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Javed Hashmi

Javed Hashmi - Only politician in Pakistan

Only politician in Pakistan, Old buddy, People, Multan for new Rawalpindi

Muhammad Rafiq Tarar

Muhammad Rafiq Tarar - Oldest President of Pakistan

Oldest President of Pakistan, Elevated Judge of the Supreme Court


Laddu - North

North, Popular, Indian, sweet dish, Popular dessert in Pakistan

Chitarwata Formation

Chitarwata Formation - Geological Formation in western Pakistan

Geological Formation in western Pakistan


Sargodha - 11th, largest city in Pakistan

11th, largest city in Pakistan, Located 172 kilometres of Lahore, 94 km from Faisalabad, Home, Sargodha Cricket Stadium, Capital of Sargodha Tehsil

Mir (title)

Mir (title) - Tribe in Pakistan

Tribe in Pakistan

Black-necked stork

Black-necked stork - Occasional straggler in southern, eastern Pakistan

Occasional straggler in southern, eastern Pakistan


Diwali - Celebration of this inner light

Celebration of this inner light, Official, public holiday in Mauritius, Peak buying season for gold, Last day of the Gujarati calendar, Important festival in this state, Public holiday in Pakistan, Important one seven festivals of Telangana, Happiest one holidays in India

Water buffalo

Water buffalo - Main dairy animal in Pakistan

Main dairy animal in Pakistan, Second animal zodiac in the Vietnamese zodiac, Result of complex domestication processes, Ideal, dangerous animals for work, Present, southern region of Iraq, Diurnal, nocturnal, Dependent sight, Important hunting businesses, River type, Important, hot climates

Mohammad Yousuf (cricketer, born 1974)

Mohammad Yousuf (cricketer, born 1974) - Former Pakistan

Former Pakistan, Cricket er

Persecution of Hindus

Persecution of Hindus - Soft targets in Pakistan

Soft targets in Pakistan

Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Ghulam Ishaq Khan - Pakistan

Pakistan, Civil servant, Finance secretary from 1966 1970, Bhutto, Quiet man of Pakistani politics, Something of a prodigy, Main, financial one supporters of the nuclear program

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam - Versatile scholar in interested Urdu

Versatile scholar in interested Urdu, Great person, Great scientist, Ahmadi, Greatest scientist, First Pakistani Nobel Prize winner, Continuation, Private individual, First Pakistani to receive Nobel Prize, True hero, Jewel in the crown, Great people, One pioneers of Pakistan, Scientist, Whole Pakistan


Bahawalpur - 12th, largest city in the located Punjab province Pakistan

12th, largest city in the located Punjab province Pakistan, Capital of the former, princely state


Mirza - Name of Persian origin

Name of Persian origin, Pakistani novelist, Playwright, Pakistan, Actor, Grandson of Emperor Babur, Sindhi writer, Ruler, Persian revolutionary


Mardan - 19th, largest city of Pakistan

19th, largest city of Pakistan, Headquarters, Headquarter of a district, Part of Peshawar district Until 1937

Ijaz Ahmed (cricketer, born 1968)

Ijaz Ahmed (cricketer, born 1968) - Retired Pakistan

Retired Pakistan, Cricket er, Powerful hitter on the leg side


Afridi - Karlani Pashtun tribe in present Pakistan

Karlani Pashtun tribe in present Pakistan, Major tribe inhibiting FR Peshawar FR Kohat, One Karlani tribe, Khyber


Sindh - Third, largest province of Pakistan

Third, largest province of Pakistan, Second, largest gainer of population, Large producer of indigo, One four provinces of Pakistan

Umar Gul

Umar Gul - Pakistan

Pakistan, Cricketer, Second, highest wicket taker in Twenty20 International cricket

Pakistan Armed Forces

Pakistan Armed Forces - Military forces of Pakistan

Military forces of Pakistan

Mohammad Sami

Mohammad Sami - Pakistan

Pakistan, Cricketer

Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Muhammad Taqi Usmani - Deobandi Hanafi Islamic scholar from Pakistan

