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Tidal race

Tidal race - Tidal, rapid, natural occurrence

Tidal, rapid, natural occurrence


Maltodextrin - Polysaccharide

Polysaccharide, Chain of glucose molecules, Common link in these hideous occurrences, One preservatives


Learning - Act

Act, Occurrence, Type, Beneficial scenarios because an animal


Ovulation - Release of egg

Release of egg, Process, Significant occurrence


Snooker - Cue sport

Cue sport, Common occurrence, Ideal choice as the game


Pumice - Common product of explosive eruptions

Common product of explosive eruptions, Everyday occurrence

Negative luminescence

Negative luminescence - Physical phenomenon

Physical phenomenon, Physical occurrence

Vapor lock

Vapor lock - Common, other motor sports as Such Formula

Common, other motor sports as Such Formula, Common occurrence in stock car racing

Penis captivus

Penis captivus - Rare occurrence in intercourse

Rare occurrence in intercourse

Adverse event

Adverse event - Untoward, medical occurrence in a patient

Untoward, medical occurrence in a patient


Superfetation - Simultaneous occurrence

Simultaneous occurrence

Power distance

Power distance - Likely occurrence of less, powerful individuals

Likely occurrence of less, powerful individuals, Intolerant unfairness

International News Service

International News Service - U

U, Report of recent occurrences, Property in the strict sense


Choreoathetosis - Occurrence of involuntary movements

Occurrence of involuntary movements