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Venera - First 1 spacecraft

First 1 spacecraft, First 9 10 probes to send black, white pictures, Identical 13 14 spacecraft, Spherical projections

Luna 2

Luna 2 - 2 success for the Soviets

2 success for the Soviets, First, robotic 16 mission, First 16 3 spacecraft to take pictures, Similar 2 design

Hooded vulture

Hooded vulture - Old World vulture in the order Accipitriformes

Old World vulture in the order Accipitriformes, Unafraid of humans, Vulture in the controversial picture

Earl of Pembroke

Earl of Pembroke - Great collector of pictures

Great collector of pictures

Erotic photography

Erotic photography - Style of art photography

Style of art photography, New medium in graphic Arts, Girl, Expensive one picture cost a weeks salary

Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat - Messy, imperfect picture

Messy, imperfect picture, Ambitious attempt to bring to a cartoon, Confused film mixing elements, Beautiful butterfly, Sixties, Production, Necessary animation, Bakshi, Number of comics stories, Famed 1979 animation director Ralph Bakshi, Contradictory

J. Carson Mark

J. Carson Mark - Picture

Picture, Original one pioneers

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke - Rare Miyazaki film without flight

Rare Miyazaki film without flight, First, animated feature film to win Best picture

Alfred Lawson

Alfred Lawson - Professional baseball player

Professional baseball player, Manager, Restless, innovative, infamous figure in the baseball community, First picture


Moomintroll - Pictures


Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins - Youngest star in the picture

Youngest star in the picture, Peak, Saxophone colossus

William Gillette

William Gillette - More actor

More actor, First, American actor, Model for pictures

Cy Young

Cy Young - Picture of persistent durability

Picture of persistent durability, Spiders, Oldest child born to McKinzie Young, Perfect hero for the National pastime

Battle of Haifa (1948)

Battle of Haifa (1948) - Mixed city with a population in 1948

Mixed city with a population in 1948, Ours, entire, political, military picture, Area

Alexander Henry the elder

Alexander Henry the elder - Fur trader with the North West Company

Fur trader with the North West Company, Author of Travels, 4th child, 5th child, Northwest Journal, Copy of a picture, Colorful area

Grosvenor House

Grosvenor House - Pictures

Pictures, Hangings, Largest, private one townhouse s, Home of the Grosvenor family

Window class

Window class - Process

Process, Specific window class names, Picture that the system

The Dungeons Are Calling

The Dungeons Are Calling - Horrors of drug use

Horrors of drug use, Reference, Picture of a human skull, Square jacket

Hamburger Hill

Hamburger Hill - American 1987 war film about the actual assault

American 1987 war film about the actual assault, Near, perfect war picture, Exciting, worthwhile picture with terrific storytelling

The Absent-Minded Professor

The Absent-Minded Professor - Fantastic, easy anyone

Fantastic, easy anyone, Static picture of Brainard

David E. Kendall

David E. Kendall - Tiny thumb drive

Tiny thumb drive, 71 picture of the Washington

Under the Cherry Moon

Under the Cherry Moon - American, musical 1986 comedy drama film

American, musical 1986 comedy drama film, Kind of a mess, Critical, commercial failure winning five Golden Raspberry Awards, Multiple winner at the 7th Golden Raspberry Awards, Worst Picture, Worst Actor, Cute, funny, sweet, sad

Veronica Guerin (film)

Veronica Guerin (film) - Feisty crime reporter for the Sunday Independent

Feisty crime reporter for the Sunday Independent, British picture, Dublin journalist

The Gauntlet (film)

The Gauntlet (film) - American 1977 action film

American 1977 action film, Solid picture, Little, thin story being long one chase sequence, Return shot by dead Mally

Willard (1971 film)

Willard (1971 film) - American 1971 horror film

American 1971 horror film, Interesting horror tale about a social misfit, Entertaining picture, Meek, social misfit

M (1951 film)

M (1951 film) - Remake of picture

Remake of picture

Lena Söderberg

Lena Söderberg - Picture of an attractive woman

Picture of an attractive woman

The Fleetwoods

The Fleetwoods - American singing group from Olympia

American singing group from Olympia, First, successful, many, fine Northwestern groups, Great, early picture with the trio, Original Chad, Jeremy, High quality of the recording material


Structurae - Online database containing pictures

Online database containing pictures

The Howling (film)

The Howling (film) - American 1981 horror film

American 1981 horror film, Terrific piece of horror cinema, Tense, horrifying, strange way, Film, Picture takes place, Little hit

The Screwfly Solution

The Screwfly Solution - Picture is way

Picture is way, Christian devotion, Modern, Showtime Friday, Insane