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Taro - Popular dish in hilly region

Popular dish in hilly region, Minor crop in the Philippines, Delicacy, Traditional staple food crop for large parts, Sliced, deep fried, Devastating disease of taro, Serious pest, Dominant root crop in tonnage before 1993, Few one crops, Available, fresh, frozen UK, Commercial footing, Present Irian Jaya in the rest, Absent


Locust - Solitary insect

Solitary insect, Major pest in India

Common myna

Common myna - Pest in South Africa

Pest in South Africa

Polish Operation of the NKVD

Polish Operation of the NKVD - Largest, ethnic shooting

Largest, ethnic shooting, Deportation action, Peak in the persecution, Tortured order, More, experienced brutality, Course subject, Huge, awful grief, Certainty, Possibility, Book about the victims, Vital contribution, Understanding, Territory, Site of the Nazi death camps, Many, poor weather, Pests, Stretch of territory, Blank page in the history, Horrible fiction

Jacobaea vulgaris

Jacobaea vulgaris - Common, wild flower in the family Asteraceae

Common, wild flower in the family Asteraceae, Widespread herb, Noxious weed, Important pest in many countries, Type species of sect, Sister, Packera, Nested


Thrips - Minute, slender insects with fringed wings

Minute, slender insect s with fringed wings, Primary pollinators of heathers, Pests of important crops, Haplodiploid, haploid males, Sole pollinator of Wilkiea huegeliana

Desert locust

Desert locust - Species of locust

Species of locust, Difficult pest to control control measures, Solitary insect, Dangerous locust pests, Responsible famines, Tremendous concern for Soviet borderlands

Aedes aegypti

Aedes aegypti - Daytime feeder

Daytime feeder, Common mosquito in urban areas, Primary vector of yellow fever, Pests, Vectors of other, important viruses, Smooth, ovoid, shaped one millimeter, Common areas

Hare coursing

Hare coursing - Agricultural pest

Agricultural pest, Sub committee of the Deerhound Club

Geometer moth

Geometer moth - Moths belonging to the family Geometridae

Moths belonging to the family Geometridae, Notorious pests

Scale insect

Scale insect - Small insects of the order Hemiptera

Small insect s of the order Hemiptera, Bad pest in Australia, Parthenogenetic, oviparous

Common asparagus beetle

Common asparagus beetle - Important pest of asparagus crops

Important pest of asparagus crops

Lomas de Lachay National Reserve

Lomas de Lachay National Reserve - Refuge for agricultural pests

Refuge for agricultural pests


Lygus - Wide 3 6 mm

Wide 3 6 mm, Serious, agricultural pests, 5 mm 2


Beech - Genus of deciduous trees

Genus of deciduous tree s, Common pest of American beech trees, Thin scars, Fungal Infection, Excellent firewood, Split burning, Common writing material in Germanic societies


Tachinidae - Large, variable family of true flies

Large, variable family of true flies, Parasites of important pests

Fire ant

Fire ant - Common name for several species

Common name for several species, 2, Category, Restricted 1 pest, Aggressive, most, native species