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Annona reticulata

Annona reticulata - Native of the Antilles

Native of the Antilles

George von Lengerke Meyer

George von Lengerke Meyer - Massachusetts businessman

Massachusetts businessman, Politician, Brother in the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Native of Boston, Overseer of Harvard University after 1911

Doris Ulmann

Doris Ulmann - Private person left no documentation

Private person left no documentation, Native of New York City

René Barrientos

René Barrientos - Native of Tarata

Native of Tarata

Patrick F. Kennedy

Patrick F. Kennedy - Former career Foreign Service Officer

Former career Foreign Service Officer, Native of Chicago, U


Bhotiya - Lamaistic Buddhists

Lamaistic Buddhists, Natives of other countries

Maurice Hilleman

Maurice Hilleman - American microbiologist

American microbiologist, Native of Miles City, Early one vaccine pioneers

I. King Jordan

I. King Jordan - Native of Glen Riddle

Native of Glen Riddle

Jakob Ammann

Jakob Ammann - Anabaptist leader

Anabaptist leader, Namesake, Native of Erlenbach, Resident region of Ste, Third family of six children

Wally Post

Wally Post - Right fielder in Major League Baseball

Right fielder in Major League Baseball, Native of Wendelin, Queen City in time

Acer campestre

Acer campestre - Native of the British Isle

Native of the British Isle, Popular enthusiasts

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner - Native of Chicago

Native of Chicago, Political Activist, Philanthropist, Little, odd sleazebag, Center, Influencial one people

James Van Fleet

James Van Fleet - U

U, Native of New Jersey, Art collector donated many, rare, exceptional, Asian objects, Colonel commanding an Infantry regiment

Henry Ossian Flipper

Henry Ossian Flipper - Only cadet

Only cadet, American soldier, Former slave, Native of Atlanta

William L. Harding

William L. Harding - American Republican politician

American Republican politician, Natives of Pennsylvania

Katharine Burr Blodgett

Katharine Burr Blodgett - American, scientific researcher

American, scientific researcher, Native of Schenectady

Terry Gross

Terry Gross - Second child of Anne

Second child of Anne, Interviewer, Piano, Native of Sheepshead Bay, FRESH air

Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford - Native of the Fifth Ward area

Native of the Fifth Ward area

Kendrick Meek

Kendrick Meek - American politician

American politician, Key member of the New Democrat Coalition a new generation, Only Florida member of the Democratic majority, Native of Miami, Star football player in college

Joseph Hewes

Joseph Hewes - Native of Princeton

Native of Princeton, Member of Unanimity Lodge No, Favor of independence, Few one people in favor, Primary one reasons

Charlie Sifford

Charlie Sifford - Professional golfer

Professional golfer, Native of Charlotte

Daniel Gould Fowle

Daniel Gould Fowle - 46th Governor of the U

46th Governor of the U, Native of Washington, First Governor

Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II - Native of France

Native of France

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd - American drummer

American drummer, Percussionist, Native of Irondequoit

Hubert Wilkins

Hubert Wilkins - Native of Hallett

Native of Hallett, U, First, recipient Samuel Finley Breese Morse Medal


Romanians - Natives of Romania

Natives of Romania, Part of different, statal entities

Foxtail millet

Foxtail millet - Annual grass

Annual grass, Annual grass, Native of India


Mozi - Native of the state

Native of the state, Diverse compilation of polemical essays

Shunroku Hata

Shunroku Hata - Native of Fukushima prefecture

Native of Fukushima prefecture

Marine shrimp farming

Marine shrimp farming - Aquaculture business for the cultivation

Aquaculture business for the cultivation, Native of the coasts, Popular choice for shrimp farming

Ira Flatow

Ira Flatow - Native of New York

Native of New York, Science correspondent for National Public Radio, Member of the National Association, Radio host, Science journalist

George Lowe

George Lowe - American voice actor

American voice actor, Comedian, 46 native of Dunedin, One guests in events, Appealing set of pipes

