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Blackburn Roc

Blackburn Roc - Large aircraft

Large aircraft, Note, Development

The Glenlivet distillery

The Glenlivet distillery - Distillery near Ballindalloch

Distillery near Ballindalloch, Alcoholic drink, Crisp woody with Raspberry, Pungent, dry, nervous attack, Pleasant, rich spicy, Long metal side of the mouth, Medium length, Long, hot memory of malt, Medium, Long kind of bitterness stacks, Woody bitterness, Astringent woody, Long Nothing in the extraordinary, Amber, Nose, Pleasant, bittersweet mixture of wood, Acid, Honeyish, first nose impression, Present pleasure, Guideline with notes, Best one distilleries from Scotland, Soft, rich minerals, First, discrete lot, Unforgettable, short, pleasant, long, warm, long, intense, Interesting, surprising dominance of the spices, Long, fresh touch of bitterness, Pleasant, spicy smoothness, Long nose, Fresh hints of green apple, Fruity pear, Dry hazelnuts hints, Interesting nose, Sweet, acid hints, Pleasant, first malt, Downslope, First, acidic metal side, Wide, Certain sweetness, Present opening, Tasting, Successful distillery, Steam hold heated 10 000 litres, Better mouth, Smelted Color


Coltishall - Place of note

Place of note, Centre of the malting industry for 250

Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Rush - Regular writer

Regular writer, Many notes, Civic leader in Philadelphia of the American Enlightenment, Beloved city, Interested, Native, American health, First one people, Fourth seven children, Active Sons of liberty

John Henry Newman

John Henry Newman - Anglican priest

Anglican priest, Poet, Literary figure of note, Preacher at Whitehall in 1827, Younger brother, Philosophical disposition


Tsujiura - Notes


Nonchord tone

Nonchord tone - Note


Josef Hofmann

Josef Hofmann - Polish, American pianist

Polish, American pianist, Composer, First artist of note, Gifted child, Legend, Partial, Jewish ancestry, Interested Flesch, Proud school

Lyman Abbott

Lyman Abbott - American Congregationalist theologian

American Congregationalist theologian, Editor, Religious figure of some public note

Billet reading

Billet reading - French term for note

French term for note


Kotekan - Style

Style, Three notes, Three sounds

Robert Winchelsey

Robert Winchelsey - English, Catholic theologian

English, Catholic theologian, Archbishop, Preacher of some note

Commercial paper

Commercial paper - Prevalent form of security

Prevalent form of security, Prevalent money market instrument, Secondary market, Unsecured, promissory Notes, Longer, individual, commercial paper in the program


Appoggiatura - Accented note

Accented note

Big Walter Horton

Big Walter Horton - Natural group leader

Natural group leader, Master of the single note

Player piano

Player piano - Complex instrument requiring each note

Complex instrument requiring each note, Remarkable array of sensors, Acoustic piano

Serpent (instrument)

Serpent (instrument) - Bass wind instrument

Bass wind instrument, Original type, Free glissando from the final notes, Improbable, musical one instruments

Geneva Bible

Geneva Bible - First English version

First English version, First English Bible to use verse numbers, Predominant English translation during the period, Bible with marginal notes, Significant one translations of the Bible, Unique, other Bibles, Quarto format

Robert Montgomery Bird

Robert Montgomery Bird - American novelist

American novelist, Playwright, Philadelphia author of the early, nineteenth century, Writer of considerable note, Professor of medicine from 1841 1844, Staunch supporter of the Delaware Whig Party

Structured product

Structured product - Structured note

Structured note, Trade association for the American, structured investments industry

Sound of the Underground (album)

Sound of the Underground (album) - Cheating boyfriend

Cheating boyfriend, Catchy Girls hit Some high notes

Lin Carter

Lin Carter - American author of science fiction

American author of science fiction, Prolific penman, Fantasy anthologist of Note, Responsible Ballantine

Taras Shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko - Ukrainian poet

Ukrainian poet, Writer, Realist artist of note


Commentarii - Notes to assist the memory

Notes to assist the memory, Memoirs of events, Register of the official acts


Annotation - Metadatum attached to location

Metadatum attached to location, Note, Special kind of modifier, Single, consistent model

Friedrich Albert Lange

Friedrich Albert Lange - German philosopher

German philosopher, Sociologist, Pedagogist, Sanguine, positive note, Figure, Significant figure among the mid, nineteenth century

Ang Peng Siong

Ang Peng Siong - Swimmer from Singapore

Swimmer from Singapore, Athlete of note

Seventh octave

Seventh octave - Highest octave of a piano

Highest octave of a piano, Range of notes

T. Ifor Rees

T. Ifor Rees - Linguist of note

Linguist of note, Handsome man of tall stature