Deobandi Hanafi Islamic scholar from Pakistan


Islamabad - Capital city of Pakistan

Capital city of Pakistan, Located SSW of Muzaffarabad, Hub, Net contributor, Pakistani economy, Home, Many migrants, Modern, clean city in comparison, Faisal Masjid, Ancient site, Faisal Mosque, Part of the Islamabad Capital Territory, Located Pothohar Plateau in the northeastern part

Abdul Razzaq (cricketer)

Abdul Razzaq (cricketer) - Former Pakistan

Former Pakistan, Cricket er

Ayesha Jalal

Ayesha Jalal - Mary Richardson Professor of History

Mary Richardson Professor of History, Apologist for Pakistan

Muttahida Qaumi Movement

Muttahida Qaumi Movement - Secular, political party in Pakistan

Secular, political party in Pakistan


Pomegranate - Symbol of Armenia

Symbol of Armenia, Annual, cultural, artistic festival, Popular fruit in Pakistan, Main one fruits in Armenian culture, Native Iran, Rich source of dietary fiber, Preliminary research


Holi - Festival of forgiveness

Festival of forgiveness, National holiday in Suriname, Important spring festival for Hindus, Gujhiya, Public holiday in Pakistan, Particular significance in the Braj region

Ashraf Qazi

Ashraf Qazi - Politician from Pakistan

Politician from Pakistan


Gilgit - Major tourist destination in northern Pakistan

Major tourist destination in northern Pakistan, Major trade centre on the Silk Route, Important city on the Silk Road, Located Karakoram Highway, Oldest manuscript s in the world


Kite - Popular form of entertainment

Popular form of entertainment, Popular pastime around all Pakistan


Muzaffarabad - Capital of the Pakistan

Capital of the Pakistan

Hinduism in Pakistan

Hinduism in Pakistan - Second, largest religion in Pakistan

Second, largest religion in Pakistan

Green Party of Pakistan

Green Party of Pakistan - Green, democratic, political party in Pakistan

Green, democratic, political party in Pakistan

Mir Ibrahim Rahman

Mir Ibrahim Rahman - Pakistan

Pakistan, Media proprietor, MD of Geo Entertainment channels


Hockey - National sport of Pakistan

National sport of Pakistan, Indoor variation of field hockey, National sport of Latvia, Variation of Roller hockey, Form of ice hockey, Schoolyard game, Form of hockey, Form of ice hockey, Form of hockey, Variation, Aspect of this culture, Demonstration sport at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, Different football, One priority disciplines


Markhor - Large species of wild goat

Large species of wild goat, National animal of Pakistan, Markhor, Variety, Potential prey for snow leopards, Dimorphic males

Pakistani rupee

Pakistani rupee - Currency of Pakistan

Currency of Pakistan

Abdur Rehman (cricketer, born 1980)

Abdur Rehman (cricketer, born 1980) - Pakistan

Pakistan, Cricket er


Sukkur - Town in the Pakistan

Town in the Pakistan, Famous world, District in Sindh Province, Hub of many, small, large scale industries


Multan - Pakistan

Pakistan, City, Home, Multan Tigers, Main railway station of Multan, Host, Offices, Important one trading centres of medieval, Islamic India, Located bend, Located Punjab

Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri

Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri - Pakistani politician

Pakistani politician, Writer, Executive member of the Board, Pakistani politician, Diplomat, Few one members of the Pakistan, Member of Z, Foreign minister of Pakistan

Yasmeen Lari

Yasmeen Lari - First woman architect of Pakistan

First woman architect of Pakistan, Eminent lawyer, Scholar noted historian, Worthy, recipient Arts

Sindh Democratic Alliance

Sindh Democratic Alliance - Regional, political party in Pakistan

Regional, political party in Pakistan, Position

Iqbal Qasim

Iqbal Qasim - Former Pakistan

Former Pakistan, Cricket er, Member of the selection committee

Muhammad Ali (politician)

