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Square number

Square number - Centered, octagonal number

Centered, octagonal number, Sum of consecutive, triangular two number s, Square number, Form

Definable real number

Definable real number - Constructible number

Constructible number, Arithmetical, arithmetical numbers form a subfield, Analytical, arithmetical number


Heiltsuk - Descendants of a number

Descendants of a number, Part of this cultural, political rise, Users of the Chinook Jargon, Located Bella Bella Community School building

David Buss

David Buss - Professor of psychology

Professor of psychology, Author of a number

Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar - Special Zone

Special Zone, Designation, Home, Number, Home than more 40,000 students

Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture - Home

Home, Number, Top prefecture in Japan

West Derby

West Derby - Home

Home, Number, Populous hundred one areas in the area, Use, Station on the located North Liverpool Extension Line

Perfect number

Perfect number - Pernicious, natural number

Pernicious, natural number, Member of a special class, 6

Magic: The Gathering deck types

Magic: The Gathering deck types - Number of lands

Number of lands, Simple Affinity is the beatdown deck

Alcippe (Greek mythology)

Alcippe (Greek mythology) - Name attributed to a number

Name attributed to a number

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham - Home

Home, Number, Hammersmith Apollo, Leading Roman Catholic, Secondary school, Unique London

Tom Murphy (Georgia politician)

Tom Murphy (Georgia politician) - Speaker of the Georgia House

Speaker of the Georgia House, Good student held a number

Praful Patel

Praful Patel - Indian politician

Indian politician, Businessman, Member of a number

Refresh rate

Refresh rate - Number of times

Number of times

Chicago Heights, Illinois

Chicago Heights, Illinois - City in Cook County

City in Cook County, Home, Bloom High School, Home, Number, South of the Chicago Loop


Euchre - Game with a large number

Game with a large number

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Legislative Assembly of Ontario - Second, largest, Canadian, provincial, deliberative Assembly by number

Second, largest, Canadian, provincial, deliberative Assembly by number, Only province



, Test, Number, Result of a collaboration

Stratemeyer Syndicate

Stratemeyer Syndicate - Producer of a number

Producer of a number

Daily Kos

Daily Kos - Tremendous number of Sanders backers

Tremendous number of Sanders backers


Immunoelectrophoresis - General name for a number

General name for a number

Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Signal Mountain, Tennessee - Town in Hamilton County

Town in Hamilton County, Home, Progressive community, Home, Number

Nathaniel Claiborne

Nathaniel Claiborne - English pioneer

English pioneer, Surveyor, Forebear of a number


Conurbation - Region comprising a number

Region comprising a number, Result of several, central cities

Tony Esposito

Tony Esposito - Younger brother of Phil Esposito

Younger brother of Phil Esposito, First NHL goaltender to wear the number, First one Players of the modern era

African Great Lakes

African Great Lakes - Important habitats for a number

Important habitats for a number

Boundary Bay Airport

Boundary Bay Airport - Home

Home, Large number, Located Delta

U.S. Labor Party

U.S. Labor Party - Political party

Political party, Subject of a number

Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck - Animated cartoon character

Animated cartoon character, Number on 14 TV guide, Little, black Duck with a white ring

Allied invasion of Italy

Allied invasion of Italy - Responsible, Allied land forces in the Mediterranean Theatre

Responsible, Allied land forces in the Mediterranean Theatre, Longer master, Product of the sheer number

Pat Reid

Pat Reid - Number in the 257

Number in the 257


Duck - Common name for a large number

Common name for a large number, Nickname of the University, Example of a domestic duck breed


Flensburg - Centre of the region

Centre of the region, Site of a number, Member of the Hanseatic League, Few weeks

San Benito, Texas

San Benito, Texas - City in Cameron County

City in Cameron County, Located west of the center, Village with a moderate number

Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome

Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome - Catholic college

Catholic college, Church, Spiritual adviser, Number, Controversial works, One, Known one parts

Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square - Town square in Mayfair

Town square in Mayfair, Offices including a number, Something of an accident, Popular one locations for the Elektrobay, Great, planned one squares of London, London area of Mayfair


