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Armillary sphere

Armillary sphere - Model of objects

Model of objects

Phoebe (moon)

Phoebe (moon) - Irregular satellite of Saturn

Irregular satellite of Saturn, 4 times from distant Saturn, First, such object, 200 kilometers in diameter


Paperweight - Small, solid object

Small, solid object

Violet (color)

Violet (color) - Color of amethyst at the end

Color of amethyst at the end, Lightfast violet pigment with strong color saturation, Synthetic pigment, One end of the spectrum, Objects

Object permanence

Object permanence - Understanding that objects

Understanding that objects

Suicide weapon

Suicide weapon - Weapon

Weapon, Object

List of quasars

List of quasars - Solitary objects

Solitary objects


Virgil - Object of literary admiration

Object of literary admiration


Rotation - Circular movement of an object

Circular movement of an object, Progressive, radial orientation, Common point

Harmonic oscillator

Harmonic oscillator - Important physics because any mass subject

Important physics because any mass subject, Mass connected to some elastic object

James Van Fleet

James Van Fleet - U

U, Native of New Jersey, Art collector donated many, rare, exceptional, Asian objects, Colonel commanding an Infantry regiment


Nebula - Interstellar cloud of dust

Interstellar cloud of dust, Name for any diffuse, astronomical object

The Phenomenology of Spirit

The Phenomenology of Spirit - Whole

Whole, Process of distinction, Reality, Object, Essential nature, Incomplete mind, Concrete shape, Twofold process, Hopeless, Small

Romanian Treasure

Romanian Treasure - Collection of valuable objects

Collection of valuable objects

Stress concentration

Stress concentration - Location in an object

Location in an object


Khotyn - Object of conquest

Object of conquest

Richard Brauer

Richard Brauer - Leading, German, American mathematician

Leading, German, American mathematician, Combinatorial object associated to a block


Square - Symmetric object

Symmetric object, Special case of many, lower symmetry quadrilaterals


Damietta - Important, naval base during the Abbasid

Important, naval base during the Abbasid, Object of the Seventh Crusade, Important, 12th, 13th centuries during the time


Amber - Macromolecule by free, radical polymerization

Macromolecule by free, radical polymerization, Translucent, yellow, orange, brown fossil resin from evergreen trees, Fluorescent, rarest, Dominican amber is blue amber, Fossilized resin of ancient trees, Poor conductor of heat, Enigmatic object of beauty, Different case, Fascinating detective story, Wonderful, evocative journey, First, commercial one products, First one stones, Few one varieties, Softest one gem types, Same, typical tree, Interdisciplinary, Property of the finder

Spatial light modulator

Spatial light modulator - Object



Inertia - Resistance of any physical object

Resistance of any physical object, Primary one manifestations of mass

Common eider

Common eider - Object of the 2011 documentary people

Object of the 2011 documentary people, Largest duck in the northern Hemisphere, Gregarious nature, 80 percent from egg

Plot (narrative)

Plot (narrative) - Series of events

Series of events, Prose, Important event, State, Object

The Velvet Underground & Nico

The Velvet Underground & Nico - Aggressive, deadpan perfection

Aggressive, deadpan perfection, 45 years, Objects

NATO bombing of the Radio Television of Serbia headquarters

NATO bombing of the Radio Television of Serbia headquarters - Parties

Parties, Protocol, SANDY TOLAN of Homelands Production, Air, Agreement, View that the credible information, Bridge, Civilian object, Legitimate, military objective


Fracture - Separation of an object

Separation of an object

Sunflower Galaxy

Sunflower Galaxy - Easy object

Easy object, One four Messier galaxies in Canes Venatici constellation

Roman dodecahedron

Roman dodecahedron - Small, hollow object

Small, hollow object


Hoard - Collection of personal objects

Collection of personal objects

Extended metaphor

Extended metaphor - Comparison of a real object

Comparison of a real object


Pearl - Hard object

Hard object, Round, smooth, many, other shapes, Wide 30 67 cm, Mixture of mineral, Pinctada maxima, Integral part of Aryan symbolism

Mary of Teck

Mary of Teck - Eager collector of objects

Eager collector of objects

Terminal velocity

Terminal velocity - Highest velocity by an attainable object

Highest velocity by an attainable object

Spring (device)

Spring (device) - Elastic object

Elastic object


Folklore - Original folklore

Original folklore, Artifacts, First, foremost, remembered behavior, Single objects

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women - Reservations with the incompatible object

Reservations with the incompatible object, Incompatible object, Unable, Identical essence, Incompatible object

Atmospheric entry

Atmospheric entry - Movement of an object

Movement of an object

Ode to a Nightingale

Ode to a Nightingale - Object of empathy

Object of empathy

Great white shark

Great white shark - Object of commercial fishing

Object of commercial fishing, Only species, Few one sharks, Common sites, Curious animals display intelligence, Generalist feeders

Definition of planet

Definition of planet - Object in orbit

Object in orbit

Facade pattern

Facade pattern - Object

Object, Outdated

List of names for the biblical nameless

List of names for the biblical nameless - Object of desire

Object of desire, Personage than the archangel Michael, Host of angels, Aramean Balaam called Bela, Ram