Muhammad Ali (politician) - Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan

I. I. Chundrigar

I. I. Chundrigar - Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan

Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto - Pakistan

Pakistan, Poet, Great pains, Rest, Karachi

Senate of Pakistan

Senate of Pakistan - Respectful institution in Pakistan

Respectful institution in Pakistan, Permanent House

Intelligence Bureau (Pakistan)

Intelligence Bureau (Pakistan) - Civilian intelligence agency in Pakistan

Civilian intelligence agency in Pakistan

Sobho Gianchandani

Sobho Gianchandani - Pakistan

Pakistan, Social scientist

Anis Nagi

Anis Nagi - Pakistan

Pakistan, Poet, Writer, Poet, Towering personality in the world

Sheikh Anwarul Haq

Sheikh Anwarul Haq - Pakistan

Pakistan, Jurist

Abdul Qadir (cricketer, born 1955)

Abdul Qadir (cricketer, born 1955) - Former Pakistan

Former Pakistan, International cricket er, Successful captain

Anna Molka Ahmed

Anna Molka Ahmed - Pakistan

Pakistan, Artist, Famous, Pakistani artist, Pioneer, Pioneer of art education

Amir Abdullah Khan Rokhri

Amir Abdullah Khan Rokhri - Politician

Politician, Close friend of the Pir, Close friend of Rokhri, Largest transport company in Pakistan

West Punjab

West Punjab - Province of Pakistan

Province of Pakistan

Bina Shah

Bina Shah - Pakistan

Pakistan, Writer of English fiction, Fiction writer, Journalist, Resident at the University

A1 Team Pakistan

A1 Team Pakistan - Pakistan

Pakistan, Team

Imran Nazir

Imran Nazir - Pakistan

Pakistan, Cricket er, Street cricketer

Football in Pakistan

Football in Pakistan - Popular sport in Pakistan

Popular sport in Pakistan, Different, Gloomy position since decades, Different, first participants of the National Football Championship, Inconsistent, healthy competitions

Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi

Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi - Pakistan

Pakistan, Economist, Prominent economist, Former, civil servant

Millat Party

Millat Party - Political party in Pakistan

Political party in Pakistan

Yasir Hameed

Yasir Hameed - Pakistan

Pakistan, Cricket er

Murtaza Bhutto

Murtaza Bhutto - Verge

Verge, Responsible 1971 debacle, Anti Pakistan

Sabiha Sumar

Sabiha Sumar - Pakistan

Pakistan, Filmmaker

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan - Pakistan

Pakistan, Jurist

Shahryar Rashed

Shahryar Rashed - Pakistan

Pakistan, English language poet, Avid reader

Azhar Mahmood

Azhar Mahmood - Former Pakistan

Former Pakistan, Cricket er, Tough allrounder, Belligerent batsman

Farooq Leghari

Farooq Leghari - Pakistan

Pakistan, Politician, Avid, competitive sportsman played tennis backhand, Major landowner in the country, Man of character, Major landowner

Sheikh Riaz Ahmad

Sheikh Riaz Ahmad - Former Chief Justice of Pakistan

Former Chief Justice of Pakistan

Northwestern thorn scrub forest

Northwestern thorn scrub forest - Xeric shrubland ecoregion of Pakistan

Xeric shrubland ecoregion of Pakistan

Syed Kamal

Syed Kamal - Pakistan

Pakistan, Film, Popular film star

Syed Ali Raza

Syed Ali Raza - Pakistan

Pakistan, Businessman

Absar Ahmad

Absar Ahmad - Distinguished Pakistan

Distinguished Pakistan, Philosopher

Sabri Brothers

Sabri Brothers - Music band from Pakistan

Music band from Pakistan

Omar Asghar Khan

Omar Asghar Khan - Pakistan

Pakistan, Economist

Abdul Salam Zaeef

Abdul Salam Zaeef - Afghan ambassador

Afghan ambassador, Pakistan