Tumut - Town in the Riverina region

Town in the Riverina region, Home, Number, Centre of a softwood industry


Southwold - Small town on the English North Sea coast

Small town on the English North Sea coast, Part of the Southwold, Home of a number, Important town

Danske Bank

Danske Bank - Number on the 454 Fortune

Number on the 454 Fortune, Trading name of Northern Bank Limited, Member of the Danske Bank Group, Commercial one four banks in Northern Ireland, One Big

Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico

Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico - Host

Host, Number, Present base

Stuyvesant High School

Stuyvesant High School - College

College, Preparatory science, Hard place for a B student, People, Part peanut butter, Ten million pills, High school, High school with the highest number, Gridiron power, Neighborhood institution, Split sessions during that time

Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá

Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá - Terrible shape

Terrible shape, Small, 26 centimeters by wide 25 centimeters, Popular number


Arcelor - Part of ArcelorMittal

Part of ArcelorMittal, Number of the global one steel industry

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames - Home

Home, Highest number


Avestan - Alphabet ic

Alphabet ic, Large number


Sabah - Only state in Malaysia

Only state in Malaysia, Arabic word, Home, Large number, Sole manufacturer of oil palm, Main folklore event in Malaysia, Helicopter chartered flight company, Only state in Malaysia, Main, public library in the state, One producer of seaweed, Dependent lumber

West Seneca, New York

West Seneca, New York - Located, Interior town in ERIE COUNTY of the County

Located, Interior town in ERIE COUNTY of the County, Home to following the private, primary, secondary schools, Large number, Variety

Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart - English journalist

English journalist, Newscaster, Fan of the band, Active supporter of a number, Man of remarkable industry, Presenter on the defunct ITV News Channel


Pohang - Terminus for a number

Terminus for a number, Home of POSCO

Marcelo Caetano

Marcelo Caetano - Minister of the Colonies between 1944 1947

Minister of the Colonies between 1944 1947, Number of the two regime from 1955 1958


Henan - Home

Home, Large number, 5th, largest, provincial economy of China, Third, populous, Chinese province after Guangdong, Important producer of beef, Major destination for tourist s, Located Yellow River valley, Few one provinces

Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde - First, overall draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

First, overall draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Number, One selection


Ionization - Process

Process, Form of ionization, Ratio of the number, Ionization to quantum due tunneling

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker - Immediate success in the Vicious, funny

Immediate success in the Vicious, funny, Inspiration for a number


Koroit - Part of the Shire

Part of the Shire, Home, Small number, Celebration of Irish heritage, Centre of a recreational trail, Located, original Koroit Borough Chambers on High Street

The World Factbook

The World Factbook - Available National Technical Information Service

Available National Technical Information Service, Available form of a website, Public domain, Available 2006 Central Intelligence Agency Web site, Public domain, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, Comprehensive compendium of Profiles, Raw data from any source, Dominant factor, Annual number of female deaths, Factor, Direct measure of the level, Process, Antarctica, Oceans, World Factbook

Avon Lake, Ohio

Avon Lake, Ohio - City in Lorain County

City in Lorain County, Host, Number, Home, Avon Lake Public Library

Cedros Island

Cedros Island - Mexican island in the Pacific Ocean

Mexican island in the Pacific Ocean, Home, Number


Kapan - Populous town in the Syunik Province

Populous town in the Syunik Province, Home, Number, Education centre of southern Armenia

St Helens, Isle of Wight

St Helens, Isle of Wight - Village

Village, Civil parish, Host, Number, Famed purity

Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park - Country park in north Warwickshire

Country park in north Warwickshire, Home, Bicycle hire Centre, Number of bridleway s

Hudson Maxim

Hudson Maxim - U

U, Eccentric writer on a number, Man of many talents, Freelance, American inventor

Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Wrexham Glyndŵr University - Number in one North Wales

Number in one North Wales

Max Martin

Max Martin - Songwriter with third number

Songwriter with third number, Kind of unicorn

Polygonal number

Polygonal number - Triangular number Applying the formula

Triangular number Applying the formula, Hecatonicositetragonal, hexacontagonal, icosienneagonal, hexagonal, square, triangular 1225