Big Jack Johnson

Big Jack Johnson - Last, original member of the Jelly Roll Kings

Last, original member of the Jelly Roll Kings, Native of Lambert

Mark the Evangelist

Mark the Evangelist - Native of the North Africa county

Native of the North Africa county

Norm Sloan

Norm Sloan - Native of Indiana

Native of Indiana, Member of three Wolfpack teams, Only coach at UF

John F. Tefft

John F. Tefft - Career U

Career U, Native of Madison, Career member of the U

John C. Pemberton

John C. Pemberton - Native of Philadelphia

Native of Philadelphia, Career U, 4th frontier duty at Fort Leavenworth

Ray Luv

Ray Luv - Native of the West

Native of the West, Part of the group Link Crew, Part of the rap scene

Pat McDonagh

Pat McDonagh - Native of Co

Native of Co, Keen sports fan Having a particular interest

Burden Iron Works

Burden Iron Works - Iron works industrial complex

Iron works industrial complex, Native of Scotland, Rare one breed of American immigrants

Pope Hormisdas

Pope Hormisdas - Pope from 20 July

Pope from 20 July, Native of Frusino

Gunichi Mikawa

Gunichi Mikawa - Commander of a heavy cruiser force

Commander of a heavy cruiser force, Native of Hiroshima prefecture

Pope Paul I

Pope Paul I - Native of Rome

Native of Rome, Great straits

Ulmus laevis

Ulmus laevis - Native of the United Kingdom

Native of the United Kingdom, Rare UK


Queequeg - Native of a fictional island

Native of a fictional island, Carnivorous monster in the Science Fiction RPG Star Frontiers, Name of a secondary helicopter

Eddie Layton

Eddie Layton - Native of Philadelphia

Native of Philadelphia

Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant - Road

Road, Native of Rustico

Jean de Lalande

Jean de Lalande - Native of Dieppe

Native of Dieppe, Teenager, Christian community

William Stimpson

William Stimpson - Native of Boston

Native of Boston

Simon Magus

Simon Magus - Samaritan

Samaritan, Native, Sorcerer, Base, Son of Antonius, Antinomian enemy of old Testament Law, Founder of a Gnostic sect, Skilled magic

Henry Dreyfuss

Henry Dreyfuss - American, industrial design er

American, industrial design er, Native of Brooklyn, Consultant, American Airlines

Kendra Todd

Kendra Todd - Real estate broker in Seattle

Real estate broker in Seattle, Native of Virginia Beach, Occasional Fox News, Real estate contributor, Yahoo Real Estate columnist from 2005 2006, Recap writer on NBC

Marcus Aurelius Probus

Marcus Aurelius Probus - Roman emperor

Roman emperor, Native of Pannonia, Rome


Laozi - Ancient, Chinese philosopher

Ancient, Chinese philosopher, Writer, Proponent of limited government, Native of Chu, Work of the sixth, fifth century B, Difficult text, Great one anarchist classics


Xenocrates - Native of Chalcedon

Native of Chalcedon, Original thinker

George F. Elliott

George F. Elliott - Native of Alabama

Native of Alabama, United States Marine Corps in the Major, general

Frank Bidart

Frank Bidart - American, academic poet

American, academic poet, Three time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Native of California

Sheldon Brown (American football)

Sheldon Brown (American football) - Former, American football cornerback in the National Football League

Former, American football cornerback in the National Football League, Native of Fort Lawn, Second round Draft pick of the 2002 NFL Draft, Unique position

Marguerite Young

Marguerite Young - American writer in the academic

American writer in the academic, Native of the Midwest

Joe L. Evins

Joe L. Evins - Democratic U

Democratic U, Native of the Blend Community, Powerful figure in Congress

Alfred Lunt

Alfred Lunt - Native of Milwaukee

Native of Milwaukee

Philip the Arab

Philip the Arab - Acclaimed, new emperor

Acclaimed, new emperor, Native of Arabia, Claudius, Centre of several rebellions

Elmer Thomas

Elmer Thomas - Native of Indiana

Native of Indiana, Reliable friend, Indians, Creation of Medicine Park

Ward McAllister

Ward McAllister - Native of Savannah

Native of Savannah, Genial, charming man, People, Great demand as a dinner guest, Invalid

