Dylan Thomas

Poem by Dylan Thomas

Walkabout (film)

Walkabout (film) - 1971 survival film

1971 survival film, 1971 film, Astonishing, visual poem by turns, Familiar one people from civilization

Posthumous Diary

Posthumous Diary - Series of poems

Series of poems

Roman Festivals (Respighi)

Roman Festivals (Respighi) - Symphonic poem

Symphonic poem

An Anna Blume

An Anna Blume - Poem

Poem, Red

The Idiot Boy

The Idiot Boy - Lyrical poem by William Wordsworth

Lyrical poem by William Wordsworth, Narrative form

La Bonne Chanson (poetry collection)

La Bonne Chanson (poetry collection) - Collection of poems

Collection of poems

Puella Mea

Puella Mea - Poem by E

Poem by E

James Ellis (actor)

James Ellis (actor) - Writer of poems

Writer of poems


Nokomis - Important character in the poem

Important character in the poem, Native, American, Ojibwe name

The Tower (poetry collection)

The Tower (poetry collection) - Book of poems

Book of poems


Orendel - Middle

Middle, High, German poem

Sir Orfeo

Sir Orfeo - Anonymous Middle English

Anonymous Middle English, Narrative poem, 39th article in this manuscript, King in Inglond