Lunar meteorite

Lunar meteorite - Meteorite

Meteorite, Rock, Natural, solid object than larger 10 M, Prettyman

Gustav Friedrich Waagen

Gustav Friedrich Waagen - German art historian

German art historian, Voracious traveler in part, Object in 1839

Kyle Brandt

Kyle Brandt - American television host

American television host, Media personality, Object of affection

Mount Akagi

Mount Akagi - Mountain in Gunma Prefecture

Mountain in Gunma Prefecture, Object of worship


Gohonzon - Generic term for a venerated, religious object

Generic term for a venerated, religious object, Statuary


Smuggling - Illegal transportation of objects

Illegal transportation of objects, Cognizable offense


Arman - Avid collector of objects

Avid collector of objects

History of suicide

History of suicide - Object of multidisciplinary, scientific study

Object of multidisciplinary, scientific study, Area

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau - International style of art

International style of art, Total, elegant, decorative art style, Popular, Nordic countries, More, mere style, French, new art, Reaction against the eclectic styles, Medium, Beautiful objects of art

Exact sequence

Exact sequence - Concept in mathematics

Concept in mathematics, Sequence of finite, infinite objects

Point particle

Point particle - Idealization of particle

Idealization of particle, Appropriate representation of any object, Electric charge at a mathematical point


Friction - Force resisting the relative motion

Force resisting the relative motion, Component of the science, Friction between more, solid two objects, Component of drag, Physical property, Important factor in many engineering disciplines


Caergwrle - Village in the county

Village in the county, Unique object dating to the middle Bronze Age

Gravitational collapse

Gravitational collapse - Contraction of an astronomical object

Contraction of an astronomical object, Fundamental mechanism for structure formation

Kay Hanley

Kay Hanley - Object of affection

Object of affection


Totem - Spirit being sacred object

Spirit being sacred object, Animal, Other, natural figure, Ojibwe, Belief

Fictitious capital

Fictitious capital - Concept

Concept, Object of speculation


Haniwa - Large, hollow, earthenware, funerary objects

Large, hollow, earthenware, funerary objects


Weapon - Common objects

Common objects, Weapons used to hunt game animal s


Mirror - Object

Object, Ordinary mirror, Passive device s, Devices, Sharp


Dice - Small, throwable objects

Small, throwable objects, Small cube s, Craps

Disco ball

Disco ball - Spherical object

Spherical object

Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy - Dwarf galaxy in the Carina constellation

Dwarf galaxy in the Carina constellation, Large, bright object in southern hemisphere skies

Bidding stick

Bidding stick - Term for a wooden object

Term for a wooden object

Akha people

Akha people - Indigenous hill tribe

Indigenous hill tribe, Skilled hunters, Objects of ecotourism, Subsistence farmers growing a variety, Hard workers, Good farmers, Good craftsman, Spiritual people, Clever bamboo, Strong garments

Eta Carinae

Eta Carinae - Binary system

Binary system, Certain, key information, Much brighter at infrared wavelengths, Unique object with no close analogues, Typical LBV, Massive, luminous, hot star, Brighter January

Crown jewels

Crown jewels - Objects of metalwork

Objects of metalwork


Mask - Object

Object, Mask, Cast

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus the Great - Golden coffin

Golden coffin, Largest world, Nubia, Only reason that the Cyrus legacy, Object of world heritage, Famous one objects, 22, Elaborations of the prophecies

Physical model

Physical model - Smaller, larger, physical copy of an object

Smaller, larger, physical copy of an object, 3D alternative for a 2D representation

Effect of spaceflight on the human body

Effect of spaceflight on the human body - Wonderful object for Sightseeing

Wonderful object for Sightseeing, Strict order, Capsule type of spacecraft, More beauty of the scenery, Cyanotic, frothing lips, Displaced expansion

Khorloogiin Choibalsan

Khorloogiin Choibalsan - Object of strong resentment

Object of strong resentment

Tracing garbage collection

Tracing garbage collection - Heuristic approach

Heuristic approach, Unreachable objects


Phobia - Type of anxiety disorder

Type of anxiety disorder, Intense, unrealistic fear of an object, Complex disorder


Magnet - Material

Material, Object

Dependency injection

Dependency injection - Object

Object, Passing of a dependency, One form of the broader technique, Alternative technique to initialize the member, Useful alternative, Service Locator, More Strategy Pattern

Media ecology

Media ecology - Study of media

Study of media, Cultural forces as cultural objects

Sex toy

Sex toy - Object

Object, Device, Illegal India

Sample (statistics)

Sample (statistics) - Set of objects

Set of objects

Foot fetishism

Foot fetishism - Common form of the sexual, fetish, related body

Common form of the sexual, fetish, related body, Type of paraphilia, Fixation on an object, Powerful, sexual arousal factor for podophiliacs, Tactile organ, Shameful, other kinky desires

Titan (moon)

Titan (moon) - Largest, sixth, ellipsoidal moon of Saturn from Saturn

Largest, sixth, ellipsoidal moon of Saturn from Saturn, Distant body from Earth, Difficult object, Larger diameter than Mercury, Similar bulk composition, Diameter 1


Bookend - Object


Group theory

Group theory - Group

Group, Symmetries of some explicit object

90377 Sedna

90377 Sedna - Large, Minor planet in the outer reaches

Large, Minor planet in the outer reaches, Red, faint object, Few observations, Odd world, Remote, solar one system objects

Djedkare Isesi

Djedkare Isesi - First king

First king, Object of a funerary cult

Burning bush

Burning bush - Object


Azurophilic granule

Azurophilic granule - Cellular object with a stainable Romanowsky

Cellular object with a stainable Romanowsky


Eraser - Article of stationery

Article of stationery, Object

Dark star (Newtonian mechanics)

Dark star (Newtonian mechanics) - Theoretical object with compatible, Newtonian mechanics

Theoretical object with compatible, Newtonian mechanics