Centaurea diffusa

Centaurea diffusa - Competitive herb of the aster family

Competitive herb of the aster family, Pioneer species, Native of Asia, Competitive herb of the sunflower family, Pioneer species, Important one rangeland weeds in North America, 0, Important one rangeland weeds in North America

Peg Lautenschlager

Peg Lautenschlager - First woman

First woman, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Lake Forest College, Native of Fond du Lac

Giovanni Savarese

Giovanni Savarese - Venezuelan, former footballer

Venezuelan, former footballer, Current head coach, Native of Caracas

Brent Hawkes

Brent Hawkes - Canadian clergyman

Canadian clergyman, Gay rights activist, Native of Bath, Person of firsts, First minister to perform a same sex marriage

John Thwaites (British politician)

John Thwaites (British politician) - British politician

British politician, Native of Maulds Meaburn

Algonquin people

Algonquin people - Original natives

Original natives, Gifts, Small tribe, Burnt occupants, Concerned impact of this vote


Xenophanes - Native of Colophon

Native of Colophon


Athenaeus - Native of Naucratis

Native of Naucratis

Leopold Auenbrugger

Leopold Auenbrugger - Native of Graz

Native of Graz, Son of a wealthy innkeeper

George Huffman

George Huffman - American businessman

American businessman, Native of Dayton, War Democrat was a strict, partisan principles, Clear, sound judgment in careful, reliable business transactions

Euthydemus I

Euthydemus I - Native of Magnesia

Native of Magnesia

Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert - Lower Great Basin Desert

Lower Great Basin Desert, Different, geographic domain, Desert of temperature extremes, Complex language with many, long words, Important source of water, Vegetation type although plants, Natives

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman - Force

Force, Native of Los Angeles

Michael Pitt

Michael Pitt - American actor

American actor, Model, Native of West Orange, Half, Funny

Owen Chamberlain

Owen Chamberlain - Native of the Bay Area

Native of the Bay Area, Participant in Trinity, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Supporter of the Free Speech Movement in 1960s, Active issues of peace


Chlorophytum - Genus of 200 species

Genus of 200 species, Native of India

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp - Flattering, crazy

Flattering, crazy, Canadian native, New girl on the WB

Thomas Beckington

Thomas Beckington - Native of the Somerset village

Native of the Somerset village

Steve Buckhantz

Steve Buckhantz - Native of Washington

Native of Washington

Libby Prison

Libby Prison - Confederate prison at Richmond

Confederate prison at Richmond, Confederate prison for Union officers, Native of Maine

Ceratomia catalpae

Ceratomia catalpae - Hawk moth of the family Sphingidae

Hawk moth of the family Sphingidae, Native of southeastern North America

Paris quadrifolia

Paris quadrifolia - Rhizomatous, perennial, rhizomatous geophyte

Rhizomatous, perennial, rhizomatous geophyte, Perennial, rhizomatous woodland herb, Native species of moist, ancient woodlands, Herb of shaded forest communities, Native of the British Flora, Temperate genus containing perennial 24 species, Lowland, constituent species, Component, Epigeal, Rare, Mediterranean region, Calcareous, 7 pH for 6 moisture, Independent, light conditions


Speusippus - Ancient, Greek philosopher

Ancient, Greek philosopher, Native of Athens

John Weever

John Weever - English antiquary

English antiquary, Poet, Native of Preston, Interested, sculptural, architectural aspects of monuments

Frank Nelson Doubleday

Frank Nelson Doubleday - Native of Brooklyn

Native of Brooklyn, Book publisher in the 19th century

Saint David

Saint David - Native of Wales

Native of Wales

Alva R. Fitch

Alva R. Fitch - Lieutenant in the general United States Army

Lieutenant in the general United States Army, First Eagle Scout in Nebraska, Native of Nebraska, Member of the Military Intelligence Hall


Coriander - Native of the Mediterranean region

Native of the Mediterranean region, Spice in garam masala, Annual