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E. G. Squier

E. G. Squier - American archaeologist

American archaeologist, Newspaper editor

William D. Hoard

William D. Hoard - American politician

American politician, Newspaper editor

George Congdon Gorham

George Congdon Gorham - Republican California politician

Republican California politician, Newspaper editor

Ben Hur Lampman

Ben Hur Lampman - American newspaper editor

American newspaper editor, Essayist, Associate editor at the Oregonian

Carrie Nation

Carrie Nation - American Woman

American Woman, Journalist for a Warrensburg newspaper, Newspaper editor, Lawyer

W. T. Stead

W. T. Stead - English newspaper editor

English newspaper editor, Esperantist supported the Esperanto, international language, Towering figure in journalism, Northern dissenter, Unorthodox, Protestant liberal

Josephus Daniels

Josephus Daniels - Progressive Democrat

Progressive Democrat, Newspaper editor, Staunch Methodist

John Norvell

John Norvell - Newspaper editor of the first one U

Newspaper editor of the first one U, Influential, active participant in the first, constitutional convention, Member of the state senate, 8 months, Marine Lieutenant

Douglas Southall Freeman

Douglas Southall Freeman - American historian

American historian, Biographer, Newspaper editor, Devout Baptist

Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie - English media executive

English media executive, Former newspaper editor, Early investor in online video company Base79, Supporter of Charlton Athletic F

Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks - British journalist

British journalist, Former newspaper editor, Prominent figure in the News International phone hacking scandal

Don Mellett

Don Mellett - American newspaper editor

American newspaper editor

Rudolf Spielmann

Rudolf Spielmann - Lawyer

Lawyer, Newspaper editor in Vienna

Ansel Watrous

Ansel Watrous - American newspaper editor

American newspaper editor, Historian

Alan Kohler

Alan Kohler - Australian, financial journalist

Australian, financial journalist, Newspaper editor, Ambassador of the Australian, Indigenous Education Foundation

Harry M. Rosenfeld

Harry M. Rosenfeld - American newspaper editor

American newspaper editor

William F. Lloyd

William F. Lloyd - Newspaper editor

Newspaper editor, Prime Minister

John Letcher

John Letcher - American lawyer

American lawyer, Journalist, Newspaper editor, Editor of the Valley Star newspaper, Prominent organization of the peace convention

Felix Morrow

Felix Morrow - American, communist, political activist

American, communist, political activist, Newspaper editor

William H. P. Denny

William H. P. Denny - American newspaper editor

American newspaper editor, Publisher, Son of George Denny