Time - Indefinite, continued progress of existence

Indefinite, continued progress of existence, Component quantity of various measurement s, Kind of number, Measure of cycles, Mode, Ideal form of inner sense, Preferred method, Measurement of time, Organization of tasks, Fundamental, physical one seven quantities in the International System, Significant, social importance, One hour by convention

Naval mine

Naval mine - Disinformation

Disinformation, Successful number of ships

Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio - Home

Home, Number

Box Hill, Victoria

Box Hill, Victoria - Home

Home, Number, Major transport hub for the City, Nearby, linear park, Entry point for a tramline, Local, Australian rules football club, Located Centro Box Hill


Saratov - Administrative center of the oblast

Administrative center of the oblast, Host, Number, General aviation airfield


Frequency - Number of occurrences

Number of occurrences, Important parameter, Property of sound

William Claiborne

William Claiborne - Forebear of a number

Forebear of a number

Edwards Aquifer

Edwards Aquifer - Group of limestones

Group of limestones, Home, Large number, Sole environment for the rare Barton Springs salamander, Diverse fauna, Political subdivision of the state, Body of rock, Productive, karst aquifer, Artesian aquifer, Prolific, artesian one aquifer S in the world, Variable, hydrologic character, Jurisdictional boundaries of the Edwards Aquifer Authority

Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal - Large complex of warehouses

Large complex of warehouse s, Home, Number

John Torrey

John Torrey - American botanist

American botanist, Chemist, Member of a number

Gay Liberation Front

Gay Liberation Front - Name of a number

Name of a number

South Pacific Mandate

South Pacific Mandate - Number

Number, League of Nations, Financial liability for the Japanese government, Koror in the Palau islands

Georges River

Georges River - Popular, recreational activities as such water skiing

Popular, recreational activities as such water skiing, Host, Number, Popular area for recreational fishing

Mike Moore (New Zealand politician)

Mike Moore (New Zealand politician) - Author of a number

Author of a number, Former Director General of the World Trade Organization, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand


Khatushyam - Family deity of a large number

Family deity of a large number


Sydney - Home

Home, Dozens, Highest, ranking city in the world, Host of several festivals, Annual, outdoor exhibition of art installations, Number, Coastal basin with the Tasman Sea, Home of Opera Australia, Expensive, real one estate markets

Gold Coast Broadwater

Gold Coast Broadwater - Home

Home, Number

Trygve Lie

Trygve Lie - Norwegian politician

Norwegian politician, Labour leader, Holder of a number


Cornbread - Generic name for any number

Generic name for any number, Common bread in United States cuisine, Mushy, chewier, more cornmeal Pudding


Cambridgeshire - Home

Home, Number, Birthplace of Bandy, Agricultural

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City - Capital

Capital, Populous municipality, Home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Sizeable, Bosnian, American community, One Fortune, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Few, major shopping centers, Home, Large business savvy, Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, Ancient lakebed of Lake Bonneville, Significant contributor, Precipitation, Home, Several, classic movie theater S, Two roller derby leagues, Artisan festival, Host, Number, Home, Utah Jazz, West of downtown, Host, 2002 Winter Olympics, First performance festival in Salt Lake City, Northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley


Chicago - Location of the infamous St

Location of the infamous St, Base of commercial operations, Site of the Schwinn Bicycle Company, First city in the world, Prominent center of the Polish Cathedral style, Headquarters of several, religious denominations, Major world convention destination, Only city, Home, Number, Central business district, Chicago, Member of Major League Soccer, Major transportation hub in the United States, Largest hub in the railroad industry, Located, northeastern Illinois on the southwestern shores, One six cities in the United States, Largest one hubs of passenger rail service, One six World Marathon Majors

Demographics of Italy

Demographics of Italy - Home

Home, Greatest Number


Benadryl - Brand name for a number

Brand name for a number


Vinblastine - Chemotherapy medication

Chemotherapy medication, Component of a number, Vinca alkaloid, Chemical analogue

The Chaser election specials

The Chaser election specials - Number Of Australian, political satire

Number Of Australian, political satire, Charles Firth, Julian Morrow, Part Of News Program Lateline, Implausible


Wodonga - Site of an Australian Army logistics base

Site of an Australian Army logistics base, Home, Number, Flying Fruit, Junction of the Hume Highway, Federal Division of Indi, Victorian electoral district of Benambra